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Sofa Story: A Brief history of 10 iconic forms

Merriam-Webster Dictionary tells us that the word ‘sofa’ emerged from the name for an “earlier, raised carpeted floor, from Italian sofà, from Turkish sofa, from Arabic ṣuffa.”  This storied origin reflects the fact that people have been sitting, in some degree of comfort, for all of recorded history.

Early seating was typically hard, with materials ranging from stone to wood, often without much cushioning. Over the centuries, upholstery gained in popularity, making way for contemporary soft seating in a wide range of styles. Join us as we explore ten iconic sofa styles.

Chaise Longue

 Chaise Longue

Essentially a long, reclining chair. Often features upholstery, one raised side and four exposed legs.


Single lounging or bench like, multiple seating.


The chaise longue is a perfect entry point into sofa studies, having existed in some form in ancient cultures across the world. From Egyptian to Olmec, artifacts depict gods or nobility lounging on bench-like daybeds. Greeks called their chaise longues ‘klines’ and Romans used their long chairs for dining.

Today, chaise longues are generally longer and lusher. Options have multiplied over the years, and you can find almost any variation - from velvet divans to plastic by the poolside. Choose your level of imperialism, and kick up your heels…

 Love Seat

 Love Seat

Intimate seating for two, traditionally marked by a high, upright back and taut upholstery. Many modern styles have evolved to mimic plush sofas, and appear as miniature versions of current couches.



Small spaces, or as additional seating paired with a full sized couch.



Your favorite seat for snuggling was not intended for romance. Instead, the double wide seat was designed to accommodate a single woman, circled by the wide skirts in fashion in the 1800’s. As fashions changed, the loveseat was made more comfortable, and expanded to encourage close seating for two. Today, you’ll have no problem finding a loveseat to match your living room set, or a single stunner for your boudoir.



Namely: curved cabriole legs. Also, an exposed wooden frame, slightly lowered arms, and lack of unattached back cushions.



Elegant entertaining with a touch of formality, lightened when mixed with pops of color and eclectic pieces.



This is the form you picture in a parlor, with teacups in hand and pinkies raised. This sofa takes its name from the cabriole leg, an s shaped support characteristic of the Louis XV period. We also find the cabriole leg attached to elegant tables and chairs, often claw footed. Today’s cabriole sofas shy away from stuffy and incorporate comfort within their elegant lines.






Traditionally leather clad, known for its tufted, deep buttoned upholstery. Rolled arms and back are equal in height, with exposed nail head trim.



Studies and libraries; a staple for any space seeking a time-honored spin.



Cue the cigar smoke — the Chesterfield sofa is an icon of British gentleman’s clubs. It was created in the 1700’s for Lord Philip Stanhope, the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield. The purported aim was multiple seating that did not cause unsightly suit wrinkles, and the style caught on. Emblematic of upper class England, the Chesterfield design was exported by Royal Army officials to British Colonies far and wide. Leather versions improve with wear, and add substance to a room.





An arched back, peaked at the center and sides. Like the cabriole, traditionally features exposed legs, scrolled arms, taut upholstery, and a lack of separate back cushions.



Elegant, emphatic style. Works well poised between windows.



The Camelback sofa hearkens back to the late 18th century and the design studios of Thomas Chippendale. Chippendale was an influential British furniture designer and cabinet maker at the fore of fine craft. The Chippendale style, associated with various forms of furniture, was the first style to be named after a designer rather than a monarch. The camelback sofa is a tried and true favorite of the ages, and will happily hold court in your living room.

Lawson Style

 Lawson Style

The American standard, designed for simplicity and comfort. Generously sized with three separate seat and back cushions. A simple boxed shape with low arms and serious sinkability.



Casual spaces, focused on simplicity, comfort and ease. The best sofa for midday naps.



The Lawson style is the the most common American sofa-- the form your picture when you hear the word ‘couch.’ This style is designed for comfort, overstuffed and generously proportioned. The Lawson style was created at the turn of the 20th century for copper magnate Thomas Lawson. You can’t find a more comfortable couch for movie lovers and bookworms alike.


Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo Sofa 

A square, pared back style defined by back and arms of the same height. Tuxedo sofas are often taller than other designs, and are traditionally designed with exposed legs and a single row of tufting.



A stylish space with a nod to glamour. Toss in some extra pillows for added comfort.



The Tuxedo sofa takes its name from the village of Tuxedo Park in New York, the same place that christened the formal suit. Notable residents of upscale Tuxedo Park included Emily Post, the grand dame of good manners. Tuxedo Sofas appeared in the 1920’s, and with their clean lines and simple shape, hinted at modernism on the way.  A Tuxedo Sofa is a principle of good taste, a style that makes any living room feel upscale.



 Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern 

A streamlined look, with low, exposed legs.



The ‘it’ sofa for modern spaces and urban living.



Mid-century modern was a design movement evolving from the mid-1930’s to 1965. Mid-century modern sofas were designed for post-war, urban living. They were made to be slimmer for small spaces and lightweight enough for frequent moves. This sofa style is wildly popular today, a darling of minimalist and eclectic homes alike. The Mad Men televisions series pushed this style back into the limelight, and updated versions are in high production. Choose this style for a contemporary, clean-lined look, equally at home in a living room or gallery.





A multi-piece, modular sofa, often comprised of 3 to 5 parts. Commonly arranged in L-shaped or U-shaped configurations, and made to seat a crew.



Entertaining. Provides generous seating, well suited for cocktail hour or Superbowl parties.



When envisioning a sectional, you might jump to the overstuffed standard. But you’re just as likely to find a slim, streamlined version. Sectionals these days run the gamut, with a stunning variety of contemporary options. Though earlier examples exist, the modern sectional found widespread popularity in the 1950’s, as American designers like Charles and Ray Eames re-imagined furniture form. Depending on your space and taste, you can seek sleek, streamlined sectionals, or well-cushioned sets with all the bells and whistles.


Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa

Appears to be solely a sofa, folds out into a guest bed.



Expanding your sleeping space. Plays double duty: living room by day, guest room by night.



1899 saw the emergence of the first center fold bed. The Murphy bed followed in 1908, a pivoting mattress that folded into the wall. But it was the 1930’s that saw Bernard Castro, an Italian immigrant to America, invent the modern sleeper sofa. The hallmark of his designs was that his sofas retained the sleek appeal of high end furniture, with mattresses seamlessly hidden from view. The engineering has only improved over the years, and contemporary sleeper sofas offer top notch dual function without sacrificing sofa style.

Your sofa is so much more than a place to sit - it’s an icon of rich and varied history. Whether your take is classic or modern, you are now staged for your own sofa story. Are you ready for the search?


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Sofa Search: Anatomy of a sofa

As you lounge on great aunt Jenny’s sofa, do you ever wonder what made this particular piece of furniture hold up to generations of wear and tear? The answer is top notch construction. It’s a challenge to wade through the countless cheap couches on the market today, but you can still find traditionally crafted sofas, made to last. Follow along as we deconstruct the cream of the crop.

Sofa Frame
Source: Love Your Home


It all starts with the bones. Top notch sofas have frames made of kiln dried wood, reinforced with wooden dowels, metal screws, and wood glue. Lower end frames are made with plywood or pressed wood, held together with staples. A well made frame is the backbone of an heirloom couch.



High quality sofas have jute webbing woven along the ‘deck,’ or seat base, back, and arms. Individual steel springs are sewn onto this webbing. This combination of webbing and springs provides flexible give when you sit and spring when you rise. Lower end options use elastic webbing and zig zag springs.

Living Room Sofas 
Source: Brabbu


Over these springs, you’ll find layers of padding to soften the support. Burlap, horsehair, foam and batting are common components. Extra padding is used in areas of high impact, including the fronts of sofa arms and the upper back.

Individual cushions sit on top of the deck and back, creating a layer of sinkable softness. These often have a supportive core of springs or foam, wrapped in a layer of batting. Down feathers on top provide the softest support, while the firm core keeps compression in check.



The best cushions are covered in high end fabric. All natural fabrics, like cotton, wool, silk and linen are classic, durable choices. Synthetic ‘high-performance’ fabrics are a bit easier to maintain and often stain resistant. Want to save, without sacrificing quality? Choose solid fabrics over patterns. Printed fabrics mean pattern matching at seams, which often requires extra yardage. Solids tend to be timeless, while patterns rise and fall in popularity. You can easily add in the motif of the moment with throw pillows, blankets, and rugs.

Next time you lounge, think of the layers below. All that care in construction make for a piece that lives on. Cheers for quality, comfort, and care!

Now that you know how to select the right sofa for your room, check out our favorite leather sofas!


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Shopping Guide: 5 of our favorite leather sofas

If you’re in the market for a new leather sofa, we’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite leather collections just for you!

Table Of Contents

  • GTR Leather Company

  • Hooker Furniture

  • Bradington Young

  • USA Leather

  • Simon Li


GTR Leather Company

GTR Leather Company

The buttery soft hand and luxurious texture of the top grain cowhide leather GTR uses, combined with the modern style of its collections, makes it one of our favorite brands on the market right now. Each GTR piece is carefully crafted of a hardwood and hardwood laminate frame, individually pocketed coil spring seating, fully padded outside arms and back, and sculpted metal legs for long lasting durability.

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Hooker® Furniture

Furniture by Hooker

If motion furniture is what you’re seeking, look no further than Hooker® Furniture.  For more than 90 years, Hooker® Furniture has been producing top-of-the-line furniture, making it one of our most recommended brands, and the Carlisle Power Motion Sofa is one of our favorite pieces. Built with power, comfort and aesthetics in mind, you won’t be disappointed with the craftsmanship of this sofa.

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Bradington Young

Bradington Young Furniture

Elegance and comfort collide in the Bradington Young Newman Sofa to create the ideal reclining sofa.  Featuring semi-attached backs, Spring Down seat cushions, and a Mahogany finish, the Newman Sofa has quickly become one of our customer favorites. With more than 175 leathers and 300 fabrics, you’re sure to find the piece that’s right for you in the Bradington Young collection.

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USA Leather

USA Leather Furniture

All about buying products made in the USA? We’ve got the perfect line of leather for you. With its traditional frame which features rolled arms with tufted buttons,  With 8-way hand tied coil springs, genuine down-blend pillow tops, 100% top grain leather upholstery, each USA Leather piece is designed with maximum comfort in mind.

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Simon Li

Simon Li Furniture

With its rich color and traditional style, the Simon Li Carlton Sofa has easily become one of our favorite pieces. This timeless sofa, which features 100% hand wiped leather, FeatherBlend seating, and loose seat and back cushions, is sure to become a family-favorite staple in your home.


Find something you like? Want to explore more? Come visit us at Furniture of Dalton, and we'll help you find the leather sofa that's just right for your home.


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7 Signs You Need to Update Your Living Room Furniture

7 Signs You Need To Update Your Living Room Furniture

Why is updating your living room important? Well, apart from the time you spend sleeping in your bedroom, the living room is likely where you spend most of your time in your house.

It's definitely where your visitors spend most of their time.

The living room is where your family gathers over the holidays, and where you entertain family and friends during house parties.

Your living room needs to be comfortable and inviting.

When people come over, they have to want to spend time in your living room.

If they aren't comfortable, they might leave early and have reservations about coming back.

That means you need high-quality furniture that creates a lasting first impression and makes your guests and your family comfortable in your living room.

Sometimes, though, it's not easy replacing our furniture. It's your furniture, you've had it for a long time, and you like it.

There's no way a new recliner can replace the recliner you've had for 15 years. There's a contour in that chair that fits you perfectly.

There's no way a new recliner will be the same, right?

That's not always true, you could fall in love with a new piece of furniture, just like you did with the last one.

If you do decide to upgrade, you will also be able to add new style and character to your living room.

And you'll get to break it in all over again.

Below we will talk about the signs that tell you new furniture is an absolute must.

Table Of Contents
 update your living room

1. You're Moving To A New Space

This is one of the best reasons to get new furniture.

Whether you've just done a renovation to your current space, or you're moving to a new area altogether, there's no better time to get new furniture.

If you're moving to a bigger house, you will likely need more furniture or unique furniture that will fit the space.

Or you might need bigger furniture.

And you will want to be sure it matches with your old furniture. No one likes mismatched furniture, so this might require a complete overhaul.

Whatever the reason, moving to a new space is the perfect time to update your furniture?

When to replace your couch?2. Your Sofa Creaks When You Sit Down

You should be the only one making noises when you sit on your sofa.

If your sofa makes noises back at you, it's probably time to upgrade.

A creaking sound or sounds from the springs typically means the sofa is past it's prime, and will slowly start falling apart.

Sometimes a piece of noisy furniture can be fixed, but you'll likely have to repair something else in the near future.

Most of the time, opting for a new piece of furniture is the best option.

You don't want to wait too long to replace it and have a spring pop loose and poke someone.

need a new couch
3. You Sink Into Your Furniture

Unless you have a waterbed, you shouldn't sink into your furniture.

A good piece of furniture will feel cozy, but it won't make you feel like you're sinking.

After years of use, the structure of your furniture can start to fall apart, and you could sink into your couch every time you sit on it.

This not only makes it hard to get off the couch, but it can be horrible for your posture as well.

To avoid injury and constant back pain, you should buy a new piece of furniture that provides the necessary support. 

4. You Changed Your Decor

Sometimes even if your furniture is pretty new, and feels brand new as well, a change in decor can make it seem out of place.

Changing the color scheme of the room or buying a new piece of furniture that clashes with it can make it seem old and word down, even when it's not.

Your olive-green recliner might not fit in with the new color scheme, causing it to stick out like a sore thumb.

Old leather chair

5. The Fabric Is Torn, Or The Leather Is Cracked

There's not a more obvious way to tell that you need to replace your furniture than this.

If your furniture has visible wear and tear, then it is definitely time to start window shopping.

This should be expected because, after years of heavy use, it's normal for your furniture to show that wear and tear.

As the couch ages, the fabric will eventually wear down and become flimsy in areas, making it vulnerable to tearing.

Apart from age-related wear, that grape juice stain on your bright white couch could be enough to warrant a new couch.

You can repair rips and clean stains, but sooner or later, you're going to need a replacement. 

New living room couch
6. You Just Don't Like It Anymore

This one is simple enough.

You don't like it anymore, and you're tired of looking at it.

Maybe your tastes have changed, or perhaps you've got money just waiting to be spent on new furniture.

If you notice yourself paying more attention to your friend's furniture, or spending extra time in the furniture department, that probably means it's time for some upgrades.

Your wandering eye usually means it's time to go all out and buy the sectional you can't stop thinking about. 

7. Your Guests Complain About Your Couch

If your husband, wife, children, or your friends are taking the time to complain to you about the furniture, it's time for new furniture.

Maybe you aren't convinced the furniture needs to be replaced, but sometimes it's not worth fighting the good fight.

The complaints are only going to stop when the furniture has been replaced.

If it's made it to the point where you can't stand to listen to the complaining anymore, get everyone in the car and ride down to your furniture store.

It's time for some new living room furniture. 

Change Is Good

Change is also hard, I know.

Maybe you've had the same living room set for years, and the thought of replacing it breaks your heart.

However, if your furniture shows any of the signs we talked about above, it's time to upgrade.

If you're ready to start looking at new living room furniture, look no further than Furniture Of Dalton.

They will make replacing your old furniture easy and painless, and they'll be sure you love your new furniture.

Check out our LIVING ROOM items now! 


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