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How to pick the right accent table for your space

Accent tables are a very practical and essential piece of furniture.

We eat on them, play games on them, work on them, and use them for storage among many other things.

You can go into 100 houses, and not all of them will have every piece of furniture available to them.

However, I can almost guarantee that all 100 houses will have a table.

Not only is the table the most practical piece of furniture, but it is also one of the most versatile.

Especially when we're talking about accent tables.

The right accent table, or set of accent tables, can set the design of your room off and act as a statement piece.

An accent table can showcase your own personal style and make a statement as soon as people enter the room.

Whether that room is the living room or your bedroom, your accent table can be surface space for reading materials, a lamp, or even your morning cup of coffee.

Variations of color, size, shape and even texture can drastically change the look and feel of your room, allowing it to showcase your personality.

Accent tables are a perfect way to show off your unique tastes by choosing a table that's as stylish as it is practical and convenient.

Below we will talk about the various ways to incorporate an accent table into your home and have it be a statement piece to showcase your unique style.

Table Of Contents

  • What's The Best Material For Your Accent Table?

    • Ceramic

    • Wood

    • Metal

  • Mix and Match Your Styles

  • Make A Statement


What's The Best Material For Your Accent Table?

As far as materials go, your imagination is the only limit to what you can use for your accent table.

There's an endless list of potential furniture materials, so you will have plenty of options when you choose the accent table that's perfect for your home.

Below we will talk about three of the most common materials used, and why each one might be perfect for you. 

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If you thought the only thing ceramic is good for is vases for your flowers, think again.

Ceramic is actually a very versatile material that can be used for a variety of things in your home, including your accent tables.

Ceramic accent tables make for a very creative piece you can utilize in any space where you want to add a splash of personality.

Ceramic end tables provide an endless amount of color options, making them perfect for incorporating a work of art into your home that has a practical use.

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Wood is a classic material you can't go wrong with.

If you want top of the line furniture that you can pass down from generation to generation, wood is for you.

Wood accent tables are strong and durable, able to withstand years of use.

You can paint your wood accent table any color you can dream of, and the color you choose along with the construction style will only get better with age.

Wood is an excellent choice for many people since there are many types of woods with a variety of different finishes available.

WIth a wood accent table, you know that you can have a classic statement piece that will be beautifully crafted.

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Wood Accent Table


If you like the industrial look, a metal accent table is the way to go.

With a metal accent table, you will be able to add a touch of that industrial charm into your room.

And with a metal accent table coasters are a thing of the past.

Water rings are no match for a metal surface and can be washed away without fear of damaging your table.

A metal accent table is the perfect statement piece to an otherwise rustic or traditional room or will go well with a contemporary or eclectic interior design.

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Mix And Match Your Styles

With so many different options available for your accent tables, it would be a crime to buy only one.

Some people might see the limitless options as intimidating, but we see it as an opportunity.

And not only should you buy more than one accent table, but you should also mix and match their styles.

Mix and match the shapes, materials, and colors to get the perfect combination that matches your unique style.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you mix and match your accent tables:

  1. When matching wooden accent tables, you should be sure they match in tone. Using a blend of different wood types and finishes creates a natural organic mix, but blending works best when you match warm and cool colors separately.

  2. If you're mixing metal tables, feel free to mix more than one type of finish, Metals like gold, brass, and bronze all work wonderfully together to create a dynamic impact, and unlike wood, matching warm and cool tines will create a chic effect.

  3. Mix metal and wood. The best combinations of accent tables are often the most unique. A blend of wooden and metal tables can create a rustic industrial style, or bold, colored, dramatic pieces can create exotic duos.

  4. When you mix and match shapes and sizes, you're adding variety to the aesthetic of your living space. Try mixing a small round table with a large rectangular table to create a mix that pops and place them conveniently in open spaces in the room.

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Make A Statement

While being very practical and useful, you can do so much more with your accent table.

The perfectly chosen accent table, or set of accent tables, will provide a pop of style to your room, all while making a statement and showing off your unique style.

So don't settle when it comes to your accent tables.

Be creative and use your imagination. Your options are nearly limitless here.

Take advantage of that and use your accent table as a statement piece.

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How to modernize your home without breaking the bank

Do you love your house, but you're tired of looking at the same old decorations?

Maybe you have an older house that shows it's age.

Or, maybe you like to keep things in your life fresh, your house included.

No matter what the reason, sometimes your house needs an updated, new look.

If your house is due for a refresh, I have good news for you!

You can modernize your home without breaking the bank.

In fact, you can even give your house the same style as those multi-million dollar houses you see in the home and garden magazines.

And, even better, the redesign doesn't have to break the bank.

You can upgrade your house without downgrading your bank account.

Below we'll look at seven ways you can modernize your home on a budget.

Table Of Contents

  • Create A Good First Impression

  • Cable Railings

  • Refurbish Your Furniture

  • Hide The Clutter

  • Update the Lighting

  • Pick A Color And Shape Scheme

  • Add Color

  • Join Us In The 21st Century


1. Create A Good First Impression

Beat up doors and windows can add years to the look of your home.

If you can make it work in your budget, add hardwood frames or trendy steel frames.

If you need to keep the costs lower, simply repaint the frames in a contemporary color to add instant visual appeal.

Soft grays and various shades of blues will work wonders.

Before you do this, check the exterior of your house.

If it's dirty, you can buy an inexpensive power washer to blast the dirt away.

You can also use your new power-washer to clean your patios and driveway.

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2. Cable Railings

If you can't remember what year you installed that old wooden railing, it's probably time to upgrade.

An old, outdated wooden railing on your deck and stairs will age your house as much as your old doors and windows.

You could obviously take down the entire rail and start from scratch, but that will set you back a few thousand dollars.

Or, you could install cable railing in place of the old wooden panels.

For a staircase in your home, the metallic accent of the railings will look chic and sophisticated.

When used outside for a deck or balcony, you won't obstruct your view like you would with a traditional wooden railing.

Before you get started, be sure you research the requirements for railings in your city as they will vary from city to city.

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3. Refurbish Your Furniture

Just about every piece of furniture you own can be salvaged with some lacquer and woodworking tools.

All you need to do is watch a few YouTube videos, and you'll be ready to sand down and repaint your chairs, tables, or cupboards.

There are also countless websites offering creative ideas for your furniture that you might not have considered. And most of these ideas are very easy to implement.

Add the family into the mix to make it a fun family project and get it finished much faster. 

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Refurbished furniture

4. Hide The Clutter

The last thing you think of when you think modern, is clutter.

Installing creative storage spaces is an easy way to make your home feel clean and decluttered.

It's also a great way to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers if you're preparing to sell your home.

Built in wardrobes and closets are obvious ways to add storage, but you can get more creative and install floating shelves and use the space under your staircase. 

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Built in closet

5. Update The Lighting

Clever lighting has the power to transform and modernize your home completely.

It can turn dingy spaces into warm and cozy hangouts while bringing out the best in your color scheme and making the room feel larger.

New lighting can also add aesthetic appeal, whether it's a statement lamp in your kitchen or table lamps that brighten up dark corners.

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6. Pick a color and shape scheme

A great way to "beat the system" and make your house look modern is to focus on colors and shapes and not on individual items.

Try to arrange your furniture in a way that allows a specific shape or color combination to dominate the room.

Most modern homes decide on one type of furniture, like short and geometrically shaped, and then find a color scheme to compliment it.

The entire room will have a more well rounded, complete design if done this way, rather than buying a few new pieces that clash with everything else in the room.

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7. Add Color

Even though most modern homes are dominated by white, adding a nice pop of color can work wonders in an outdated space.

If you still have the gloomy beige walls, its probably time for a fresh coat of paint.

Unlike some of the other things we've mentioned, just about anyone can handle the painting duties.

If you're afraid of a large project, you can paint an accent wall or do simple touch-ups on your current color.

However, fresh new paint will go a long way to make your home feel new and modern.

Figure out which colors are currently trending and grab inspiration from your favorite designers.

Then just grab a paintbrush and go for it. 

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Join Us In The 21st Century

If you use the advice above, your outdated house will get a quick and east 21st-century update.

You will have the look and feel of a brand new modern home, without the steep price tag for upgrades or the out of this world mortgage.

Sometimes all it takes is the stroke of a paintbrush to get the look you want, and in some cases, need.

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Picking the perfect patio pieces for your outdoor oasis

There may only be a few good weeks of outdoor weather left. You heard me, that means porch sittin’ season is coming to a close, but the deals on end of season patio sets are just beginning.

Whether you are hunting for the perfect patio set, designing your deck for fall, or want to sip hot chocolate and enjoy your outdoor oasis, now is the time to buy.

Whether you are looking for year-round outdoor furniture, or want to get a jump start on next summer's porch swingin' season, we are here to be your furniture spirit guides. 

We have the latest tips on what's hot and what's not, and which pieces will give you the most bang for your buck, so come along and learn the five most important things you need to consider before making your big backyard buy.

5 Tips on Patio Furniture Sets from the Outdoor Experts

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Table Of Contents

  • Comfort

  • Durability

  • Color

  • Quality

  • Storage

  • Couches and Chairs

  • Ottoman

  • Tables

  • Motion

1. Comfort

The most important thing when deciding to purchase a piece of patio furniture is comfort! It doesn't matter how cute, cool, or custom a piece is if it feels like you are sitting on a boulder, you are never going to use it!

So unless your main goal is to sit inside your home and simply admire your patio set from indoors, comfort should be your first priority.

This depends on the material you select, wood or cushion? Metal or wicker? Before you make this choice though, consider the rest of the tips we advise all buyers to take into consideration.

Durability may steer you away from cushions, but color and quality may lead you somewhere else. 

Weigh the pros and cons, keep reading, and we believe a decision will come to you. 

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Patio Furniture

2. Durability

Durability is key, not only do you want your outdoor furniture to last, but you also don't really want to have to put a ton of work into its upkeep. 

Whether your furniture is up against pets, kids, or summer BBQ's, it is important to find a set that will last, but that is low maintenance enough that you don't feel like you need to borrow some plastic from your grandmother's couch to protect it. 

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3. Color 

Ah, color. This is mostly aesthetic, but also important because you will have to look at your outdoor furniture for almost 3/4 of the year.

You need to be proud to show off your outdoor summer style at every BBQ, Birthday Party, and Bonfire you host this year.

So don't rush to a decision and decide to make it work. Your perfect pieces are out there, and we are here to help you find them! 

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Patio Chair

4. Quality 

The quality of your furniture is also very important.

Quality pieces do typically come with a higher price tag, but the expense will easily pay itself off when you realize you don't have to replace your beloved patio set every year. 

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5. Storage

This factor isn't important to everyone, but it should be. Think you don't need extra storage on your porch or patio, think again.

With kids playing and pets running around, there is going to be toys everywhere, keep yourself organized and your sanity in check with the essentials always within reach.

Try side tables with drawers, an ottoman with a secret compartment, or under couch space. You'll thank us later. 

Now that you know what you should be looking for in your patio furniture, it is time to pick the pieces! 

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Couches, Tables, and Chairs, Oh My! 


Adirondack or dining? The options are endless, and the types of patio couches or lawn chairs you desire truly depends on what you want to use them for.

Sitting around the fire, outdoor dining, sunning, or relaxing with a good book, these are some tough choices, unless you buy a set versatile enough to satisfy all of these needs. 

Find the seat you need, with selections from lounge chairs, cushioned sofas, sectionals, Adirondacks, old-fashioned rockers, dining sets, and lawn chairs.

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Front Porch Chairs


Ah, the most versatile piece of outdoor furniture yet.

Need a footrest? No problem. Need an extra seat? Sit! Need some sneaky storage solutions? Your secret is safe with us.

No matter what you plan to use your ottoman for, we can assure you that this purchase will not be regretted. 

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Outdoor dining, the wind in your hair, sun in your eyes, and bugs swarming your food... Okay, so it isn't for everyone, but for those of you who enjoy dining al fresco, we have the dining sets for you! 

From two to ten, finding the outdoor dining (or drinking 🍹🍷🍺 ) table that fits your needs will be a breeze, pun intended. 

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Outdoor Dining Set


Patio Chairs

Did you know reclining furniture isn't just for oversized chairs and sectionals in your living home? That is right, we brought the comfort of motion furniture to the great outdoors.

This sleek style looks like your run of the mill wicker porch chair, "but wait, there's more," it also reclines! 

So whether you want to recline your chair to look up at the stars, watch the fireworks boom on the 4th, or watch the fireflies light up the night sky, it is no problem at all. 


We hope this information helps you on your journey to the perfect patio set. Our last bit of advice is to make a list of the pieces you are seeking and the characteristics you want, then simply begin your search.

If you are looking for great prices on some great goods, check out Furniture of Dalton this season for your patio furniture shopping pleasure!

Shop Patio Furniture Now!


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How to Get your Deck ready for summer

How to get your deck ready for summer

Spring is in the air!

The ground is finally starting to thaw, birds are chirping, and the leaves are finally going to start popping on the trees.

After a long, cold, stuffy winter, we'll finally be able to walk outside without the air hurting us.

And with Spring here already, that means summer is right around the corner.

And with summer comes BBQ's, pool parties, and time spent out on the deck.

Even though you're ready for some rest and relaxation outside on your deck, is your deck ready for you?

The winter wasn't just hard on you; it was hard on your deck as well.

Before you light up the grill or throw on your swimming trunks, there are things you need to do to get your deck ready for another summer.

We'll talk about a few of them below.

Table Of Contents

  • Give Your Deck A Thorough Inspection

  • Clean Your Deck

  • Repaint or Add Color

  • Decorate Your Deck

  • Plan The Party


Give Your Deck A Thorough Inspection

As soon as the snow of winter melts and the rains of spring dry up, it's time to give your deck an inspection.

One of the biggest issues to look out for during the inspection is deck rot. 

If deck rot isn't caught and fixed soon enough, it can compromise the entire structure of your deck.

Deck rot is typically caused by moisture, and the first sign of rot is discoloration and then wood that cracks or is soft to the touch.

Another issue is mildew and mold, which is also caused by moisture.

Although it's less severe than deck rot, mold and mildew are very unsightly for homeowners and their guests.

Luckily this is easily treated with cleaning solutions you can buy at the local hardware or big box store.

And finally, you should check for broken boards.

Broken boards are a structural hazard and can be very dangerous to you, your family, and your guests.

Broken boards are easily replaced with a little bit of know how.

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Clean Your Deck

Once the inspection is done, it's time to clean.

The best thing you can do to get your deck ready for the grueling summer months is to give it a good power washing.

To get it as clean as possible, remove all furniture and rugs prior to power washing to start with a clean slate.

Once everything is removed, sweep away all the loose debris that has built up over the winter.

While you're power washing your deck, it's also a good idea to power wash your house so you can check both things off of the list.

Be sure to keep your power washer on a low-pressure setting to avoid doing any damage to your deck or home.

Power washing is the best way to get your deck looking fresh and new again for the summer.

If you don't want to power wash, or don't have access to a power washer, you can do it the old fashioned way with some water and a lot of elbow grease.

Mix some apple cider vinegar with water to clean your deck and remove the lighter stains.

This will clean your deck without the risk of damage, but it won't get it nearly as clean as a pressure washer would.

-back to top

Repaint Or Add Color

Sometimes power washing your deck washes away any paint that has started peeling off the railings.

You should touch up any paint that has chipped away, and it's not a bad idea to give all of the railings a fresh coat of paint.

Start by sanding the railings and then use an exterior paint to add the fresh coat.

If you're bored with your old colors, or you're just looking for a new look, you can change the color of the railing.

Colorful Decks

If you're feeling really creative, you can even paint the deck itself.

A good way to add interest to your deck and make it pop is to paint a diamond pattern on it.

Tape off the deck in the pattern you want, and then paint it in two contrasting colors to achieve the full effect.

Once you return your deck furniture, give them a quick inspection to make sure they don't need any touch-ups as well.

-back to top

Decorate Your Deck

Once the bulk of the tedious maintenance work is done, you can start decorating.

There's no use in having a clean and well-maintained deck if it isn't comfortable and visually appealing, making people want to spend time on it.

If you haven't done so already, invest in comfortable outdoor furniture.

Outside of keeping it well maintained, having comfortable furniture is maybe the most important thing you can do for your deck.

A table and some chairs and comfortable outdoor couches will turn your bland deck into an outdoor oasis.

Proper lighting is also essential.

String lights are trendy and add a nice touch to anyone's deck.

If your deck is elevated, look into stair lighting as well.

And to cap it all off, flowers in small containers are a great way to add to your deck décor.

-back to top

Plan The Party

The best way to make sure you get your deck prepared for summertime is to plan a party.

Whether it's a pool party, BBQ, or just a social gathering, make sure your deck is a focal point.

We have a habit of putting things like this off, and telling ourselves we'll do it next weekend, so setting a date for a party gives us the incentive to get it done.

It's also the perfect way to ring in the summertime with your family and closest friends.

Make sure the deck is clean, the furniture is comfortable, and the lighting is in place.

Then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the start of summer the right way.

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Barstools For Your New Kitchen
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How to Choose the right sofa for your home- A sofa buying guide

When buying a new sofa there are a few things to keep in mind; 

style, comfort, fabric, size, and function. This is a lot to think about all at once, so take your time when selecting the best sofa for your home.

When shopping for the perfect sofa for your home, you want to first decide if 

you are looking for a forever piece of furniture or a "right now" sofa.

If you have kids and know in a few years you will want to update your couch, then it is better not to invest too much and think about durability. Lifestyles and daily activities in your home will be a big deciding factor when it comes to buying a couch that will work best for you and your family. 



Table Of Contents

  • A Few Things To Think About

  • Here Are A Few Tips

    • Select The Sofa Style That FIts Your Needs

    • What Makes A Couch Comfortable?

    • What's The Best Sofa Fabric?

    • What Size Sofa Do I Need?

  • Are You Ready To Buy The Perfect Sofa?


Here are a few things to think about before you head out couch shopping;

Are you moving soon?

If so, what does that mean for you?

Does it mean you want to be able to get rid of your couch without any regret? Do you want a sturdy, quality sofa that will survive the moving truck and movers wear and tear?

Maybe you already have your forever home but you have kids, grandkids, or pets that will be spending quite a bit of time on this sofa. You will want to think about fabric and how soon you may need to replace the sofa.

If you like to change and redecorating every few years, then a middle of the line sofa will most likely suit your needs.

If you find a sale or floor model, then you may be able to get a quality couch without having to pay top dollar. Isn't that the dream? A top quality and stylish look without paying the full price.

Once you have made the decision of how long you want your sofa to last, set a budget, and determine what it will be used for in your home. With those things figured out, you are ready to shop. 

-back to top

Here are some little tips that will save you from making multiple trips.

You should measure your space, doorway, and any hallways this couch might have to travel through in order to get where you want it to live in your home. 

-back to top

How to Select the Sofa Style that Fits Your Needs


Like we mentioned above, you need to know the purpose of this sofa.

Do you want a lot of people to be able to sit together? Is this sofa for the family to lay around and watch movies together, or is it for guests to gather around and socialize. 

If you want a lot of people to gather around, and you have space, then a sectional may be the way to go.  

If you have room and want the seating but are not a fan of sectionals, then consider two or three sofas that sit three or four people each. 

Another combination that might work for you is a sofa, a love seat and an armchair or two. These are all options which will impact the style you choose. 

Watch this video on The Scene.

Here are some different sofa style options:

  • Mid-century Modern

  • English Rolled Arm

  • Camelback

  • Tuxedo Sofa 

  • Recliner

  • Divan 

  • Loveseat

  • Cabriole

  • Bridgewater

  • Chesterfield

  • Lawson

  • Sectional 

  • Settee 

There are many types of sofas but those are some of the most popular styles. These will make your home function and still let your personality shine!

-back to top


What Makes a Couch Comfortable?

Depth, length, and filling are at the top of the list when it comes to finding a comfortable couch.

As always, functions play a role in this area as well.

Is your couch a cozy place to lay down and watch movies, or a place to sit with guests talking over some coffee or wine?

Keep these options in mind when deciding on what type of comfort you need for your sofa. 

Depth is often overlooked when purchasing your first sofa because you only sit in it for a few minutes in a showroom. The main concerns when it comes to the depth of your couch is your height and how you typically sit on your couch. 

In a showroom, or at a friends house, you may sit upright with your feet on the ground but when you are at home, you may lay down on your couch or put your legs up for some relaxing reading.

You may even like to snuggle laying down on the couch while watching TV with your family. Being comfortable while relaxing with your family is important, especially if you have little ones that want to be right beside you. 

Keeping those different sitting positions in mind, you may want to get a couch that is larger than the average 20-24" depth. However, if you have a theater room for these activities and the only need for your sofa is for entertaining, than the average depth may be preferred.

Length and comfort come into play if you want to gather a lot of people together to make sure you have enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. It also matters if you want to lay down.

A three-person couch distributes your weight more evenly when you're laying down and shows less wear and tear than if you lay on a two-person couch. 

Filling, just like a mattress, impacts your comfort level and this will vary some with personal preference. 

Common fillings include:

  • CeriPur Poly Foam

  • 100% Natural Latex

  • Poly Fiber

  • Down & Feathers

  • Domestic Eco-Wool

Knowing the different filing options may help you decide which you prefer. For instance, down feathers will need to be fluffed often to retain shape or it can easily look messy. 

Also, the filling needs to be matched with the right type of covering to keep it looking stylish and new.

-back to top

What is the Best Sofa Fabric?

The best fabric for your sofa will be determined by your needs. What is the fabric's feel, look, durability and maintenance like? 

Here is a list of some different fabrics to consider:

  • Cotton- Soft and Durable but wrinkles and fades 

  • Linen- Resists spill but wrinkles easily

  • Synthetics- Fade resistant and stain resistant

  • Acrylic- Soft and resists wrinkles, fading and wearing

  • Nylon- Durable but fades easily and needs solvent-based cleaners for maintenance

  • Polyester- Durable and doesn't fade easily

  • Leather- Strong and durable

Sectional Sofa

Another option you may want to consider if you have pets, kids, or just insist on a white sofa is a slipcover. It is a casual look that goes great for the farmhouse, rustic or shabby chic look. You can take a slipcover off, wash it, and keep it looking fresh for years! 

When it comes to durability there is a term called the double rubs that is a test done on a fabric's durability.


This is where the fabric is rubbed back and forth, similar to the wear and tear that occurs from people sitting on it.


The higher the number of double rubs the more durable the fabric is. This means it will not show the wear and tear of use as fast.


It is also important to look at the maintenance plan on the tag before you buy a sofa. It will let you know if you need to vacuum it often, if spot cleaning is okay or if you need a special upholstery cleaner to get spots and stains out.


All are doable options, you just want to make sure it will work best for your lifestyle. 


As for the texture of the sofa, you mainly want to make sure your stain and fade resistant couch isn't itchy or scratchy. Lay your head and bare arm on the couch to ensure your skin isn't irritated by the fabric. This will ensure you are able to enjoy your time relaxing on your new sofa.


-back to top

What size sofa do I need?

The best way to determine what size sofa to buy is to measure your space and see what is going to fit best.


Think about navigating through your house, is your couch in the way?


As long as your sofa isn't blocking the natural walkways in the room or connecting rooms, then you're in good shape. 


A sectional is great for maximizing seating, but it is hard to reconfigure if you like to rearrange often or if you plan on moving.


A three-person couch is a typical size sofa for most living rooms, and for larger rooms, you can face two sofas that size towards each other to maximize your intimate setting, much like a sectional. 

Loveseats, oversized chairs, and recliners all play into what size sofa you buy. There is not one size fits all when it comes to sofas, but you do want a couch long enough to lay down on for those lazy days. 


-back to top

Are you Ready to Buy the Perfect Sofa for Your Home?

Furniture of Dalton has a variety of sofas and one is sure to fit your needs.


From quality, to comfort, to fair pricing, Furniture of Dalton has it all. Come visit our store today!


The fourth quarter clearance event has amazing sofas at unbeatable prices. Get the sofa of your dreams this holiday season. Call today to see if the sofa you are looking for is still available! 


Want to spruce up more than your living room? Check out these 14 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious.

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How to choose the perfect walk-in shower

No matter what you call them, whether it's open showers, showers without doors, or walk-in showers, they have several benefits.

Table Of Contents

  • The Benefits

  • They Come At A Price

  • Multiple Spray Heads

  • Wet Room Style

  • Half Wall Shower

  • Honeycomb Tile

  • Colorful Mosaics

  • No Doors Allowed

    • Furniture Of Dalton

The Benefits

The first benefit and many people's favorite benefits is that there is less to clean.

Shower glass is one of the most cleaning intensive features in a bathroom because they show any soap, scum or dirt right away.

Without a door, there's nothing to clean.

The most practical benefit is that they are great for people with accessibility issues because their designs allow for curbless entry without the need of stepping over a rim.

They also have a wide enough opening that most of them are even wheelchair friendly.

And for the interior design fanatics, they also come with a wide variety of design options.

You can opt with a wet-room style with your tub and toilet right in the shower area.

Or, you can go with an alcove style with three walls or a corridor-style with two walls facing each other and openings on both sides.

Some doorless showers don't have any walls at all.

And finally, open showers often serve as a great selling feature if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

Walk-in showers have been deemed luxury features and make prospective buyers light up.

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Walk In Shower

They Come At A Price

Because of all the added perks, walk-in showers tend to have more expensive design and construction costs.

Open showers will typically need to be customized for each bathroom and are usually complicated to build.

Curbless styles, in particular, need to be designed so that the water empties down the drain and not out into the bathroom.

This is work that should be left to the most skilled craftsmen because most, if not all, DIYers will not be able to handle the construction.

Repair and upkeep is also a little more involved with doorless showers compared to traditional styles.

Most open showers are built from ceramic tile instead of a prefabricated shower pan, and they'll need to be grouted and re-sealed every so often.

But, if you have your mind set on an open shower for your bathroom, you can definitely make it happen.

Below we will list several design options and inspiration that will allow you to turn your dream shower into a reality.

-back to contents

Multiple Spray Heads

One advantage of not having a door on your shower is being able to shower from every angle.

Multiple shower heads and wall sprays will provide maximum cleanliness and relaxation.

Choose a classic marble tile to give your shower a timeless appeal.

And, glass walls on all but the exterior side will keep the shower bright.

Multiple spray head showers use a lot of water and come with complicated plumbing, so make sure your water heater and plumbing are able to handle the load before having your shower installed.

-back to contents

Wet-Room Style

Combine your tub and shower areas with a wet-room style bathroom.

A great option for this type of bathroom is travertine to give it an old-world look.

Another tile option is porcelain, which is available in styles that will mimic marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stones.

And, porcelain is easier to care for, giving you the best of both worlds.

-back to contents

Half-Wall Shower

When you aren't worried about privacy, and good light and an open airy design are what you're after, a half-wall walk-in shower is perfect for you.

Add classic marble and dark tile for a contemporary, minimalist style.

A single accent wall tiled in a dark color will help ground an overall white theme, which can become overwhelming without some contrast.

-back to contents

Honeycomb Tile

Black doesn't always have to mean boring, especially when it's part o a honeycomb tile bathroom.

Design your shower with plenty of natural light, use a neutral color palette that can work for both men and women, and two modern square-shaped rain shower heads are the icing on the cake.

Use a center entry point and transparent glass walls on both sides to maximize the design impact of the graphic tiled wall.

And although it won't technically be a wet room, you can give it that appearance by extending the same tile flooring throughout the bathroom.

-back to contents

Colorful Mosaics

Glass mosaic tile can bring color to any doorless shower.

Choose a countertop that can recall bits of color in the mosaic tile for an extra pop in your bathroom.

A partial glass wall is a great option that can expose the beauty of your tile job at all times.

Use a style known as pencil tiles that is a mosaic tile with long narrow pieces that are attached to a mesh backing.

You will usually install this style horizontally, but for a striking appearance, install it vertically, so the pieces run up and down.

-back to contents

No Doors Allowed

No matter what design style you choose, a doorless shower is always a great choice.

It looks good, it's easier to clean, and if you ever decide to sell your house, it adds an extra "wow factor" that will increase the value of your home. 

Figure out your budget, get creative, and let the ideas above inspire you, and before you know it, you'll be turning the water on in the shower of your dreams.

To speak with the kitchen and bath expert about your shower design ideas, contact Aaron Kirby at Furniture of Dalton today. 

We can help you take the first steps in getting the bathroom shower of your dreams! 

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Fall Front Porch: Simple Styles for the Season

Updated August 2019

As the weather cools and leaves shift from green to gold, find time to welcome a new season. We say farewell to backyard summer days, but it’s not quite time to huddle inside. 

Fall means stunning colors, cool nights, and crisp air- all perfect elements for porch sitting. Deck out your porch for autumn, and bask in the glow of the season.


Fall Forage
Images (Left to Right): Design Love Fest | Bisou Style | Dreamy Whites

Want to bring in a bit of autumn glory? Forgo the fake garlands and faux wreaths, and head out into the great outdoors to gather your own living greens. Toss on your favorite flannel, grab a set of garden clippers and a bucket, and forage for branches and vines. You won’t have to wander far to find something fitting: plants as common as privet make surprisingly fine fare. Lucky enough to have a magnolia tree nearby? Clip low branches-- the glossy green leaves are perfect for wreaths and garlands. Seek a variety of colors and textures. Keep an eye out for muscadine vines, crabapple branches, bittersweet, and acorns too! 

Bring the bounty home and deck out your porch. If you have long vines, wrap them into an asymmetrical wreath for the front door. Weave in branches with bright berries for a pop of color. If you have more branches than vines, grab a galvanized tin bucket, and fill with a flush of fall foliage. Twine together vines and leaves for a garland to drape above the entry. Floral tape and wire will help hold things together. Look a bit wild? Perfect! Having things a little unruly is the aim.  


Fall Decorations
Images (Left to Right): Martha Stewart | Life in Bloom

Now is the time for front porch pumpkins. Forget perfect orange orbs, and look for interesting shapes and colors. You can find heirloom varieties in a range of whites, greens and variegated golds. Choose an array of sizes, colors and off-kilter shapes. Short on time? Place these in small groups on your front steps. Eager for an activity? Turn these into luminaries. Clean the pumpkin as you would to carve a jack-o-lantern. Instead of carving a face, use a drill to make small holes, regularly spaced, over the full surface. Place a candle inside, or use LED pumpkin lights for a glow that lasts into the night. Painting the outside is an options as well. Your name, house number, or silhouette of your favorite state are all up to date. 


Fall Decorations for Front Porch
Images: Digs Digs | Pottery Barn

Now that your porch is decked out with fall foliage and bright luminaries, you’ll want to cozy up and settle in. Make your porch swing a soft spot for evening visits. Fold up a quilt to lay on the seat, and add throw pillows in warm, autumnal shades. Pick up a large basket to place near your seating, and fill with soft blankets- tartan plaid fits in for the season. Cold brick underfoot? Bring an indoor rug outside, and keep your toes cozy. When neighbors visit, lay out seasonal snacks: spiced pecans and citrus are fan favorites. Warm up with a steaming mug of apple cider or a hot toddy.

Cold brick underfoot? Bring an indoor rug outside, and keep your toes cozy.


With these simple, natural touches, your front porch will be your favorite seat to see the season shift. Gather friends and head outside for the best slow show of the year. Cheers!


Read More about Outdoor Fall Trends:

Simple Styles for the Season

Outdoor Checklist

Anatomy of a Mattress

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Everything you need to know before decorating your AirBnB rental

Decorating your house can be intimidating.

For one, decorating isn't always cheap, so you want to be sure you get it right on the first try so you don't have to spend any more time or money fixing it.

And, you spend most of your time in your house.

You want your house to be decorated in a way that brings a smile to your face when you open the door after a long day at work, energizes you in the morning, and relaxes you at night.

That's not always an easy task.

But, it is your home, so you can decorate it the way that makes you happy.

Preparing a rental property for sites like Airbnb can be especially intimidating.

You're not decorating for yourself anymore, you're decorating for your renters.

And, the income you make off of your property is often tied in with how well you decorate the space and how welcome your guests feel during their stay.

If you don't have any formal decorating experience and have always just decorated for yourself, you might not even know where to begin.

In the article below, we will discuss several things you should keep in mind while decorating your new short-term rental property.

Table Of Contents

  • Identify Your Audience

  • Decorate Appropriately

  • Pick A Theme

  • Know What You Should Do

  • Know What You Shouldn't Do

  • Shop At A Knowledgeable Furniture Store


How to Decorate Your AirBnB

Step 1 - Identify Your Audience

Before you pick up a paintbrush or shop for wall decorations, you need first to figure out who your ideal guests are.

Who do you want to host in your property?

Is your home suitable more for families, couples, business travelers, or the budget-minded backpacker?

You shouldn't start decorating until you understand the needs of your core audience.

Once you understand their needs, you will be able to create a space that they will find irresistible, which will lead to more bookings and higher income.

If you don't know who your ideal audience is, talk to the guests you've already had.

Ask them why they were in town, and what made them choose your place.

Once you've spoken to enough of your former guests, you will start to notice trends and patterns that you can double down on to attract more guests of the same type.

Once you've identified your audience, you can start investing in decorations and amenities that cater to them.

Business travelers will need a workspace, families with children will appreciate open spaces, and if your property is on the beach, pick a theme that makes them feel like they're in paradise.

Think about how your guests use your property and what extra amenities and decorations will enhance their stay.

-back to top

Step 2 - Decorate Appropriately

If you're in this strictly for the income potential, shopping for throw pillows, picking a color scheme, or deciding what type of wall art to hang might sound as fun as watching paint dry.

However, it's worth the effort to create the perfect atmosphere for your ideal guests.

This will lead to better reviews and help you secure more bookings.

A decorated space that's photographed well attracts more customers.

Decorating doesn't have to be difficult. This isn't rocket science; all you have to do is figure out what looks good together.

-back to top

AirBnB Themes

Step 3 - Pick A Theme

Picking a theme for your space will really streamline the entire process for you.

The majority of Airbnb guests are seeking a unique experience. They don't want to stay in a house that looks like a typical cookie cutter hotel room.

They want something that feels authentic that resembles the surrounding area.

The best way to achieve this is to pick a theme based on the area your property is in.

Properties near the ocean can add beach-themed accessories to create a bungalow by the sea atmosphere.

If your property is tucked away in the mountains, your goal might be to create a rustic log cabin experience.

And for properties in major cities, you can add old black and white photos of the city as wall art, adding a touch of local history.

Try not to make it too personal. Remember, this isn't for you, it's for your guests.

You don't want to put off potential guests with an overly personal style.

-back to top

Step 4 - Know What You Should Do

Believe it or not, if you know how to do it, decorating a rental is easier and cheaper than decorating a private home.

The goal is to appeal to as many people in your ideal audience as possible at the best price.

With that said, below is a list of things you absolutely should do while decorating your rental.

  • Select neutral colors for walls and natural woods for furnishings. 

  • Choose accent pieces to add character. Use a statement piece to select complimenting colors for other items in the room.

  • Use a variety of textures to add extra interest. 

  • Maximize your beds to increase rental income. This is especially important if you want your rental to appeal to families and large parties.

  • Add potpourri near the front entrance.

  • Leave plenty of hallway space from the front door to the room to prevent your walls from getting banged up.

  • Provide sufficient electrical outlets and extension cords.

  • Place a doormat by exterior doors.

  • Hang mirrors in strategic spots to add light and make your place feel bigger.

-back to top

Step 5 - Know What You Shouldn't Do

Knowing what you shouldn't do is often more important than knowing what you should do.

Avoid these things at all costs.

  • Avoid clutter. Space is one of the most important things guests look for. Don't fill your space with unnecessary items.

  • Don't display personal items such as family photos, clothing, or toiletries.

  • Stay away from religion and politics. The goal is to make every guest feel comfortable and at home.

  • Don't break the bank on furniture. Your furniture needs to be functional and useful, not overly expensive.

  • Don't decorate it like you would your own home. Again, you want to cater to your guests, not yourself.

-back to top

Step 6 - Shop At A Knowledgeable Furniture Store

Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself while decorating your rental is to shop at a furniture store with knowledgeable associates that can help you.

99% of the time, the associates at the big box stores won't have any knowledge of furniture and interior design. They just point you to the appropriate aisle, and you're on your own.

Shopping at a local furniture store will put you in contact with knowledgeable associates that can guide you through the decorating process.

Furniture of Dalton will do just that.

If you're ready to start decorating your new rental, head down to Furniture of Dalton to speak with their employees today.

Contact Us

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Everything you need to know about setting your thanksgiving table

What You Should Know In Order to Set Your Dining Room Table for Thanksgiving

Organizing Thanksgiving at your home can be a lot of stress - between being responsible for cooking dinner, hosting family and friends, and the dreaded clean-up afterward.

To take the worry off your hands for the holiday, here are ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving Day dinner table, no matter the size, shape, or number of guests you are accommodating.

Table Of Contents

  • Table-Setting Types

    • Size

    • Shape

    • Baretop or Tablecloth

  • Tips For Setting Tables

    • Formal

    • Informal

    • Adults Only

    • Kids Tables


Table-Setting Types

The process of decorating a table depends on a few variables dealing with the table itself.

You wouldn't decorate a big rectangular table the same as you would a small circular table.

The elements of size, shape, and material all play into how you will ultimately decide how to set your fall holiday dinner table. 

-back to top


With a small table for Thanksgiving Day dinner, it is a wise choice to limit the amount of table decor. 

An overuse of table decor clutters the surface and could interfere with the necessary items - such as plates, drinkware, wine bottles, and of course, food!

If space is a concern, consider opting for benches for your guests to sit on instead of individual chairs, as this saves room around the table.

For larger tables, you have more space to place decor, and the option of a larger centerpiece and smaller pieces on either side are able to be exercised.

-back to top

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas


Rectangle. When setting a long banquet style table, it's all about balance.

If you are decorating with a tablecloth or runner, you need to know the length of your table. 

The arrangement should be the length plus 12" of fabric that hangs beyond both ends of the table.

A rectangular shape allows you the option to spread out decorations across the length of the table, and not just focus on the exact middle.

This way, you can decorate with a row of short vases down the table that all your guests can enjoy looking at.

Circle. This type of table is best for an intimate feel to a gathering centering around food and great company.

The eyes of your guests will be drawn to the center of the table; since the middle is the focal point of everyone's gaze, have your centerpiece be low-profile but a conversation-starter.

You can use cloth runners to make an "X" across the table for something different. Circular tables are ideal for this pattern.

Oval. This shape has decorating elements that draw from both rectangular and circular tables.

It has the length element of a rectangular table, but the focal point seems to be the middle just like a circular one.

However, unlike a circle, the "X" pattern with runners doesn't work as well on an oval table, as it has an awkward length fighting against this decorating idea.

A tablecloth with a runner down the center of the table works just fine on this table shape, and the use of benches is something to consider here as well.

-back to top


If you own a table that looks beautiful undressed, try building a theme to enhance the natural vibe of your bare tabletop.

Placements are a great way to show off your naked tabletop while still protecting it from heat and spills.

When opting to use a tablecloth, skip the one you use every day.

Replace it with one that is a fall print or a rich, autumn-inspired hue, like burnt orange, olive green, or chestnut brown.

This color selection for the cloth will help set the base for your Thanksgiving table's fall theme.

-back to top

Tips for Setting Tables

With any type of table setting you are going for - formal, informal, adults, or kids - there are a few universal tips to know. 

Holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, and the use of place cards makes guests feel welcome into your home, and give a personalized feel.

Using name cards will help to avoid awkward family moments when guests seat themselves, which could create potential problems.

You want to avoid centerpieces that could take away from the meal, like scented candles or a larger-sized centerpiece that will interfere with food placement and dinner conversations.

No one likes to talk through a tall object in the middle.

Instead, think about small, fall-themed items like pumpkins or acorns. These add a festive theme to your Thanksgiving table.

Keep the overall theme for the setting simple: a table can look too busy if there is a lot going on with colors, clashing patterns, or embellishments.

Don't let this discourage you from mixing opposing items; combine high + low, vintage with new, and solid colors + patterns. Have fun with it! 

The secret to a fabulous holiday table is to use layers. A table with or without a tablecloth should have a great runner, candlesticks, and a centerpiece. Each place setting will look even more special if you use a plate charger, special holiday napkins, and lovely napkin rings. Of course, multiple serving utensils and glasses for different beverages adds to the glamour. The more layers, the bigger the 'WOW' factor!" - Carol C. Youd, Lead Designer at Furniture of Dalton

You can also mix-and-match the four types of table settings: formal, informal, adults, and kids.

Formal kids' tables are something rare, but a treat to create, and informal adults' tables are an easy choice when you have a long guest list.

Just don't stray too far from a simple, clean theme.

-back to top


The use of a charger - a large, decorative base setting that other dinnerware is placed on top of - adds an ambiance of elegance and class to a table setting. 

Cloth napkins also give off a feel of an upscale experience.

Opt to use a cloth tablecloth instead of a synthetic one. 

Formal settings invite a fancier display of the flatware as well.

For reference, forks go on the left, as spoons and knives are on the right.

Place them in the order that they will be used, with the first utensil being farthest away from the plate.

However, even a formal table does not require using your finest china.

Instead, large, plain white dinner plates are a good choice.

And, they are able to be used for casual dining as well.

-back to top


For an informal dinner (and easy clean-up!), you can use plastic flatware - just make sure it's functional and not flimsy.

When hosting a casual Thanksgiving dinner, set the table without a cloth, especially if the table has an attractive wood top.

Placemats protect your tabletop, while still providing a backdrop for your decoration's theme.

You can use everyday plates and drinkware.

There is no need to fuss over little plates designated for bread and butter - guests can put bread directly on their dinner plates.

To enhance the fall holiday mood, consider a few special pieces, such as a modern vase or a themed platter.

-back to top

How to Set Up Thanksgiving Dinner


For adult-only tables, place drinkware in the order they will be used.

If you are unsure of what order they need to go in, remember the phrase: "water, white, red." 

You can add all the specific types of forks and spoons that would be used (salad, dinner, and dessert forks; spoon, tea, and dessert spoons).

You can choose to go formal or informal with the adults-only table, depending on budget, time, and the length of your guest list.

-back to top


Brightly colored paper or plastic plates and a 3D-paper turkey centerpiece are dead giveaways of a table intended for children.

Plus, non-glass serving ware is ideal for children to use because no one will need to worry about potential broken China.

"Is dinner ready yet?"

"When are we eating?"

"I'm bored."

"There's nothing to do."

Ah, the usual complaints from the mouths of children when the holiday meal is cooking.

If this is something you're going to deal with on Thanksgiving, we have a solution for you. 

Use a scroll of Kraft paper instead of a tablecloth so kids can draw on it.

This will keep all the children occupied until dinner is ready to be served.

The kids will be entertained, and you don't have a tablecloth ruined from crayons and markers.

After all, isn't being entertained one of the goals of a holiday dinner?

We hope that this article helps your dinner go off without a hitch, and we wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Energy Efficient Interior Design

When most people think of energy efficiency, they think of wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars.

But did you know that creating an energy-efficient home starts with your interior design?

Creating an energy-efficient home utilizing interior design ideas is a great way to reduce costs on your utility bills.

While your architect will find ways to utilize thermal mass by deciding on window placement or the best materials for insulation, planning a space is just the beginning.

The items you put inside your home, including your furnishings and decorations, provide the finishing touches of energy-efficient design.

Below we will discuss a few tips and ideas you can use to make your home a little more energy efficient.

Table Of Contents

  • Utilize Zone Heating

  • Window Treatments

  • Keep Circulation In Mind

  • Energy-Efficient Renovations

  • Upgrade Your Light

  • Be Picky With Your Paint

  • Start With Your Design

Zone Heating

Utilize Zone Heating

The first thing you can do to increase energy efficiency in your home is add a gas fireplace or a decorative space heater to a room to utilize zone heating.

Zone heating is the method of focusing heat in one room and turning down the thermostat in the rest of the house.

The purchase and installation costs can range from $100-$2,000 depending on the size, style, and quality of your heat source or fireplace.

Make sure to look for an energy-saving model, because lower utility bills aren't guaranteed with every type of space heater.

The size of the room and how much time you spend in that room will also make a difference in energy savings.

Fireplaces will always add beauty, comfort, and warmth to a room, but how and where they are used is essential to save on the cost of heating.

-back to top

Window Treatments to Boost Energy Efficiency

Curtains, blinds, and window shades will affect a room's temperature.

In the winter months, thermal curtains will protect against cold drafts, and in the warmer months, you can switch to sheer, airy drapes that will let in sunshine and breezes.

Traditional blinds aren't great at reducing heat loss, but they do an excellent job at keeping hot light from drenching a room.

Window shades can block out light and unwanted UV rays in warmer seasons and can reduce heat loss on cold nights, but not all products are made the same.

There are design options specifically crafted to help reduce your energy costs, like shades with a reflective white side and a dark, heat grabbing side that can be flipped depending on the season.

-back to top

Keep Circulation In Mind

You should be sure the layout of your room enhances air circulation, instead of hampering it.

Place furnishings away from heating and cooling vents, returns, and radiators.

If there's no way to get around this, close off any vent that gets covered.

You should also always allow six inches of space between furniture and your radiator.

Placing an area rug over hardwood floors and underneath beds will keep your feet warm and absorb any heat in the room rather than letting it escape.

If your home is drafty, consider purchasing high-back chairs and skirted furnishings, and remember to run a ceiling fan counterclockwise to circulate warm air down.

-back to top

Energy Efficient Renovations

If you own your home, you are likely to tackle at least a medium-scale renovation at some point during your ownership.

That renovation is an excellent time to update not only the look but the energy-efficiency of that space.

For example, if you decide to redo your bathroom, you can buy a water-conserving toilet, install in-floor heating under your tile, or insulate any walls that might not have been treated before your reno.

In the kitchen, buying new appliances can save on energy costs if they are replacing outdated models.

You can also change the layout of any space to add more windows on the south end of your home or open up walls to allow for more light and better air circulation.

-back to top

Upgrade Your Lighting

Perhaps the simplest upgrade to the energy-efficiency of your home is swapping out your light bulbs.

LED lights are the most energy-efficient product, but the costs will add up quickly if you want to change every room.

You'll save in the long run, however, saving you 75% on energy costs in just one year compared to traditional incandescent.

Compact fluorescent lamp, or CFL, bulbs will give you similar savings, but they don't last as long as LEDs.

Most LEDs will last up to 25,000 hours compared to the 10,000-hour expectancy of CFL bulbs.

Either choice is still better than newer incandescent bulbs whose energy savings top out at 25% and only last 1,000-3,000 hours.

-back to top

LED Lighting

Be Picky With Your Paint (Yeah, Energy Efficient Paint Hacks!)

Something as simple as the color of your walls still has an impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

Light colors like white, gray, and beige will reflect heat from surfaces like furniture and walls that tend to absorb it.

Darker shades, like red, blue, or brown, will absorb heat, making your home warmer without you having to touch the thermostat.

You don't have to paint your entire house the same color, or only use dark or light shades of paint for your walls.

Just keep in mind where natural light comes in from windows and what rooms in your home are naturally cooler.

-back to top

Start With an Energy Efficient Design

If you're trying to be more energy-efficient, whether it's just to save a couple bucks on your energy bill or to do your part for the environment, you don't have to go to the extremes.

You don't need to put a wind turbine in your front yard, coat your house in solar panels, or gut the interior of your home and start from scratch.

There are effective design choices you can start implementing today that will have an immediate impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

Saving a few dollars a month to invest in smart decor choices can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling bill.

Anyone can make changes today to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

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