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14 inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive

Time to sell your house?

Are you bored with the current style of your home?

Trying to make your house look modern on a budget?

Or maybe you're just tired of your place looking cheap?

Then you've come to the right place.

If you've ever watched any of the numerous remodeling TV shows, you've seen the ridiculous price tags people pay to remodel their homes.

Want a new bathroom? Sure, pay $10,000!

Looking to remodel the kitchen? No problem that'll be $15,000!

That's not how it has to be.

If you want a fresh look for your home, on the inside or the outside, it doesn't have to break the bank.

Here's a list of simple and cheap fixes you can make to your house without dipping into your savings account.

Table Of Contents

  • Use Frames

  • Paint The Outdoor Eyesores

  • Add Molding

  • Add Shutters

  • Paint Neutral Colors

  • Hide The Trash Cans

  • Update Fixtures

  • Add Window Boxes

  • Add Mirrors

  • Hide Your AC

  • Ditch The Dated

  • Front Door Facelift

  • Hide TV Wires

  • Paint Windows On Your Garage

  • Get Started

    • Furniture Of Dalton


Use Frames

The difference a simple frame can make to the look of your room is incredible.

You can add a frame to just about anything to make it look like a work of art.

Kids drawings, posters, family photos, and your artwork can make a wall in your house look like an exhibit straight out of an art museum.

Be sure to use the right size frame for your artwork, including any matting you may need, and make sure the frames are color coordinated to match the rest of your room.

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Paint your Outdoor Eyesores

You already know what I'm talking about.

Your electrical box and all the random wiring and piping running up and down the exterior of your home.

It's an eyesore at best.

Paint them the same color as your siding to help them blend in.

While you're at it, add in or paint other things in your yard to help them blend in even more.

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Incorporate Molding

It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

If your walls are bare other than the artwork we talked about earlier, molding is an excellent way to add a pop of style.

Even the most straightforward piece of molding can take your walls from boring to breathtaking.

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Install Shutters

If you don't have them already, installing shutters is an excellent way of adding instant curb appeal.

Shutters will make your windows look two times as big as they are.

They all go a long way in breaking up a big and boring exterior wall.

Choose a color that is the exact opposite of your exterior walls to give it an extra pop.

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Window Shutters

Paint with Neutral Colors

Don't waste much time picking out which colors you'd like to paint your walls.

Stick with neutral colors.

Neutral colors will always look fresh and never be out of style.

It's also easier to match your furniture and accessories to neutral colored walls.

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Neutral Living Room Colors

Hide your Trash

Your old beat up trashcan might be the biggest eyesore in your yard.

Even if they trash cans are in immaculate shape, they're still trash cans.

There's nothing sexy about a trash can.

You can buy a storage shed made just for trash cans.

Alternatively, you can build your own.

A few lattice panels are enough to do the trick.

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Update those Old Fixtures

Old doorknobs, cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and light switch panels can all be swapped out relatively easy.

This is a great way to update your kitchen and bathroom without spending thousands of dollars.

You can also replace your outdoor knobs and handles.

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Add Window Boxes

A window box is just a flower box attached to your window.

Simple, right?

It is, and it can make the inside and outside of your home seem more luxurious.

On the outside, it will help break up that big boring wall and make the windows more prominent.

And on the inside, it's almost like your brought nature in with you because you can see the flowers and plants from inside your home.

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Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make the house look bigger.

Add a frame to them, and it's also like adding another piece of art to your room.

Add the mirror to your wall or even a door, and it'll feel like you've added some square footage to your room.

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Hide Your AC

Similar to your trash cans, but not quite as offensive, is your A/C unit.

It's a necessary evil.

It's as "first world" as a problem can get.

We want a comfortable air-conditioned home, but we don't want the eyesore in the yard.

Just like the trash can, you can buy a shed already designed for your A/C unit, or you can build one yourself.

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Ditch The Dated

Sometimes making your home look more expensive is as simple as purging the house of the old and outdated.

Ugly light fixture? Trash it and buy a new one.

Ugly brass doorknobs? Replace them with a shiny new knob.

Getting rid of the ugly and outdated often does a better job of adding value to your house as adding the shiny new objects.

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Front Door Facelift

Getting a new front door is a sure fire way to up your curb appeal.

However, that's expensive, and it might not be in your budget.

However, you can paint it and make it look like a new front door.

You can even add molding to it to make it look like a grand entrance.

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Hide TV Wires

Luckily, there's a now a wireless version of everything.

However, not everything has cut their cords, and the wires that are left over can be unsightly.

Like that clump of wires behind your TV.

I've got a quick fix for you.

Buy a curtain rod that matches the decor of your room.

Gather all the wires coming down from your TV, and stick them inside the curtain rod.

Now you're a magician who just made a bunch of ugly wires disappears.

-back to top

Living Room TV

Paint Windows On Your Garage

Ugly garage door?

No worries, just paint some fake windows.

This obviously won't do anything to brighten up your garage, but it will make your house look a little more expensive to passers-by. 

Call it makeup for your garage door.

It might be fake, but it makes it look better.

-back to top

Get Started

There are a few things you can do on this list right now without leaving your home.

Whether you're selling your house or just bored with the design, these ideas will go a long way to add value without decreasing your bank account.

If you still aren't sure how to decorate and you'd like an expert to bounce ideas off of, the experts at Furniture of Dalton are here to help.

Just click the button below, and we'll get you in touch with one of our experts.

Request a Design Consultation


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10 Temporary ways to decorate your rental and not break your lease

You've finally moved in. You've unpacked all the boxes. The clothes are hung in the closet, silverware is put away in the kitchen, and the toiletries are all put away in the bathroom.

The move felt like it took forever. You didn't think you'd ever finish packing boxes, much less unpack them.

But your hard work has paid off, and you're finally in your new place.

Time to start decorating!

You get out your hammer and nails, ready the paintbrushes, and you're ready to get messy and make the place you're own.

But, right before you take the first swing of the hammer, you remember...

It's a rental.

Your landlord doesn't want you putting holes in the wall, let alone painting them. So what now?

Here are 10 ideas that will let you add your own flavor to your rental without violating your lease.

Table Of Contents

  • Tape Frames

  • Tape Accent Wall

  • Removable Chalkboard

  • Headboard Decal

  • Bi-Fold Screen

  • Frame Your Mirror

  • Clothespin and String For Pictures

  • Throws and Pillows

  • Rugs

  • Potted Plants

  • Furniture of Dalton


1. Tape Frames

If you haven't already, you're going to fall in love with washi tape.

Washi tape can be used for a variety of things, including DIY projects, arts and crafts, and home decor.

In this instance, we're going to use them to make frames for your pictures.

There's a good chance you have a lot of pictures and posters you want to hang up, but you can't nail or screw anything into the walls.

That's where the washi tape comes in.

You can hang your pictures without frames,  but it doesn't look finished.

Use the washi tape to frame your photos.

Get creative, the only limit to the frames you create is your imagination.

-back to top

2. Tape Accent Wall

We're going to use the washi tape again. If you liked framing your pictures with it, you're going to love this.

We'll use the tape to create an entire accent wall.

Since you can't put up wallpaper or paint, you can design your own accent wall with the washi tape. This works especially well for kids rooms.

It's best if you plan out your idea on a piece of paper first and then transfer it to your wall.

But if you're the type that likes to work on instinct, go crazy putting that tape on the wall.

If you don't like the design, want to change it, or when it's time to move out, the tape peels off easily without leaving any residue behind.

Again, the only limitations here are your imagination.

-back to top

3. Removable Chalkboard/Whiteboard Decals

Perfect for the home office or a children's room.

You won't be able to hang up that bulky chalkboard in your kid's room, and you definitely can't paint the walls with chalkboard paint.

But you can buy some simple chalkboard decals and put them on your walls. 

Your kids will love them, and you'll let their creativity flow as they draw and write to their heart's content.


Also, if you have a home office, there are whiteboard stickers you can get that work the same way.

Now that spare room in your rental can feel like an actual home office.

-back to top

4. Headboard Decal

Depending on the type of headboard you have, especially if you have to mount it to the wall, it might not make it with you to your new place.

Many headboards will require you to mount them to the wall, which won't be an option in your new rental.

However, there is a workaround.

Headboard decals.

It's not the same as having an actual headboard, but it's a great workaround that will give the same look and feel that an actual headboard would.

You can find an abundance of styles and colors of premade headboard decals online. Alternatively, if you're feeling extra crafty, you can get out your washi wall tape and design your own.

-back to top

5. Bi-Fold Screen

Bi and Tri-Fold screens can add a pop of style and color, as well as add a little privacy to a small space.

You've probably seen them in movies before; they're the screens people hide behind to change their clothes.

You can use them for that reason, or you can use them to add some style to your rental.

Use them to add a little bit of pop to a boring white wall.

If you don't want to use a headboard decal as we talked about above, you can use a bi-fold screen as a headboard as well.

-back to top

6. Frame Your Mirror

Do you wish you had a way to spruce up your boring bathroom mirror?

I've got good news for you. We can add a simple frame to make it really stand out.

It's a bit of a DIY project, but if done correctly it'll frame your mirror and change the entire feel of your bathroom.

All you'll need to do is head to your favorite hardware store to pick up some trim or molding and double-sided tape.

First, you'll need to get the frame put together. Then you apply the double-sided tape, and mount it to the mirror, and voila.

You've got yourself a temporary mirror frame that looks like a million bucks.

-back to top

7. Clothespin And String For Pictures

This is an easy way to hang up all of your pictures with little to no damage to the walls.

You'll need some string or ribbon and some good old-fashioned clothespins.

You'll stretch the string or ribbon out to your desired length, and then attach it to the wall with, you guessed it, your washi tape.

If you don't have any washi tape, there are plenty of other ways to attach the ribbon to the wall without damaging it.

Once your ribbon is attached, you'll grab your pictures and your clothespins and get to work.

Simply use the clothespin to attach the picture to the ribbon, and you're done.

This will also make packing up your pictures a lot easier if and when you decide to move.

-back to top

8. Throws And Pillows

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to add some color and style to your room is with throws and throw pillows.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of design and colors you can choose from, making it easy to fit them into your style.

With the right throw pillows and blankets, you'll forget all about that boring white wall in your living room.

-back to top

9. Rugs

You love your new rental home, but maybe you're not a fan of the flooring.

Perhaps the carpet looks like it's straight out of an Austin Powers movie, or maybe the hardwood floor is so scratched up you'd swear lions were living in it before you.

Unfortunately, you can't rip up the floors and start over, but you can throw down a rug.

Area Rugs

The perfect rug is probably the most underused and underappreciated way to decorate any room.

Just like the throw pillows, a rug can add some extra style and flare to the room without breaking the budget or upsetting your landlord.

-back to top

10. Potted Plants

This one is for the nature lovers and health nuts. 

Potted plants can add a kick of style to any room while making your rental a little healthier in the process.

There are several houseplants you can buy that will purify the air inside your home.

And for the nature lovers stuck in an apartment in the big city, you can bring nature to you with an assortment of houseplants.

When it's time to move out, you can take them all with you when you go.

Potted Plants

There you have it. These are 10 ways you can add your own style to your rental without voiding your lease and angering your landlord.

If you're serious about decorating, the experts at Furniture of Dalton would love to talk.

If you're ready to take your style to the next level, click the button below to schedule a free design consultation with our experts.


Request a Design Consultation

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10 simple ways to mix and match patterns in your home

Let's face it, the lack of bold patterns and mixing and matching designs can make your home dull.

Only having solid colors throughout can be basic and unwelcoming. Not to say solids don't have their place; they're just not very fun.

Playful colors that add visual interest and contrast make your interiors much more exciting.

However, mixing and matching patterns isn't always easy.

And, if it isn't done right, it can ruin the feel of the room, and you'd be better off with boring solid walls.

It's important to know how to choose the right complementary colors and the scale of patterns to use amongst each other.

Before you start choosing colors and patterns at random, there are a few simple tips and guidelines to follow that will keep you from ruining your room.

Below are ten simple ways to mix and match patterns in your home.

Table Of Contents

  • Wallpaper Is Your Friend

  • Use Patterns From Your Travels

  • It's In The Details

  • Tone on Tone

  • Find A Pattern You Love

  • Embrace Bold Colors and Prints

  • Use A Variety of Scales

  • Pair Large Prints With Neutral Colors

  • Combine White With A Colored Pattern

  • Determine Your Color Palette

  • Mix and Match Like A Pro


1. Wallpaper Is Your Friend

It's easy to get so caught up in textiles that you forget that patterns can be brought out through your wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a great way to show off your love of prints in the background without completely overpowering your furnishings.

If you want a big and bold print, a good place for it would be on an accent wall behind your bed or dining room table and then using a smaller print or neutral paint color on the adjacent walls.

This will balance the room and make it easy on the eyes. 

-back to top


2. Use Patterns From Your Travels

This is for all of our readers out there with the travel bug.

Traveling the world and exploring foreign countries allows you to build an amazing collection of fabrics and textiles.

Use the patterns and prints you've collected and mix and match them with solid colors in your living spaces or bedroom to bring life to a once dull room.

It's almost unbelievable how much a few native fabrics from your travels can help you create an interior you adore.

It can also create a sense of nostalgia for you and provides the ultimate talking piece with your guests.

-back to top

3. It's In The Details

The task of choosing wallpaper, drapery, fabrics and other decorations can tend to confuse homeowners as to what they really want to embrace in their home.

An easy way to combat this is to choose a piece of wall art you adore, or a beautifully colored ottoman, and use that as your inspiration.

Find the patterns and prints that will embody your focal point piece, or that will match complimentary in style and color to it.

This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and will help ensure you fall in love with the outcome.

-back to top

4. Tone On Tone Colors Help Prints Neutralize Your Space

The ability to choose varying saturation and tint levels of the same color in your designs have made it much easier to decorate.

Using varying shades of browns, grays, and white can mix and match patterns easily because the outcome is a mixture of varying levels of impact.

Choose one or two decorative items that have a large impact print and then tone down the other furnishings with tighter and smaller dynamic prints. 

-back to top

5. Find A Pattern You Love

If you happen to like plaid patterns or polka dots, feel free to mix and match them in alternating decorative textiles.

Your bedroom is an excellent room to try this in.

Bedding, accent pillows, window treatments, and lampshades can borrow varying scale versions of the prints you love.

Use solid colors for your sheets and coordinate accent pillows and an area rug to balance the patterns you love.

-back to top

6. Embrace Bold Colors And Prints

The best part of mixing and matching patterns is the almost infinite amount of bold colors you have at your disposal.

Choose prints that have a monochromatic design that doesn't compete visually with the bold colors around it.

Using a neutral colored wall paint combined with the right amount of colors and patterns will give your room that "wow" factor.

Remember, you aren't limited to pastel colors. Bold colors will make your interior exciting and invigorating.

-back to top

Living Room Colors

7. Use A Variety Of Scales

Remember that large-scale patterns can intermingle with small-scale prints as long as the color palette stays in the same color family.

Choose a dominant print from artwork or your window treatments and select smaller scale patterns for accent pillows and textiles throughout the room.

The more variety you have in the scale of your patterns, the more comfortable and welcoming the space will feel. 

-back to top

8. Pair Large Prints With Neutral Colors

Large or bold prints can be used tastefully when you mix and match patterns.

A general rule to follow is to start with a neutral color on the walls and floors and use a few layers of bold prints in an area rug or furniture.

Then you can fill the space with neutral colored sofas, chairs, and ottomans to neutralize the room.

The bold patterns work magically with neutral tones. 

-back to top

9. Combine White With A Colored Pattern

The simplest way to combine patterns is to choose a colored pattern and pair it with a white background.

Whether you choose a monochromatic scheme in white and black, or you use a nautical theme with navy blue, and white, always use your imagination.

Then you can introduce patterns of that color in stripes, polka dots, bold prints, or whatever creates a statement without being overpowering. 

-back to top

10. Determine Your Color Palette

One of the biggest challenges of mixing and match is determining what will look good together, and what's going to clash.

Before you even start thinking of a pattern, decide on a color palette that you love first.

When choosing, decide if warmer colors or colder colors will work best.

There are warm and cool sides of every color, so choose one or two main colors and one or two accent colors to deliver a pop of character.


Mix And Match Like A Pro

If you follow the steps above, you can easily and confidently turn that boring room into a room that makes people say, "wow!"

Mix and matching styles and patterns can be intimidating, but if it's done right, it's a complete game changer.

Follow the advice above, and your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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  • Signs You Need To Update Your Living Room

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7 Design Tips to Get the most out of your studio apartment

7 Design Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Studio Apartment

Posted on: September 4, 2019

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Do you have big ideas, but only a little bit of space? If so, you've come to the right place.

Living in a studio apartment means you have the sometimes challenging task of fitting every room into one single space.

Your bedroom, kitchen, office, dining, room, and possibly more, all have to share the same space inside of your apartment.

Figuring out how to accomplish this while still being able to walk around without tripping on something can be a little overwhelming.

If you're searching for tips on how to decorate your studio apartment, we've included seven ideas below to help you fit your life into your small space.

Table Of Contents

  • Turn Your Bed Into A Daybed

  • Know What You're Willing To Sacrifice

  • Choose The Right Size Furniture

  • Use One Paint Color

  • Create Closet Space

  • Create A Loft

  • Limit Your Guests

  • Create A Studio Fit For A King


1. Turn Your Bed Into A Daybed

If you're short on space, one of the easiest things you can do is turn your bed into a daybed.

This allows you to use your bed as a couch during the day to create more seating options in your studio apartment.

All you need to do is place your bed against a wall and use throw pillows to create a couch-like look.

You can also opt for a futon or a pull out sofa if you don't like the idea of a daybed.

-back to top

2. Know What You're Willing To Sacrifice

Before you start decorating, make sure you know what your priorities are.

Know what is going to make you happy while you're at home.

If you want to entertain friends, allow plenty of room for a living room area by sacrificing bedroom and dining space.

If you don't plan on having many guests, use as much room as you'd like for a bedroom.

The key here is to know what you'll be using your studio for the most, and design around that.

-back to top

3. Choose The Right Size Furniture

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when decorating your studio is to use the wrong sized furniture.

Using furniture that is too big, and even too small, will create an awkward and uncomfortable space to live in.

If your studio has high ceilings, choose taller furniture with a smaller footprint, like bookshelves.

In addition to maximizing your floor space, you'll also fill in some empty space above eye level.

A small couch might seem like a good idea, but you need to consider how well it will create zones between your sleeping space and living area.

If your studio apartment doesn't naturally separate your sleeping space from the living area, you might want to opt for a larger bed or go with a sleeper sofa.

-back to top

4. Use One Paint Color

Use one color of paint throughout the entire apartment.

You'll likely want to choose a lighter color as it will make your studio feel bigger.

To create separation between the spaces, use different types of flooring.

Tile for the kitchen, hardwood or laminate for the living space, and a larger area rug for your bedroom will all reinforce the idea that your studio has rooms.

-back to top

5. Create Closet Space

You likely have very limited closet space in your studio.

However, not all hope is lost. You don't necessarily need a closet to store your clothes.

If you don't have enough closet space, use an empty wall to create an open-air closet.

Using different drawers, shelves, and hanging racks can allow you to create your perfect "walk-in closet."

-back to top

Closet Space

6. Create A Loft

Another advantage of high ceilings is the ability to create a loft bed and save some floor space.

It'll transform your tiny studio into a one-bedroom apartment with plenty of room.

Pair your loft bed with the light paint color we talked about above to blur where the ceiling starts and create an open and airy effect.

If you need more storage, turn the steps leading up to your loft bed into built-in drawers.

-back to top

7. Limit Your Guests

Let's be honest; no amount of clever decorating is going to make 30 people fit into a studio apartment comfortably.

You're going to have the urge to show off your apartment once it's finished, and you definitely should, just don't go overboard.

Don't invite the entire family over on the same night or volunteer to host the company holiday party.

There are many challenges to having too many people in a studio apartment at the same time, with safety being the biggest.

Show off your apartment, but limiting your guests is always a good idea.

-back to top

Create A Studio Fit For A King

Just because you have a small studio doesn't mean you have to squash your big plans.

With the right furniture, proper use of space, and a little creativity, you can create a space that is comfortable and extremely livable.

Your studio doesn't have to feel like a studio if you use the ideas above.

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Design A Minimalist Home With These Decorating Ideas

Design A Minimalist Home With These Decorating Ideas

Posted on: October 22, 2019

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Many people are switching to a minimalist lifestyle for a variety of reasons.

Many people are doing it because their stuff has consumed them for far too long.

Minimalism is about having less stuff, more space, and more free time.

But it will also affect your household, and it will affect you on a personal level as well.

Many people become friendlier, feel happier, and make less emotional decisions when they start to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

The first thing most people do when they embrace minimalism is to work their new lifestyle into their home design.

And it's not as hard to do as you think.

Creating a cozy, minimalist feel to your home does not involve throwing away all of your stuff, even though that might be an eventual side effect.

All you need is a little creativity, and regular home decluttering, and you can create your perfect minimalist home.

In the article below, we will discuss several design ideas and tips to help you create your minimalist space.

Table of Contents

  • Use Natural Light

  • Use Dual Purpose Furniture

  • Invest In Quality

  • Add Warmth With Textured Fabrics

  • Go Green

  • Decorate With Storage

  • Focus On Function

  • Use Mirrors

  • Go Big WIth Minimalism

Use Natural Light

Large windows that allow in a lot of natural light will make any minimalist room look and feel larger and warmer.

Not to mention windows being a great focal point in any room, especially if your view outside is one fit for a postcard.

Just add some thin, floor-length, curtains that fit your color scheme for a little privacy.

-back to top

Large Windows

Use Dual Purpose Furniture

The purpose of minimalism is to need less stuff, so using dual-purpose furniture makes perfect sense.

Furniture that serves many functions prevents your home from looking visually cluttered.

Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a desk for your bedroom, or put a wooden tray on a bench and use it as both a console table and a place to sit when entertaining guests.

-back to top

Invest in Quality

One of the best pieces of advice any minimalist will give you is to invest in quality over quantity.

That goes hand in hand with how you should design your home.

Instead of buying the cheap, trendy furniture that will need to be replaced in a year, buy a few sturdy, classic pieces that won't go out of style or wear out over night.

-back to top

Add Warmth With Textured Fabrics

An excellent minimalist interior design tip is to experiment with as many textured fabrics as you can.

Mix and match beaded throw pillows, wool and fur blankets, and velvet decor to soften up the starkness of a minimalist room.

Just make sure all of your textures match the neutral color scheme you've picked for your room.

-back to top

Go Green

Plants are an excellent way to soften a room and add some color while still maintaining a clean aesthetic.

Arrange a bouquet of your favorite flows for a centerpiece on your kitchen counter.

Or put a tall firm in the corner of your living room, and decorate your coffee table with small succulents.

-back to top

House Plant

Decorate With Storage

Get the most out of the space in your home by taking items you'd normally store and use them as decorations instead.

For example, instead of hiding your hat collection away in the closet taking up precious closet space, hang your hats on a wall in an entryway or a bedroom to free up storage and add a decoration.

-back to top

Focus on Function

The beginning of every minimalist design should have functionality in mind.

It's important to think about how you want your rooms to function when you're all done.

Consider things like how often you have guests over.

If you have guests over often, you'll need to be sure you have plenty of seating.

If you work from home, you'll want to be sure to create a distraction-free area away from the high-traffic living spaces.

No matter what your needs are, the key to a minimalist looks is keeping your space open and airy.

Just make sure you don't forget about the functionality of the space.

-back to top

Use Mirrors

If you don't have the floor to ceiling windows we talked about earlier, and it's not in your budget to have them installed, mirrors are the next best thing.

They are the perfect substitute for big windows when the money for them isn't in the budget.

Mirrors can help open up a small fast and make it feel much bigger, and they are excellent for minimalist decor because they are simple, functional, and stylish.

-back to top

Go Big With Minimalism

From opening up your small spaces with mirrors to using multi-purpose furniture, these ideas are just scratching the surface when it comes to creating a beautiful, minimalist space.

Minimalist design can do more than open up your home; it can also change you as a person and the way you see the world.

The world is full of clutter, noise, and distractions.

Your home should be a sanctuary - an escape - from the clutter of everyday life.

A simple, minimalist design can help you build that sanctuary.

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Decorate Your Home Office So You Can Work All Day

Decorate Your Home Office So You Can Work All Day

Posted on: November 13, 2019

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More and more people need a space to work at home.

Many jobs require extra hours, so people need a quiet space to get work done.

It's estimated that about 36% of the population are freelancers, doing all of their work from home.

Unfortunately, needing a home office and having one are two different things.

Many people are forced to work at the dining room table, a makeshift desk stuck in a corner somewhere, or they have to leave and work at a coffee shop or co-working space.

Having a dedicated office in your house means you can work and be productive in the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking to create a space where you can be productive and enjoy working from, you need to weigh your options when it comes to decorating your office.

A lot of people believe that style isn't important when it comes to a home office and that all you need is a surface for your laptop and a chair with wheels.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

But decorating a home office in a way that makes you fall in love with it is very powerful.

When you enjoy being in your office, you will, in turn, enjoy your work.

Getting your work done is much easier when you enjoy the space you work in.

In the article below, we go over several tips that will get you started in your home office so you can design the home office of your dreams.

Table of Contents

  • Make Sure It Blends In With Your Home

  • Emphasize Organization

  • Keep It Lit

  • Take Advantage of Height

  • Calm The Cords

  • Make Your Home Office Feel Like Home

Make Sure It Blends In With Your Home

Your office will be an extension of your home, so it should look and feel like it.

Decorate it with some of the same themes you've used throughout your house and incorporate items that you love.

Nothing is off-limits here.

If you're a plant lover, add several house plants and paint your office in earthy colors.

If you're a minimalist, paint your walls white and add only carefully selected decorations.

Don't limit your creativity here because it's going to be a workspace.

You are going to be more productive in a space that you like, so don't hold back.

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Home Office Ideas

Emphasize Organization

Your office will probably get messy pretty fast.

To keep the piles of paperwork from turning into mountains of paperwork, you will probably want to stock up on bins, drawers, cabinets, and the like.

There are seemingly millions of options to help keep your office organized, but it's simple to bring them into your office without actually using them.

Before you go to Amazon and start buying drawers and bins, take a second to think about how you organize.

What works for the rest of your house? What doesn't?

If you already like scanning things and keeping them electronically, you don't need stacks of drawers.

If you only use one pen at a time, don't bother with a pen cup.

Don't buy into the hype unless you actually need, and will use, these items.

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Keep It Lit

Offices are notorious for their fluorescent lighting.

Have you ever wondered why businesses choose to go with sterile, cold lighting that makes you feel like you're on the exam table?

It's because they know sufficient lighting makes your work easier.

Our eyes are become strained from staring at our screens all day, so we don't need to make it worse by limiting the lighting in your home office.

Use natural light as much as possible, but don't forget to supplement when it falls short, and

 for those days when you have to work into the night.

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Office Lamp

Take Advantage of Height

Even the tiniest of home offices can have more than enough room for your favorite decorations and organization solutions.

If you don't think you have enough space, just look up.

Maximize your vertical wall space by using floating shells or installing cabinets on the walls.

The height of your wall is an asset, and it should be used as one when you decorate.

And have fun with it. Your decorations should be both practical and fun.

Your home office is yours, make it into something you love.

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Calm The Cords

The worst thing about the home office is how much tech clutter accumulates.

We're not saying you don't need all of that tech; you just don't need to be tripping on cords every time you get up from your desk.

You can take a few simple steps to keep that from happening.

Cut a hole in the back of a stylish box.

Most of your necessary tech can stay in there with the chords fed out through that hole.

Mount a power strip close by, and use zip ties to wrangle any cords that get plugged into the power strip and fee them neatly along the back of furniture, keeping them out of sight.

You'll be amazed at how much cleaner this will make your home office feel.

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Make Your Home Office Feel Like Home

The best way to decorate your home office is just to start.

Do one simple thing to make your office more inviting, and you've already made significant progress.

Get a beautiful lamp, hang a family picture, or paint the walls your favorite color.

Enjoy the process of transforming your home office from just a workspace to a space you truly enjoy being in.

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6 Home Decorating Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

6 Home Decorating Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Posted on: November 22, 2019

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Most people will come to a point in life when they can add their interior design ideas to their home.

Everyone aims for perfection when they start designing their homes, and they want to start designing right away.

However, decorating your home successfully is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort and should not be rushed.

If you do it right, your ideas will bring out the beauty of your home.

If you rush and do it wrong, the opposite happens, and your ideas can tarnish the beauty.

To avoid that, and create a beautifully decorated home, the first thing you need to do is know what the most common mistakes people make are.

Knowing what mistakes people make will help you avoid them.

In the article below, we will discuss the six most common home decorating mistakes people make.

Table Of Contents

  • Less Is More

  • Always Plan Ahead

  • Remember Your Lighting

  • Size Matters

  • Don't Hang Photos And Artwork Too High

  • Make Sure To Coordinate

  • Don't Do It In Your Own


1. Less Is More

Everyone is enthusiastic and ready to get started when it's finally time to set up your home exactly the way you want it.

Some people start shopping months to a year in advance and store things away just so they're ready to go when their home is ready.

That's completely understandable, but you want to be sure you don't go overboard.

Sometimes less is more, and a minimalistic approach will work best for your home.

The more you buy and have to fit in your home, the smaller it's going to feel.

On the other hand, if you buy a few carefully selected tasteful pieces that won't crowd your space, your home will feel much bigger.

It will also make your home feel much cleaner, and a clean house creates a healthy, clean mind.

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2. Always Plan Ahead

People tend to head straight to the store without planning anything ahead of time.

Before you do anything else to your home, you should have a proper plan of action.

Like most things in life, it helps to know what you're doing before you do it.

Do your homework on the space that you have, what you'd like to accomplish, and what your budget is to do it.

People generally buy things that they like without taking into consideration if it fits into their available space, or if it's actually something they need.

When you have a well thought out plan of action, buying things that don't fit or aren't necessary is easily avoided.

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Home Lighting

3. Remember Your Lighting

Lighting often sits at the bottom of most people's list of priorities when they start decorating their homes.

However, lighting is one of the most important things to consider when decorating your home.

Good lighting sets the atmosphere in a house. Whether you work from home or frequently entertain guests, appropriate lighting is needed to match any situation.

Lighting also influences the colors of your design and can make your home appear bigger or smaller.

If you want your home to appear big, then you should opt for light colors.

Proper lighting in your bedroom will also create a more restful feeling, allowing you to sleep easier.

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4. Size Matters

There's a good chance you've had your eyes on a bedroom set or living room set for years that you just have to have for your home.

Before you buy it, you should be sure that it fits your home in terms of proportion and scale.

Don't fall into the trap of buying everything you like, because the space in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom might not "like" the idea.

When you pick out your new furniture, imagine the size of every piece in the space that you have.

Most furniture stores have open spaces and high ceilings, making everything seem smaller than it actually is.

That's why you should know the dimensions of all of your rooms before you go shopping to avoid making any expensive mistakes.

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5. Don't Hang Photos And Artwork Too High

This is a mistake a lot of people make.

To make your home feel big and create as much space as possible, you want your ceilings to be as high as possible.

Many people make the mistake of placing their wall decorations too high.

Many people place decorations at eye level when they are standing, but this often isn't the best idea.

A good rule of thumb to follow to make your ceilings appear as high as possible is to put your decorations at eye level while you are sitting.

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6. Make Sure To Coordinate

You might want to paint your bedroom with a sensual color to create a romantic environment.

However, you likely won't want that same feeling in your living room.

This can sometimes create a lack of connection in your house, with one room screaming with loud, vibrant colors, while the next room has very soft, dull tones.

To avoid this mistake, choose a color palette wisely and make sure that at least the tone of colors used in each room is the same.

You can also check the color trend forecasts that various design agencies bring out every year and take your pick of something that is currently in vogue.

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BONUS: Don't Do It On Your Own

If you aren't a plumber, you won't try to fix a complicated plumbing issue on our own.

Likewise, if you aren't a professional interior designer, you shouldn't try to tackle a huge design project on your own.

Sure, you can read articles online and watch hours of YouTube videos, but each house is unique, and what works for all of those houses on YouTube might not work on your home.

That's why before you decorate or buy furniture, it's important to speak with an expert.

Think twice about ordering that couch off of Amazon sight unseen, and head down to Furniture of Dalton and speak to them about a new coach.

The experts of Furniture of Dalton will help you pick out the pieces that are right for your home instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to design.

Click the button below to get directions to the store so you can get started right away.

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