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Tips for Enjoying Summer at Home

Summer is officially here! That means lots of pool days, backyard BBQ’s, and fun nights outdoors. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we all may be spending more time at home this summer than we are used to, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun-filled and exciting! We have lots of great tips and ideas for enjoying your summer at home.

  1. Family game night (or day!) In the hustle and bustle world that we live in, the art of family game night has somewhat been lost, but if this new pace in life has taught us anything, it is that spending more time with family and friends really is a blast! And what better way to make the most of family time than with a little friendly competition? Host a game night full of board games, BINGO, card games, and more! Set up different stations for the adults and kids or play a favorite for all ages. 

  2. Bring on the water! If there is one thing that is certain during the summer, it's the heat! No need to stay inside during the hot summer days though. If you don’t have a pool to cool off in, there are so many other great ways to incorporate a water day. Buy an inexpensive blow-up pool to splash around or lounge in. Create a DIY water slide like this one from All Things Thrifty or set up a sprinkler for the kids (and adults) to run through. 

  3. Get crafty. Summer is a great time to try out new crafts. The kids have more free time and crafts are a great way to let them get creative while learning a new skill. Happiness is Homemade has several great crafts including a milk carton birdhouse, DIY sidewalk chalk, and much more! If your kids are older or you want an adult craft, you can take on planting projects or make fun hanging lights from materials you have laying around. 

  4. Plan a staycation! Even if your beach plans were muddled this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great staycation. Enjoying local parks and trails is a great way to explore your own town and see new places that you might not have known about before. Get takeout from local restaurants and enjoy a relaxing evening at home al fresco or indoors if an afternoon shower pops up. Turn your backyard into an oasis complete with lounge chairs, a fun cocktail, and relaxing beach music to recreate the feel of an all-inclusive at a fraction of the cost! 

  5. Spruce up your space. Summer is a great time to work on your home with the extra daylight and gorgeous weather. Whether you want to create an inviting outdoor space, update your bedroom furniture, or replace that mattress that is putting a serious damper on your sleep-in Saturday plans, now is the perfect time to make it happen! 

At Furniture of Dalton, we have everything you need to make staying at home this summer more enjoyable! Take some of our tips for enjoying summer at home and visit our showroom, where we can make all of your staycation dreams come true. Take advantage of our Summer Staycation Financing Event with 0% interest for up to 48 months* going on now through July 31. Click here for financing information. We feel sure that with a little creativity, you can make this the best summer yet!
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The best mattress for your budget

Tired of being tired yet? Your mattress is probably the source of your constant exhaustion. As a matter of fact, most people do not realize the effect a bad mattress can have on their overall health. 

That is why Furniture of Dalton wants to get you a brand new bed that is perfect for you!

No matter the size of your savings, there’s a quality mattress in your price range.

Whether your wallet is tight or your coffers overflowing, we’ll let you know the best bet for your budget. 

Table Of Contents

  • Low Budget

  • Mid Range

  • Luxury

Low Budget 

Need a new mattress, but still waiting on that raise? Don’t fret! There are great, affordable mattress options available, if you look in the right places.

For a fresh take on a classic mattress, try the Southerland Alto.

All Southerland Mattresses are made in the US, with over 120 years of manufacturing experience.

The Alto model has a traditional support system of pocket coils under a modern comfort layer of memory foam.

If you prefer a soft, sinkable mattress, opt for the pillow-top or plush version. Want a bit more support? Go with the firm version.

Extra perk? This mattress is designed to work with adjustable bed frames.

Low Budget Mattress  
Alto Mattress by Southerland

If you’re on the memory foam boat, but don’t have the big bucks to blow, the Dreamer by Bed Boss is by far your best bet.

A medium-firm memory foam is a rare find in this budget range, and this version is a keeper.

Made with CertiPUR-US® memory foam, the Dreamer is free from many of the chemicals hiding in other mattresses, like formaldehyde and lead.

This also means low VOC emissions, which makes it a more sustainable choice.

Cheap Mattress
Dreamer Mattress by Bed Boss

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Mid Range


Have a bit more to spend, but still looking for great value?

Choose American made with the Southerland Sonata.

A step up from the Alto, the Sonata ups the comfort layer with advanced memory foam and latex.

Top that off with a premium Tencel® cover, for a natural casing that wicks away moisture.

Mid Range Mattress 
Sonata by Southerland

Love the memory foam, but want a little traditional support? Turn to the Bed Boss Heavenly Hybrid.

This is the best of both worlds, with a perfect pairing of innersprings and memory foam.

Gel-infused foam keeps your comfort cool, and CertiPUR-US® foam is back to keep your bedroom chemical free.

Mid Price Mattress 
Heavenly Hybrid by Bed Boss

Want decades of science supporting your sleep? Turn to Kingsdown, whose hallmark is craftsmanship paired with serious sleep research.

The Passions Expectations is a top choice for a mid range mattress.

Three sizes of pocket coils provide superior support, topped with gel infused memory foam.

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Looking for the cream of the crop? Kingsdown has you covered, once again.

Top of the line 600 series has a latex pillow top with pocketed coils.

This series uses revolutionary bedMATCH™ diagnostic system to find the best support for your sleeping needs.

Luxury Mattress 
600 Series by Kingsdown

For a cool night of sleep, choose the Kingsdown Crown Imperial, a deluxe hybrid mattress.

Tri-zone pocketed coils boost cooling layers of memory foam and micro coils, providing serious, conforming support.

A tufted damask cover features silk and wool for ultimate luxe.

Luxury Mattresses
Crown Imperial by Kingsdown


Whether you’re investing in your first mattress, or upgrading to the best, these recommendations span the range. Follow our lead and look forward to better rest ahead!

Shop Mattresses Now!


Concerned about the environment? Check out our previous post on the impact low-quality furniture has on our world.
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The Perfect mattress for your sleeping style

Are you in the majority, turning on your side when you turn out the lights? Or do you sleep flat on your back? What about nestling in, belly down? Whatever your preference, there is a mattress suited to your sleeping style. Check out our tips below to find the right mattress for the way you sleep.

Table Of Contents

  • Side Sleeper

  • Back Sleeper

  • Stomach Sleeper

  • Sleepers With Special Concerns



Mattress For A Side Sleeper

Images: HomeArena | The Habitat 




A mattress that is soft enough to cradle shoulders, hips and knees, with a balanced base of support.


A Hybrid Mattress, which provides a core of pocket-spring support, with a soft, sinkable, comfort layer of memory foam or latex.

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Mattress For A Back Sleeper 
Images: HomeArena | Design Fixation


Medium Firm


A mattress that has enough support to keep your spine in neutral alignment, with responsive cushioning to provide even support from head to toe.


A Memory Foam Mattress, which conforms to the body to provide balanced, customized support. Avoid plush toppers, which may cause you to sink out of alignment.

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Mattress For A Stomach Sleeper
Images: HomeArena | The Maker Place



A mattress that has ample support, preventing strain on the neck and spine.


A Pocket Spring Mattress, which provides serious support paired with increased air flow. Doctors recommend that stomach sleepers opt for special body pillows, to help relieve targeted pressure on the torso.

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Sleepers with chronic health issues like poor circulation and acid reflux, or those recovering from surgery should turn to an Adjustable Mattress. This style, originally designed for therapeutic purposes, allows sleepers to elevate their heads or feet to alleviate specific symptoms.



Partners with different sleep needs might also benefit from adjustable mattresses, opting for split base models. Each side of these models operates independently, allowing for customized, side-by-side sleep. Prefer a single level? Couples should seek memory foam mattresses, which isolate motion.



Sleepers who tend to change positions throughout the night are considered combination sleepers. These sleepers benefit from a Latex Mattress, which isolates motion as well as a memory foam, with faster bounce-back after compression.


Whatever your sleep style, you are well on your way to better rest. Sweet dreams!


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What Kind of Mattress Do I Need?

What Kind of Mattress Do I Need?

Posted on: September 13, 2018

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Figuring out what mattress to buy can be a real challenge. Shopping for a large purchase is usually done with caution, lots of time investment and in-depth research. Often people pick a mattress that feels good, well for the few minutes they lay there uncomfortable at the store.

Most of the time, every mattress feels good because you have been walking around all day shopping. So you pick one, take it home and it is excellent for a few days or weeks or maybe even a couple of months, but then your body starts to ache and you just can't sleep through the night.

It is the mattress's fault for these sleepless nights and body aches.

This situation can be prevented with the BedMatch program Kingsdown Mattress Brand offers. It is one of a kind and can accurately predict what type of mattress will best support you throughout your entire sleep.

Even better yet, it can match your partner too! They even make their mattresses where you and our partner can have two different mattresses fused together as one without it looking any different.

When shopping for a mattress, you definitely want to start with the BedMatch program.

Bedmatch Program to find the perfect mattress


So you might be asking yourself, does that mean it will determine if I need a firm or soft mattress?

Table of Contents


Firm or Soft? What Mama Bear Needs Might Not Be Right for Papa Bear

As Goldilocks might say this mattress is too hard, this mattress is too soft, and this mattress is just right! The reason the bed was too hard was that it had to support big papa bear, the soft mattress was for delicate mama bear and the just right on her was baby bear because Goldilocks was close to the same size and weight as the baby bear.Mattress Support

Size, weight, sleep position, and 15 other systematic and scientifically backed measurements are included in the BedMatch program to help make this decision more natural for you.

Knowing what type of mattress is needed to help support your body and keep you aligned throughout the night is crucial to a good nights sleep. Making sure you get a full nights rest will not only help you feel better but it will also keep you sharp and focused so you can perform at your best.

A simple rule of thumb...

Usually the larger you are, the firmer the mattress you will need while the small you are the softer the mattress you will need. Make sure your bed is not too soft or too firm before you purchase your next mattress.

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Different Size Mattresses

Deciding on what size mattress you buy comes down to room size and body size.

Keep in mind these things when determining which size mattress to buy:

  • Room size

  • How often you might move

  • How many people sleep in the bed

  • How long do you want it to last (children do get bigger)

  • Price

  • Your size

Mattress Size

If you don't plan on moving much and your room allows it, then you and your partner will want to spring for a king size bed to sleep comfortably without interrupting each other's sleep.

Don't forget those little ones get scared and crawl into bed now and then. If you and your spouse share a bed, but don't have a big room or plan to move you may opt to get a queen.

There is still enough room for two average size people to share the bed. It is also easier to move a queen size bed rather than a king size bed. Full beds are excellent for teens or single people who have smaller rooms. Twins are the best for young kiddos who still want the room to play in their bedroom.

There isn't a right or wrong answer when it comes to mattress size, you have to make the best decision for you and your family. Keep in mind your mattress should last you around 10 years, so you want to make a wise decision when it comes to purchasing a mattress.

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When it comes to brands, Kingsdown, The Bed Boss, Sutherland, and Nox are our most popular brands of mattresses. 

Sutherland is a quality product made right here in the U.S. with a 75 point inspection process. They also provide a made right guarantee on all of their mattresses. Sutherland offers a signature collection, a gel signature collection, basic, and adjustable mattresses. You can't go wrong with any of these luxury fabrics and support. Sutherland Adjustable Bed

The Bed Boss is another great brand that has a unique offer for those who run an Airbnb. The Bed Boss carries a variety of styles from memory foam, hybrids, gel, pocketed springs, and more. There are so many options you surely can find one for you and it comes with a 10-year warranty!The Bed Boss | Queen Mattress

Kingsdown is a luxury mattress brand that goes above and beyond when it comes to providing maximum support all night long. From natural, airflow, smart technology, personalized support, and more, there is bound to be a mattress within this collection that will meet your needs.

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King Size Luxury Mattress

Let's not forget Furniture of Dalton's own NOX mattress brand sold exclusively at Furniture of Dalton. Since it is not a fancy brand that most people know and is made by our very own people, the price stays down while the quality remains high. You can get the support you need within a reasonable budget. NOX Mattress

If you are in the market for a new mattress find the best mattress supplier near you.

If you are near Dalton, Ga come to Furniture of Dalton where our friendly sales team can help you find the perfect mattress for you. Remember the BedMatch Program is here in our store waiting to pair you with your next mattress. 

Shop Mattresses Now!


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