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The Heart Behind Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton: Get to Know Amy Peeples

Amy Peeples, co-owner of Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton in Dalton, Ga., sat down with us over a cup of coffee to discuss her love for the business, customers, and community.
Question: Share with us the story of how your family acquired Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton.
Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton have always been a staple in the community as the buildings welcome both residents and visitors home to Dalton as they drive up I75 North. In 2016, our family purchased the business with the hope of building on its legacy. Our family and extended family own and operate businesses throughout the community, and our goal is to apply the same principles and values to the day-to-day operation of Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton.
Question: Tell us more about the Peeples family history.
My husband, Bryan, and I grew up in Dalton and were married in 1992. Today, we have four beautiful children and one daughter-in-law. Our parents both grew up in Dalton and my grandparents grew up in Dalton, so we’re three to four generations deep in the community. Needless to say, our family has a genuine love and a strong connection to the Dalton community. We’re invested in the success of the region and the quality of life of our residents. Our greatest sense of pride comes from supplying jobs to families in our community.
Question: What is different about Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton? Why is it worth the drive for customers across the southeast?
Furniture of Dalton and Carpets of Dalton are better and stronger than ever. Over the past few years, we’ve revitalized our store operations, inventory, and organization. Customers walk into a gorgeous showroom, well-thought-out product selection, and a wide variety of both different design styles and price ranges. Our sales staff is well-trained and sincerely cares about each of our customers. They’re there to help create your dream space or step back to give you time to browse. We have an in-house interior designer for those wanting the next level of design guidance. It’s truly an amazing time for our business, and we can wait to share with our customers from near and far what all we have for their homes. Come on in!
Question: Why do you enjoy helping customers and designers create dream spaces?
Our tagline is the destination that brings you home. We want to help each of our customers fall in love with his or her home all over again. Not only do I love meeting our customers, but I love being part of this talented team. My goal is to create a positive environment for our staff and, in turn, our customers. We have a family atmosphere and everyone here has a passion for what they do.
Question: Tell us about your family’s commitment to the community.
Our family feels so lucky and blessed to be part of the northwest Georgia community. We love the beauty and heart in the area, and we do our best to give back through projects like the Peeples Cancer Institute and United Way. We want our community and folks in neighboring cities to realize you no longer have to travel to Atlanta or Nashville for the best in furniture and flooring. It’s so important to support local businesses like ours. We welcome you into our store with open arms and hope you’ll visit soon!
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Custom Upholestry: Made Just for You

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re already envisioning longer daylight hours and more relaxed evenings outside. Now that all of the holiday decorations are packed away and spring cleaning lists are dancing in our heads instead of sugar plums, it’s the ideal time of year to turn your attention to sprucing up your home for spring. Many of us take a second look at our living rooms and bedrooms this time of year and sigh. We know they need a refresh, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start—and exactly what you want for the space.

Furniture of Dalton, Georgia’s largest furniture and flooring store, has the perfect solution for your spring interior design needs with our expansive selection of custom upholstery fabrics and manufacturers. Many of us don’t realize the flexibility, benefits, and gorgeous outcome of custom upholstery. In our world of mass production and sameness, leading furniture brands like Norwalk, Smith Brothers, Mayo, and King Hickory offer so many beautiful custom options from sofas, loveseats, chairs, headboards, and more. You select your own fabric combinations and finishes to create a truly custom dream room within your budget.

There is a real luxury to doing custom upholstery. It gives me the ability to create anything my client wants,” said Mia Newman from the Furniture of Dalton sales team. “I can showcase their individual personality and that is how a house is transformed into a home. The possibilities are endless.” 

To make shopping custom upholstery easier, Furniture of Dalton has divided our large store into clearly marked brand sections with inspiration walls filled with stylish fabric choices. Selecting upholstery fabrics is an exciting experience with options ranging from more formal choices to performance fabrics for busy households with kids and pets. You can browse on your own or discuss your options with one of our skilled sales consultants—or even call on our in-house interior designer. We’ll walk you through the process from selecting the furniture, seating configuration, fabrics, nail heads, wood finishes, and more.

The final outcome? Your custom upholstery furniture will be all your own, with fabric and finish combinations that best suit your unique design style, family needs, and budget. We love seeing what our customers create and encourage you to share photos with us so that we can share on our social channels.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!





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How To Stay Organized When You Have To Move In A Hurry

How To Stay Organized When You Have To Move In A Hurry

Posted on: October 8, 2019

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Moving is a hassle under any circumstances.

If you have to be out of your home in a hurry, the stress is amplified.

A difficult task turns into something overwhelming that might seem impossible.

You're probably moving for a new job, a new school, or a unique opportunity, so in addition to the move, you have much more on your plate to worry about.

With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself organized so you can beat your deadline.

No matter why you're moving, these tips will help you stay calm and as stress-free as possible as you go through the moving process.

Table of Contents

  • Ask For Help

  • Make A To-Do List

  • Use A System

  • Make Your Own Deadlines

  • You Can Do It


Ask For Help

Loading heavy boxes and awkward furniture into a moving truck is a big job.

If your move is turning out to be too big of a job for you to do on your own, you might need to ask for help.

There are likely dozens of moving companies in your area that will help you get the job done, and most of them also offer packing services as well.

Having a team of professionals help you with your move will make everything much easier without any of the stress.

You'll have to pay for this service, of course, so be sure to get several quotes before you commit to one company.

Whatever you end up paying will likely be worth it to make your move as simple as possible.

If you don't want to spend the extra money, put on a big smile and ask your family and friends to help out.

Make it a "packing party" and have food and drinks and party favors in exchange for helping you get to your new home.

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Make A To-Do List

Deciding to move can be a fantastic and stressful decision all at once, especially if you have to do it on a deadline.

The first thing you should do once you've decided to move is to get out a pen and paper and start your to-do list.

This will help you immediately organize your thoughts and give you the structure you need to make it through your move.

Start by doing a brain dump of everything you might need to do during the move.

Everything from packing socks to finding a moving company should go on your list.

Once you've dumped everything from your brain onto a piece of paper, do it again, this time organizing it in chronological order.

When you're done, make copies of it for everyone involved in the move, and keep it in your back pocket so you can refer to it whenever you need.

Add to it as you go; you aren't going to think of everything when you first start brainstorming.

Check off everything as you go, and communicate with everyone else involved, so your lists stay identical.

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How to move in a hurry

Use A System

As you pack, it'll be easier for you and everyone else if you follow a system that keeps everything organized.

The system will vary from person to person because no two people are alike, but there are a few constants that everyone should be aware of.

  • Gathering everything you'll need to get the room packed.

  • Use soft items like t-shirts or oven mitts to protect fragile items

  • Don't unpack clothes from their drawers. Secure them closed and move them as-is.

  • Use a color-coded labeling system with markers that allows you to see where boxes belong at a glance.

  • Make a list of the items in each box. This will keep you from looking for items that you need when you get to your new home.

No matter what system you use, consistency is key.

Follow the same system for every box and every room.

This will help you stay organized, and you will become more efficient as your system becomes second nature.

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Make Your Own Deadlines

To make sure you meet the deadline you have to be out of your house, you should set your own deadlines.

Go through your to-do list and set a deadline for each item.

To give yourself an extra push, set a few hard deadlines.

For example, schedule your donation pick up the same day you've planned to clean out your garage.

Since other people will be depending on you, you'll be more likely to stay on task.

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You Can Do It

Moving is stressful, inconvenient, but a necessary evil.

If you've landed your dream job, found an excellent school system for your children, or just feel like a change of scenery, you'll have to move your things.

And that job usually has a firm start date, and the first day of school is going to come quicker than you realize.

If you use the tips we mentioned above, though, you will rock your move and be ready to being your new life before you know it.

If you're in need of new furniture after you move, visit the Furniture of Dalton.

Furniture of Dalton offers the highest quality furniture and interior design options in concert with a staff that understands the industry.

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