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Rug Trends to Inspire Your Next Decorating Project


As we prepare to transition into fall, there is no better time to refresh the space in your home that you have been dreaming of updating! Whether that is your living room, foyer, bedroom or dining room, adding or replacing a rug is a great way to add a touch of on-trend style and color, and bring your space together. We have rounded up several rug trends to inspire your next decorating project!

Natural Material Rugs: The use of natural materials like jute, sisal, wool, and silk is a hot trend for good reason. These natural fibers are eco-friendly and incredibly durable. They also add the perfect natural element to a space and balance out bolder choices in accent pieces. 

Rug Layering: Layering rugs is a trend that is here to stay! This popular design technique calls for layering different sized or shaped rugs on top of one another to add dimension and texture to a space. You can go more conservative and layer a bold pattern on top of a more natural base or combine two bolder patterns together to create a completely unique look. 

Fun patterns: From more traditional borders and florals to geometric shapes, rug design trends have varied for years. Oriental rugs are a fun combination of traditional and modern, with timeless design and color mixed with trendy shapes and accent colors. The Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines rug below is a great example of incorporating fun patterns and colors in your rug choice that complement the wood accents and leather beautifully. 

Neutral Hues: Bold colors and patterns from years past are giving way to more earth-tones with minimalistic design and texture. This allows for fun accent pieces like chairs and wall decor to shine on a more neutral canvas. 

If you are loving one of these fun rug trends and considering refreshing your home for fall, you are in luck! Furniture of Dalton’s Last Chance Rug Clearance Sale is happening in-store now. The sale runs from August 1-15 with savings of up to 70% off hundreds of designer rugs! We are open Monday-Saturday from 9 am - 6 pm. We are also open after hours by appointment, which you can schedule on Facebook or by giving us a call at (800) 262-3132. We look forward to helping you create the design aesthetic you have been dreaming of with a gorgeous new rug at a great price!
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10 Temporary ways to decorate your rental and not break your lease

You've finally moved in. You've unpacked all the boxes. The clothes are hung in the closet, silverware is put away in the kitchen, and the toiletries are all put away in the bathroom.

The move felt like it took forever. You didn't think you'd ever finish packing boxes, much less unpack them.

But your hard work has paid off, and you're finally in your new place.

Time to start decorating!

You get out your hammer and nails, ready the paintbrushes, and you're ready to get messy and make the place you're own.

But, right before you take the first swing of the hammer, you remember...

It's a rental.

Your landlord doesn't want you putting holes in the wall, let alone painting them. So what now?

Here are 10 ideas that will let you add your own flavor to your rental without violating your lease.

Table Of Contents

  • Tape Frames

  • Tape Accent Wall

  • Removable Chalkboard

  • Headboard Decal

  • Bi-Fold Screen

  • Frame Your Mirror

  • Clothespin and String For Pictures

  • Throws and Pillows

  • Rugs

  • Potted Plants

  • Furniture of Dalton


1. Tape Frames

If you haven't already, you're going to fall in love with washi tape.

Washi tape can be used for a variety of things, including DIY projects, arts and crafts, and home decor.

In this instance, we're going to use them to make frames for your pictures.

There's a good chance you have a lot of pictures and posters you want to hang up, but you can't nail or screw anything into the walls.

That's where the washi tape comes in.

You can hang your pictures without frames,  but it doesn't look finished.

Use the washi tape to frame your photos.

Get creative, the only limit to the frames you create is your imagination.

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2. Tape Accent Wall

We're going to use the washi tape again. If you liked framing your pictures with it, you're going to love this.

We'll use the tape to create an entire accent wall.

Since you can't put up wallpaper or paint, you can design your own accent wall with the washi tape. This works especially well for kids rooms.

It's best if you plan out your idea on a piece of paper first and then transfer it to your wall.

But if you're the type that likes to work on instinct, go crazy putting that tape on the wall.

If you don't like the design, want to change it, or when it's time to move out, the tape peels off easily without leaving any residue behind.

Again, the only limitations here are your imagination.

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3. Removable Chalkboard/Whiteboard Decals

Perfect for the home office or a children's room.

You won't be able to hang up that bulky chalkboard in your kid's room, and you definitely can't paint the walls with chalkboard paint.

But you can buy some simple chalkboard decals and put them on your walls. 

Your kids will love them, and you'll let their creativity flow as they draw and write to their heart's content.


Also, if you have a home office, there are whiteboard stickers you can get that work the same way.

Now that spare room in your rental can feel like an actual home office.

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4. Headboard Decal

Depending on the type of headboard you have, especially if you have to mount it to the wall, it might not make it with you to your new place.

Many headboards will require you to mount them to the wall, which won't be an option in your new rental.

However, there is a workaround.

Headboard decals.

It's not the same as having an actual headboard, but it's a great workaround that will give the same look and feel that an actual headboard would.

You can find an abundance of styles and colors of premade headboard decals online. Alternatively, if you're feeling extra crafty, you can get out your washi wall tape and design your own.

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5. Bi-Fold Screen

Bi and Tri-Fold screens can add a pop of style and color, as well as add a little privacy to a small space.

You've probably seen them in movies before; they're the screens people hide behind to change their clothes.

You can use them for that reason, or you can use them to add some style to your rental.

Use them to add a little bit of pop to a boring white wall.

If you don't want to use a headboard decal as we talked about above, you can use a bi-fold screen as a headboard as well.

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6. Frame Your Mirror

Do you wish you had a way to spruce up your boring bathroom mirror?

I've got good news for you. We can add a simple frame to make it really stand out.

It's a bit of a DIY project, but if done correctly it'll frame your mirror and change the entire feel of your bathroom.

All you'll need to do is head to your favorite hardware store to pick up some trim or molding and double-sided tape.

First, you'll need to get the frame put together. Then you apply the double-sided tape, and mount it to the mirror, and voila.

You've got yourself a temporary mirror frame that looks like a million bucks.

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7. Clothespin And String For Pictures

This is an easy way to hang up all of your pictures with little to no damage to the walls.

You'll need some string or ribbon and some good old-fashioned clothespins.

You'll stretch the string or ribbon out to your desired length, and then attach it to the wall with, you guessed it, your washi tape.

If you don't have any washi tape, there are plenty of other ways to attach the ribbon to the wall without damaging it.

Once your ribbon is attached, you'll grab your pictures and your clothespins and get to work.

Simply use the clothespin to attach the picture to the ribbon, and you're done.

This will also make packing up your pictures a lot easier if and when you decide to move.

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8. Throws And Pillows

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to add some color and style to your room is with throws and throw pillows.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of design and colors you can choose from, making it easy to fit them into your style.

With the right throw pillows and blankets, you'll forget all about that boring white wall in your living room.

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9. Rugs

You love your new rental home, but maybe you're not a fan of the flooring.

Perhaps the carpet looks like it's straight out of an Austin Powers movie, or maybe the hardwood floor is so scratched up you'd swear lions were living in it before you.

Unfortunately, you can't rip up the floors and start over, but you can throw down a rug.

Area Rugs

The perfect rug is probably the most underused and underappreciated way to decorate any room.

Just like the throw pillows, a rug can add some extra style and flare to the room without breaking the budget or upsetting your landlord.

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10. Potted Plants

This one is for the nature lovers and health nuts. 

Potted plants can add a kick of style to any room while making your rental a little healthier in the process.

There are several houseplants you can buy that will purify the air inside your home.

And for the nature lovers stuck in an apartment in the big city, you can bring nature to you with an assortment of houseplants.

When it's time to move out, you can take them all with you when you go.

Potted Plants

There you have it. These are 10 ways you can add your own style to your rental without voiding your lease and angering your landlord.

If you're serious about decorating, the experts at Furniture of Dalton would love to talk.

If you're ready to take your style to the next level, click the button below to schedule a free design consultation with our experts.


Request a Design Consultation

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How do I pick the right size area rug for my space?

Have you just finished remodeling your home, but you still feel like something is missing?

Do you lack that "one thing" that will pull the whole room together?

You don't need any more furniture, and your walls are already full of decorations.

However, the room still doesn't feel complete.

Maybe all you need is an area rug.

Area rugs are a very common addition to any room, especially if you have hard surfaces like hardwood, laminate or tile. You can even use one with a carpeted room.

There are several reasons why area rugs are so popular, but the most obvious reason is for the look of it.

The right area rug makes your room feel "complete."

An area rug has a unique way of bringing together all of the elements of the room.

For example, a carefully selected area rug can pull together various colors you used in your decor.

Now that you've decided you want an area rug, there are several factors to consider.

The color, style, and texture of your rug are all essential aspects to consider as you choose your rug.

Another very important aspect that is often overlooked is the size of the rug.

Below, we will talk about how to choose the right size area rug for your space.

Table Of Contents

  • Standard Rug Sizes

  • Determine The Size You Need

  • Hallway And Foyer

  • The Tape Trick

  • These Are Only Guidelines


The size of your area rug will dramatically alter the effect it has on your room.

A rug that is too big for your room can make the room feel crowded and small.

However, a rug that's too small for your room could make the room feel unwelcoming.

Picking the right size area rug will make your room feel warm and balanced, acting as the perfect finishing touch on your room.

But, how do you pick the right size rug? Let's find out.

Standard Rug Sizes

The first thing you should do when purchasing an area rug, such as a Persian or Oriental rug, is to consider the standard sizes.

Once you know what sizes the rugs are usually available in, you can move on from there.

Typically, area rugs are available in these standard sizes:

  • 3' by 5'

  • 4' by 6'

  • 5' by 8' 

  • 7' by 10'

  • 8' by 11'

  • 9' by 12'

Keep in mind, some available rugs can vary in size either bigger or smaller than the measurements listed. These are just the sizes most often used.

Each rug manufacturer is likely to offer the rug in three to four of the standard sizes.

When shopping for rugs, be sure the rug you like is available in the size you need for your room.

Of course, you can always have your area rug custom made to be the perfect fit for your room.

Custom is always more expensive, but it affords you the luxury of having the rug custom fitted for your space, especially if the standard sizes don't fit your space.

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Determine The Size You Need

Area rug

When people buy an area rug, the most common mistake they make is picking one out that's too small for their space.

The area rugs are usually too small because they've just put down new flooring that they don't want to cover up.

This is an understandable concern, but the right area rug will enhance the floor underneath, not hide it.

The size of the area rug you need should be based on your furniture configuration.

Most people base it off of the size of the room, but that's not correct.

The layout of your room might look better if you allow a certain amount of floor to be visible around the edge of the room.

So, you should always consider furniture placement over the room size.

This is especially important when you're picking out an area rug for your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

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Hallway and Foyer

So if you're supposed to base the size of your area rug off of your furniture configuration, what do you do in rooms with no furniture?

For areas like these, such as your hallway or foyer, you should base the size of your area rug on how much floor space to leave exposed on the edges of the room.

For larger areas, you can leave more of the floor exposed, usually from 12-24 inches.

If you're putting the rug in a smaller area, you should decrease the amount to 6-8 inches.

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Hallway rug

The Tape Trick

If you're a visual person like many of us are, and you need to "see" what the rug will look like in your space before you purchase it, I have a trick for you.

Before you go shopping, measure out a spot on your floor based on the size you think you need. Start out using one of the standard sizes listed above.

Then, using painters tape, masking tape, or another tape that won't damage your floor, tape off the area of the floor you just measured.

This will be the outline of your area rug.

This should help you visualize how the rug will look in your space, and determine if you need to go bigger or smaller with the rug.

You can remeasure and retape as many times as necessary until you've found a size you like.

Once you're satisfied with the size of the taped area, you're ready to shop.

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These Are Only Guidelines

There is one last thing to remember before you go out to buy your new area rug.

As with moth things design and style related, rules are made to be broken.

What we've talked about above are only guidelines.

You are the only one that can determine what fits well into your space and the style that you like.

Break the rules if necessary. Prove the experts wrong.

The only person you need to satisfy is yourself.

The main thing you need to do is to take your time while deciding and shop around as much as possible.

Investing in a quality area rug is a significant expense, and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Your home is a reflection of you, so if you're a rule breaker and want that to show through in your area rug, go for it.

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