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Easy Fixes to get your home guest ready for the holidays

The Holidays are right around the corner, and although this is an exciting time of year, it is also a busy one. Especially if you are hosting a dinner, lunch, brunch, or having guests for the weekend or week.

Not only do you have to prep meals, wrap gifts, and still maintain regular life, but now you have to make sure your home looks showroom ready for your guests and make them feel cozy and welcomed.

No need to panic, you've got this under control, this article has plenty of tips and tricks that will make you a pro-host this holiday season.

We even included simple checklists to make each task easy to remember and accomplish.

First, let's start with preparing for holiday brunch, lunch or dinner events! These are events that only last a few hours so you need to prioritize. What room will your guests be spending the most time in?

Kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathrooms. These are the rooms to focus on.

Start by decluttering these rooms. If you don't have time to sort through all the clutter before the party, get a box out and fill it with the clutter. This way, you can hide it for now and then go through it when you have time.

Table Of Contents

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Entryway

  • Bathroom

  • Dining Room

  • Overnight Guests

  • Last Minute Touches That Make A Big Difference


Kitchen - Keeping the Clutter Clear and The Smells Heartwarming

Also, put away all unneeded items so your countertops are clear.

Toasters, blenders, and fruit bowls are great to keep out when it comes to your normal daily routine, but not all of your guests need to see these items out on display.

Cleaning out the fridge, oven, and microwave is always a good idea too. You don't want your guests to be disgusted by the state of your appliances right before you serve them a meal.

Also, consider rearranging a few things. Where is your coffee pot located? Is it in the way of where you're going to be cooking?

Try setting up a coffee station that will not be in the way of the cook and is located near the desserts. 

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Living Room - Gathering and Enjoying Each Others Company

Add extra seating in the living room if you plan to gather there before and after dinner. Chairs, benches or even extra cushions near the fireplace can provide a little extra seating so your guests can sit comfortably.

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Christmas Decorations For Kitchen

Entryway - Creating the Right First Impression

Clear out your entryway so the hooks and coat closet are available for your guests to stash their coats and shoes. A chair or bench near the entryway is always a nice touch that allows people to comfortably take off their boats.

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Christmas Decorations For Living Room

Bathroom - Keep It Clean and Smelling Fresh

Make things sparkle! Deep cleaning before guests arrive during the holiday season is a challenging task, so your number one room to keep sparkling is the bathroom.

If you have a half bath that guests use, you will want to keep that one in perfect condition. However, it is important not to forget to keep another bathroom readily available too.

You do not want to have a line for the restroom during your holiday party.

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Dining Room - The Meal Experience Made Right

Now that everywhere is clear, clean and ready to go, add the holiday touches in your dining room!

Each holiday has its own color scheme, use that unique holiday's color scheme to outfit your table settings, rugs, napkins, and more.

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Christmas Decorations For Dining Room

These tips will make you guest ready this holiday season! Preparing your home for Holiday Dinners will never be easier if you just follow the checklists above.

Overnight Guests - Preparing For the Long Haul

Now for overnight guests, there is a little more work that needs to be done.

Guest rooms, extra sleeping space, and possibly more bathroom work.

When it comes to overnight guests, you will want to have extra items at their disposal because traveling can be stressful and most people want to pack light.

Bathroom extras for overnight guests:
  • Toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste

  • Soaps

  • Towels

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper Towels

All of the items on the bathroom extras list will help your guest feel as comfortable as possible.

You never know when someone will forget a toothbrush or toothpaste, having shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will help them lighten their load when it comes to packing, and bath towels are a must but having different colors can help guests keep track of which towels are theirs.

Two towels, wash clothes for each day, and a hand towel per guest should be plenty.

Leaving out hair dryer is always a good idea to make your guests feel comfortable getting ready too.

Add over the door hooks for all of the extra towels. Also, have paper towels so you're not going crazy trying to keep up with all of the laundry while you have out of town guests staying at your house.

Extra toilet paper is a must so have a stock in the linen closet but also keep extra in the bathroom so no one is left embarrassed, yelling for more TP from the bathroom.

If you have a little extra in your budget, it is always nice to have cozy robes for your guests to wear from the bathroom to their room, or even in the morning and evening while lounging around so they are warm and comfortable.

As for the guest rooms, it is always nice to add holiday-themed lines and comforters, such as flannel sheets and a checkered comforter for winter months to make the room cozy.

If you don't have the fun festive sheets, no problem, just make sure you have clean sheets on the bed.

Other nice touches include:

  • extra pillows

  • night lights

  • tissues on the nightstand

  • reading material - maybe even a classic family favorite

  • extra blankets

  • a fan to help your guests set the temperature to their liking.

In fact, you might want to add night lights to the hallways, bathroom, and kitchen so guests can navigate through your home at night. This way, whether they are walking to the restroom or to get a glass of water, you don't have to worry about anyone tripping or falling. 

It is a nice touch to also clear out the guest room closet so anyone can hang their clothes and stash their luggage. It is never fun to be tripping over your bags and have nowhere to put your unpacked items.

Clear off the top of the guest room dressers and leave an open drawer or two for your guest to use.

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Last Minute Touches That Make A Big Difference

Lastly, remember to make a note of your WiFi password so all of your guests can have it at their disposal.

Prepare meals ahead of time so you can pull the breakfast casserole out early in the morning and still get the sleep you need. Set out a basket of snacks so guests can grab a granola bar between meals if they are feeling hungry.

Having a list of activities your guests could do while they are in town can be beneficial. If they have plans to visit friends or relatives while they are staying with you, make sure you give them the code to get into your house or the spare key.

Always remember that while your guests are at your house you need to be attentive, so put down your phone and spend time together! 

Getting ready for holiday guests may have seemed overwhelming before these tips and tricks but now you have the necessary tools to be a pro-host this holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!


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Dining room redo: 5 signs its time to update

Does your dining room sit empty, host to dust bunny dinners? Do you find yourself and your family crammed in the kitchen for meals-on-the-go, wishing for a better way? If there’s a dining room in your home that rarely sees the light of day, it’s time to take a second look. Here are a few ways to update your dining room into a fresh, functional, and well-used space.

Table Of Contents

  • Too Formal?

  • Too Dark?

  • Too Small?

  • Too Large?

  • Too Kid Crazy?

Too Formal?
Formal Dining Room

Does your dining room seem reserved for Thanksgiving Dinner with Great Aunt Maude? It’s time to bring in new life, to ready the room for daily use. The most dramatic way to modernize your dining room is to update the walls. If your current colors are dark and depressing, brighten up! Pale shades open a room, while bright colors make a space feel modern and fun. Want to go the paper route? Today’s market is awash in stunning and contemporary wallpaper options. Choose a small repeat motif for a quiet touch, or a large pattern for showstopping walls.

-back to top

Too Dark?

Is it not just the walls that are dark, but the furniture, drapes, artwork and all? Time to lighten up all over. Remove heavy drapes, and replace with unlined linen panels to let in the natural light. Select contemporary art to bask in the glow. If your furniture is seriously scratched or sub-par, consider a lacquer in a light shade. Heirloom quality furniture in great condition? Stay away from the paint bucket! Brightening the surrounding space will make stunning furniture shine.  

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Too Small?
Dining Room Renovation

Does your space feel crowded and crammed? Move non-essential furniture to another room. Sideboards thrive in the living room, and still work to keep your best china close at hand. Move extra chairs to the kitchen, and pull them in when entertaining a crowd. Do you have a heavy hutch in the corner? If possible, remove the top section, and stash in storage. Hang a mirror over the new surface to reflect natural light and expand your space.

-back to top

Too Large?

Does your dining room fall at the other end of the spectrum, feeling vast and cavernous? Define specific areas to break up a broad space. Add an area rug under the dining set to ground the room. Keep in mind that your rug should reach 18 to 24 inches past the table on all sides, to allow for chairs to be pulled out and still stay on surface. Choose warm, dim lighting to make a spacious room feel more intimate.

-back to top

Too Kid Crazy?

Has your dining room become primarily a kid zone, with scratched surfaces and booster seats stacks? If the state of the room is keeping you from entertaining dinner guests over the age of 8, consider a few quick updates. Refinish the table top, and keep the surface safe with placemats. No time to redo? A new tablecloth works wonders to hide not-so-stellar surfaces. Use your sideboard or buffet to stash kid-related items when entertaining, keeping them on hand for next morning’s meal. Best bet yet: invest in a bar cart and stock with all the fixings. Roll in for adult gatherings, and roll out for family time.

With these simple tips, your dining room should shine once again. Refresh your space and renew your dining experience. From your first coat of paint to your last bite of dessert, here’s to a fresh take and great space

Give your bedroom a makeover next with these Must-Have Bed Frames.
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Dining in Style: 6 ways to decorate your dining room

From the formal Sunday meal to Monday morning pancakes, these options have you covered. Sit down and settle in to the style that speaks to you.

Table Of Contents

  • Formal

  • Transitional

  • Casual

  • Cottage

  • Rustic

  • Contemporary

  • Set to Dine



Formal Dining Room
Image credit: Ripetta

Formal dining rooms are spaces dedicated solely to outstanding meals and elegant entertaining. These traditional spaces center around a finely made, coordinated dining set, often featuring dark, polished wood. Look for an exquisite chandelier for elevated lighting, and decor in contrasting tones of dark and light. Opt for symmetry and sophistication.

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Transitional Dining Room

Image credit: Decor Pad

Transitional dining rooms are refreshing hybrids of formal and casual dining spaces. This style is the best of both worlds, featuring relaxed formality grounded with a nod to tradition. For a chic take on transitional, pair a simple, streamlined table with traditional chairs in unexpected colors. Pair high and low elements, like gilded wall paper and pared back window treatments.

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Casual Dining Room

Image Credit: Home Beautiful

Casual dining rooms reflect the relaxed nature of many modern meals. This approach puts comfort and ease front and center, without sacrificing style. Choose a sturdy table that will do double duty for work or play. Opt for welcoming chairs, and say goodbye to stiff backed dinners. Out with perfect coordination, and in with eclectic, playful pairings. Try a pop of color, or a bright palette all over. And check out this post for some dining room color inspiration.

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Cottage Dining Room
Image Credit: Decor Pad

Dining rooms in the cottage style are sunny, bright spaces. For an open, airy feel, layer the room with assorted hues of white, for everything from the chairs to the walls. Choose pieces with a distressed surface for warm, weathered charm. For a classic take on cottage, include details in blue and yellow. Group mixed seating to create a cozy space that encourages conversation. Add a pitcher of primroses, and you’re ready for brunch!

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Rustic Dining Room
Image Credit: Old House Online

Rustic dining rooms are warm, textural spaces. Various types of wood are often front and center, from exposed beams to hefty tables. Offset the warmth of wood with industrial metal notes, and window treatments in raw linen. Focus on natural tones and materials, and settle in for a heartening meal.

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Contemporary Dining Room
Image Credit: Home Beautiful

Contemporary dining rooms are sleek and sophisticated. Choose streamlined furniture forms, and pared back decor. Light up the space with a single pendant light, and decorate the walls with modern works of art, and plenty of negative space. Think chic, simple, and refined.

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Creative Ways to Upcycle your furniture

Transform Existing Furniture for a New Look!

If you are like many people in today's world, you have become conscious about the amount of waste you produce.

You probably make efforts to recycle anything you can, raid your mother's closet for some back in style, old-school, hand-me-down clothes, and are starting to shop at organic and bargain grocers like and Aldi or Trader Joes.

You're making great efforts to do your part when it comes to taking care of the earth and eliminating waste, but it can be tough to bring these practices into your home decor. Table Of Contents

  • Upcycling

  • New Paint

    • Filing Cabinets

    • End Tables

    • Kids Rooms


Home decorating and interior design is extremely prevalent and trendy right now. 

HGTV has inspired millions of Americans to renovate or change their home decor style to the most "in" look. For some, this means new furniture which goes against your reduce, reuse, recycle values.

Well, we have the solution! Upcycling is a fun way to transform old furniture and breathe new life into a room.

Keep reading to find out more about repurposing your existing furniture to meet your new home decor style standards.  

Upcycling consists of taking something that is no longer of use and turning it into something useful again.


Update Your Outdated Furniture Investments

This could mean taking an old dresser and transforming it into a gardening cabinet or entry way bench and storage area. 

Another creative option is to repurpose an old non-functional grandfather clock into a vibrant  and unique bookshelf.

How to repurpose old furniture

If those projects are too extreme for your ability level, no worries! We have other solutions that will prevent you from having to take your old furniture to the curb.

A less labor intensive option is giving your furniture a facelift with new hardware or a coat of paint.

-back to top


Reimagine Your Office Furniture

One of the coolest trends around is making over filing cabinets. There are so many old yucky metal filing cabinets that have been getting kicked to the curb.

They end up in landfills which is a shame, because they can be recycled and you can actually even sell them and make money!

But if you still have a use for a filing cabinet and need to store important documents, there is no point in throwing it out when you can simply give it an upgrade! 

So here's the tea, you need a filing cabinet and you have an old metal one, but you have to hide it in a closet or the basement because it is such an eyesore. Let us help you change that.


Give Your Filing Cabinet a Facelift

The easiest way to transform your ugly duckling of a filing cabinet is with chalk paint. It sticks to everything and always looks fabulous!

To begin, you need to wipe down your file cabinet. That's right, all the dust and cobwebs need to go. 

Then, remove all of the hardware and tape over the keyhole so no paint will get on or in it.

Now you are ready to paint!

It is important that you apply two coats of chalk paint to the cabinet to ensure that you get an even and full coverage.

Feel free to choose any color of chalk paint you desire. Match your existing color scheme or pick a fun color to stand out.

Next, you will need to seal it with wax, and then it is time for the fun part, customization.

Here are some options:  

  • Add pictures frames to the front and paint them to match the cabinet. This adds a fun three-dimensional look (example below).

  • Add new matching hardware so it looks fancier.

  • Stencil some cool designs on the top and sides (these need to be done before the wax finish).

  • Add legs to the bottom so it is lifted off the ground (example shown below)

The options for refurbishing old and unused furniture are endless and it is a simple easy project that anyone can do! 

-back to top

How to repurpose old filing cabinets

Makeover that Old End Table

Another easy fun upcycling project that gets people talking is painting old end tables.

Whether it is your night stand, living room end table, or coffee table, this is a great way to give furniture a fresh look rather than buying new.

This a perfect project if you have old wooden stands that are high quality but are scratched up or just don’t have the look you desire.

Once again, chalk paint is the easiest, but if you don't want to pay the price of convenience you can also sand off the gloss coat, prime, and then re-paint.

If you are willing to do the prep work then you can use latex paint with gloss for a shiny finish or matte paint if you still want the muted look.

You can also distress the piece if you want it to look rustic or antique.

This is a fun way to customize a piece of furniture to your style while helping to reduce waste and save the planet. 

Below are the steps to make an old end table really make a statement in your home:

  • Take off your hardware

  • Wipe down the furniture

  • Lightly sand

  • Prime

  • Paint

  • Dry

  • Paint a second coat

  • Dry

  • Add new hardware

  • Place back in the room

This can all be done in one day or you can spread the project out over a few days. Taking your time and letting the paint fully dry will often provide better results.

-back to top

Paint Your Furniture Pretty!

Painting old furniture is also a really great idea for kids rooms. They have a tendency to ruin their furniture faster, so it's not as big of a deal when it's already the furniture’s second life.

DIY-ing quality furniture is great for summer homes or ski cabins. These types of places are always fun to decorate with themes and fun customizable looks that you may be too nervous to experiment with in your own home.

These types of homes are also often rented out, and you don't know how other people are going to take care of them. So, it is nice to have furniture that you don't have to be as worried about at your beach house, ski cabin, or lake house.

Have a little fun with your furniture and put your creative vision to use. Check out Pinterest for more inspiration!

If you enjoyed this blog, read more by the creative minds at Furniture of Dalton:
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  • Summer Colors For Your Dining Room

  • Styling Your Bedroom

Are your pets and furniture struggling to play nice? Check out this article for help.
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Bedroom Best: Eight Great Ways to Style your bedroom

Looking for your best bedroom? Check out the styles below to find your favorite take on sleeping space. Curl up and settle in for a journey towards your best rest.

Table Of Contents

  • Rustic

  • Romantic

  • Classic

  • Contemporary

  • Bohemian

  • Retro

  • Coastal

  • Cottage



Rustic Bedroom

Hill Country Fair Oaks Bed by Hooker

Rustic bedrooms are warm, welcoming and earthy. Focus on natural, textured materials like weathered wood and linen bedding. Crackling fire at your feet? Perfection…

Colors to Consider: Olive, Sepia, Rust, Sage, Stone

-back to top


Romantic Bedroom Style

Sanctuary Upholstered Bed by Hooker

Romantic bedrooms are elaborate, sumptuous, and inviting. Focus on flowing curtains, plush carpets, and downy pillows. Ornate mirrors add depth and drama. That secret stash of champagne won’t go to waste…

Colors to Consider: Eggplant, Plum, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver

-back to top


Classic Bedroom

Springville Upholstered Bed by Durham

Classic bedrooms are traditional, elegant, and refined, with a touch of formality. Focus on dark, high shine wood and elegant side pieces. Extra points for marble surfaces (and maybe a bedside bell.)

Colors to Consider: Eggshell, Ivory, Navy, Pewter, Cream

-back to top


Contemporary Bedroom

Brando Bed with Panels by Universal

Contemporary bedrooms are simple, streamlined, and made to be minimal. Focus on sleek materials like metal and glass, and pared back styles that emphasize open space. Highlight the height with a great wall piece.

Colors to Consider: Jet Black, Alabaster, Charcoal, Slate

-back to top


Bohemian Bedroom

You might like: True Vintage Canopy Bed by Hooker

Bohemian bedrooms are eclectic, offbeat, and global chic. Focus on pairing pattern with color and texture. Layer rugs, bedding, and throw pillows, all in artisanal patterns and weaves. A mix of styles makes for the best take.

Colors to Consider: Cayenne, Saffron, Indigo, Jade, Lemongrass

-back to top


Retro Bedroom Style

Ellen DeGeneres Cordell Spindle Bed by Thomasville

Retro bedrooms are fun, colorful and full of energy. Focus on bright shades over timeless forms- powder coated finishes are a favorite find. Seek solid accents that pop, like angular lamps and mod chairs.

Colors to Consider: Avocado, Cherry Red, Cobalt, Turquoise, Tangerine

-back to top


Coastal Bedroom Style

You might like: Whiskey Barrel Sleigh Bed by Vaughn-Bassett

Coastal Bedrooms are airy, light, and open. Focus on pale wood or woven furniture, surrounded by serene shades of blue and white. Best case scenario : allow for wide open windows, and a seaside view.

Colors to Consider: Celadon, Sea Mist, Silver, Sand

-back to top


Cottage Bedroom Style

Chatelet Upholstered Mantle Panel Bed

Cottage bedrooms are sweet, simple, and pretty. Focus on distressed wood with pale paint, and floral prints, on the walls or duvet. Cue a British garden and the soft smell of roses. Teatime, anyone?

Colors to Consider: Butter Yellow, Warm White, Dove Gray, French Blue


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Bedding Swaps for a cool, fresh summer

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for summer to come back since it dipped below 50 degrees for the first time.

It’s time to put the snow shovel away and grab the boogie boards.

The season of miserable cold has worn out its welcome, and it’s time for pool parties and BBQ’s.

With the change of the seasons comes a few chores we have to check off the list, so we’re ready for summer.

We need to swap out the snowsuit for the swimsuit, snow boots for flip flops, and bulky sweaters for tank tops.

We need to finally open our windows after a long winter to let fresh air in, and let all the toxins inside of the house make their way out.

The extra blankets you have on your couch can probably be put away, and your beanies can be exchanged for baseball hats.

There’s also some work to be done in the bedroom to make sure you’re as comfortable as can be all summer long.

You need to swap out your heavy winter bedding for bedding that will keep you cool in the summer.

No one wants to wake up at 6 am already sweating because their covers are too heavy.

In the article below we will talk about five bedding swaps to help you get ready for summer.

Table Of Contents

  • Ditch The Duvet

  • Replace Your Current Duvet With A Lux Linen

  • Change Your Colors

  • Skip The Top Sheet

  • Swap The Fabrics

  • It's Almost Here


Ditch The Duvet

The duvet inserts probably aren’t going to be necessary heading into the summer months.

Instead, you can opt for a quilt.

Quilts will be heavy enough to keep you warm, but they won’t have you waking up looking like your fresh out of a sauna.

And most quilts are double-sided, so you can choose between the linen side of the cotton side, whichever you prefer.

-back to top

Replace Your Current Duvet With A Luxe Linen Duvet

If you got mad at me for telling you to ditch your duvet earlier, don’t worry, you have another option.

A few fabrics work really well, and linen is one of them.

Linen is extremely breathable because it is made out of flax with a looser weave.

If you’ve never used linen before, and you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, just keep an open mind.

If you aren’t used to linen, the best thing to do is start with a linen duvet cover.

This will allow you to get used to the feel of linen and see how it softens with each wash.

You’ll be able to see how you like it before committing to an entirely new sheet set.

-back to top

Change Your Colors

If you’ve got the navy blue or dark grey sheets on your bed right now, you’ll want to switch to a lighter color for summer time.

Lighter colors deflect heat while darker colors absorb it, so a set of sheets in a lighter color will keep you cooler.

It also works as a kind of a mind trick.

Even if you hop into bed hours after the sun has gone down, the lighter color will still make you feel cooler.

No matter what the actual temperature, lighter colors often trick our minds into thinking it’s cooler.

-back to top

Summer Bedding

Skip The Top Sheet

This is one of the easiest, and definitely the most affordable way to keep your bed cool in the summer.

Cut down on your layers by leaving the top sheet out when you make your bed.

It gives you the extra warmth you need in the winter, but it’s not necessary for the summer.

Some companies even sell sheet sets that come with a separate top sheet making it easy for you to opt out of the additional layer.

When you remove the top sheet, though, don’t put it too far away.

When the temperatures outside are breaking records, and it’s unbearably hot, you can replace your duvet or quilt with your unused top sheet.

-back to top

Swap Your Fabrics

If you’ve been using sateen fabric all winter, it might be best to switch to percale for the summer.

Percale is cooler to the touch than sateen, making it an excellent option for your summer bed.

In addition to being cool to the touch, percale is also lightweight and breathable, making it your go-to sheet if you tend to sleep hot in the summer.

-back to top

It’s Almost Here

Summertime is right around the corner.

Before you know it, you won’t be huddled up around the fireplace sipping hot chocolate. Instead, you’ll be outside enjoying the weather drinking water.

There are many things we have to do to prepare for the change of the season, that our bedrooms are often overlooked.

If you follow the steps above, though, your bedroom will be ready for the hot summer months.

You’ll wake up cool and refreshed instead of hot and sticky.

If you enjoyed this article, you should give these a read:

  • How to Get your Deck Ready for Summer

  • How To Mix And Match Patterns In Your Home

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2018 Fall Inspired Home Decor Colors

Fall Décor

Fall is the time of year where the leaves change, colors, pumpkins, apples, and mums become super popular, and scarves and mittens are a cute fun fashion must. With these as inspiration for your décor, your home will be filled with warmth.

Warm rich colors like red, orange and yellow provide that fall feel. These colors lie on the warm side of the color wheel which can be overwhelming to the eye and become a disaster if not done right.

So consider the muted tones of these colors to provide warmth without clashing.

Warmth doesn't just come in color you can add rugs, and blanket to add warmth to your home as well.

Table Of Contents

  • Fall All Year

  • Fall For The Season

  • Where To Get Your Fall Decor All Under One Roof?


Fall All Year - Trending Colors That Make A Splash

If you are wanting fall to inspire your décor all year then pull out the paint brushes because these colors will make a big splash in your home. Walls, doors, and furniture can all be painted to fit one of these favorite fall color schemes.  

According to Sam Henderson at HGTV, here are the Fall Color Trends:

Benjamin Moore Fall Trending colors are black beauty, sharkskin, driftwood, and dinner party. These are neutral sophisticated colors that provide the perfect backdrop for a room with pop color accent accessories.

Pratt & Lambert Fall Trending colors include oakbuff, poppy, victory blue, shadow's secrets, and red mosaic. These colors pop a little more than the last selection which can be used on the walls, door or furniture.

Sherwin-Williams Fall trending colors are spicy Hue, overjoy, half-caff, felted wool, and basque green. These color are more of a traditional color palette. Also be sure to check out their own color of the month.

The options aren't over yet. Forbes has their own take on fall trending colors that are more on the traditional side.

According to Forbes 2018 Fall Color Trends are Burnt Orange, Rich Red, Olive Green, Pale Yellow, and Vibrant Purple.

Carmel and terracotta are always fall favorites that people find easy to decorate a room around. These are more neutral tones with the warmth of underlining yellows.

Painting your home can be a big decision and an even bigger project. The color of a room can affect your mood and production level. Make sure you choose the right color for you and your family.

If painting your house or even one room isn't exactly what you had in mind right now, consider painting one wall or wallpaper or even painting furniture pieces.

No painting at all, not even DIY furniture painting.... understandable.

Why not buy furniture and accent pieces in these color schemes that will give the same feel and still have a wonderful fall effect in your home.

-back to top

Fall Colors
Photo Credit: Sam Henderson  

Fall For the Season - Seasonal Favorites to Mesmerize Your Guests

If you are wanting the fall feel and look just for the season, then it's better you don't paint the walls, rather use the color schemes from above and get accent items such as pillows, blankets and seasonal rugs in these colors.

Switching out items like these can drastically change the overall look of any room. You can even go as far as changing vases and lamps too!

Swapping these items out for the season can provide warmth and keep the look of your home fresh. Knitted blankets, textured pillows and fluffy rugs over the carpet will make an impact without a lot of work and excessive cost.

Adding pumpkins, apples, and mums to the center of your table, buffet, sofa stand, entryway or fireplace mantel will all help to achieve the fall feel without too much clutter.

These years light green, white and orange pumpkins are on every doorstep and home display adding a cool feel with the traditional vibrant orange. It goes well with the country rustic farm look similar to our Rustic Imports line and the popular shabby chic facade. DIY crafts, to fancy decorations, to old wooden baskets, can give you the harvest feel for fall. 

-back to top

Where to Get Your Fall Decor All Under One Roof

When it comes to knits throws, rugs, lamps, and pillows Furniture of Dalton has you covered.

Come shop for quality furniture that will help you get the warm feel of fall for the season. If you want the warm colors with furniture to match your desired color scheme, we have the best selection of earthly tone furniture and rustic wood tables that will provide you with the cozy feel you deserve this fall.

Call today to talk with one of our knowledgeable sale team members now!


Want more? Check out our article on creating an outdoor oasis right in your own backyard.
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14 inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive

Time to sell your house?

Are you bored with the current style of your home?

Trying to make your house look modern on a budget?

Or maybe you're just tired of your place looking cheap?

Then you've come to the right place.

If you've ever watched any of the numerous remodeling TV shows, you've seen the ridiculous price tags people pay to remodel their homes.

Want a new bathroom? Sure, pay $10,000!

Looking to remodel the kitchen? No problem that'll be $15,000!

That's not how it has to be.

If you want a fresh look for your home, on the inside or the outside, it doesn't have to break the bank.

Here's a list of simple and cheap fixes you can make to your house without dipping into your savings account.

Table Of Contents

  • Use Frames

  • Paint The Outdoor Eyesores

  • Add Molding

  • Add Shutters

  • Paint Neutral Colors

  • Hide The Trash Cans

  • Update Fixtures

  • Add Window Boxes

  • Add Mirrors

  • Hide Your AC

  • Ditch The Dated

  • Front Door Facelift

  • Hide TV Wires

  • Paint Windows On Your Garage

  • Get Started

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Use Frames

The difference a simple frame can make to the look of your room is incredible.

You can add a frame to just about anything to make it look like a work of art.

Kids drawings, posters, family photos, and your artwork can make a wall in your house look like an exhibit straight out of an art museum.

Be sure to use the right size frame for your artwork, including any matting you may need, and make sure the frames are color coordinated to match the rest of your room.

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Paint your Outdoor Eyesores

You already know what I'm talking about.

Your electrical box and all the random wiring and piping running up and down the exterior of your home.

It's an eyesore at best.

Paint them the same color as your siding to help them blend in.

While you're at it, add in or paint other things in your yard to help them blend in even more.

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Incorporate Molding

It doesn't have to be anything fancy.

If your walls are bare other than the artwork we talked about earlier, molding is an excellent way to add a pop of style.

Even the most straightforward piece of molding can take your walls from boring to breathtaking.

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Install Shutters

If you don't have them already, installing shutters is an excellent way of adding instant curb appeal.

Shutters will make your windows look two times as big as they are.

They all go a long way in breaking up a big and boring exterior wall.

Choose a color that is the exact opposite of your exterior walls to give it an extra pop.

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Window Shutters

Paint with Neutral Colors

Don't waste much time picking out which colors you'd like to paint your walls.

Stick with neutral colors.

Neutral colors will always look fresh and never be out of style.

It's also easier to match your furniture and accessories to neutral colored walls.

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Neutral Living Room Colors

Hide your Trash

Your old beat up trashcan might be the biggest eyesore in your yard.

Even if they trash cans are in immaculate shape, they're still trash cans.

There's nothing sexy about a trash can.

You can buy a storage shed made just for trash cans.

Alternatively, you can build your own.

A few lattice panels are enough to do the trick.

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Update those Old Fixtures

Old doorknobs, cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and light switch panels can all be swapped out relatively easy.

This is a great way to update your kitchen and bathroom without spending thousands of dollars.

You can also replace your outdoor knobs and handles.

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Add Window Boxes

A window box is just a flower box attached to your window.

Simple, right?

It is, and it can make the inside and outside of your home seem more luxurious.

On the outside, it will help break up that big boring wall and make the windows more prominent.

And on the inside, it's almost like your brought nature in with you because you can see the flowers and plants from inside your home.

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Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make the house look bigger.

Add a frame to them, and it's also like adding another piece of art to your room.

Add the mirror to your wall or even a door, and it'll feel like you've added some square footage to your room.

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Hide Your AC

Similar to your trash cans, but not quite as offensive, is your A/C unit.

It's a necessary evil.

It's as "first world" as a problem can get.

We want a comfortable air-conditioned home, but we don't want the eyesore in the yard.

Just like the trash can, you can buy a shed already designed for your A/C unit, or you can build one yourself.

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Ditch The Dated

Sometimes making your home look more expensive is as simple as purging the house of the old and outdated.

Ugly light fixture? Trash it and buy a new one.

Ugly brass doorknobs? Replace them with a shiny new knob.

Getting rid of the ugly and outdated often does a better job of adding value to your house as adding the shiny new objects.

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Front Door Facelift

Getting a new front door is a sure fire way to up your curb appeal.

However, that's expensive, and it might not be in your budget.

However, you can paint it and make it look like a new front door.

You can even add molding to it to make it look like a grand entrance.

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Hide TV Wires

Luckily, there's a now a wireless version of everything.

However, not everything has cut their cords, and the wires that are left over can be unsightly.

Like that clump of wires behind your TV.

I've got a quick fix for you.

Buy a curtain rod that matches the decor of your room.

Gather all the wires coming down from your TV, and stick them inside the curtain rod.

Now you're a magician who just made a bunch of ugly wires disappears.

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Living Room TV

Paint Windows On Your Garage

Ugly garage door?

No worries, just paint some fake windows.

This obviously won't do anything to brighten up your garage, but it will make your house look a little more expensive to passers-by. 

Call it makeup for your garage door.

It might be fake, but it makes it look better.

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Get Started

There are a few things you can do on this list right now without leaving your home.

Whether you're selling your house or just bored with the design, these ideas will go a long way to add value without decreasing your bank account.

If you still aren't sure how to decorate and you'd like an expert to bounce ideas off of, the experts at Furniture of Dalton are here to help.

Just click the button below, and we'll get you in touch with one of our experts.

Request a Design Consultation


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Backyard Bliss: 5 elements for the perfect backyard getaway

Are the fireflies signaling summer on the way? Spring is the perfect time to head outside and prep your space for outdoor living. With a few simple additions, you can have the perfect backyard getaway, just steps from your own back door. Who needs Tahiti when you have your own sweet space, suited up for six months of backyard bliss?

Table Of Contents

  • Fireside

    • Stay Put Or Portable

    • Wood Vs. Gas

  • Time To Talk

    • Styles

  • Well Grounded

    • Size It Up

    • Au Natural?

  • Al Fresco

    • Small Space Or Full Table?

    • Throw Some Shade

  • Well Done

    • Choose Your Fuel


Nothing is better than a crackling fire at dusk, bare feet in the cool grass, moonrise on the horizon. A backyard fire is a chance to unplug and tap into a tradition as old as civilization itself. Our ancestors knew something about the communal power of fire, and today, a backyard fire is an opportunity to turn away from the glow of our screens to gather with those we love.

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Substantial fire pits are available, made of heavy stone or stainless steel, and designed to be permanent backyard fixtures. If you’re looking for something more portable, turn to a fire bowl or terracotta chiminea, that can be lugged around the yard at will.

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Wood burning fire pits give you the smell and crackle you crave. Make sure to find one with a screen for sparks, and remember that you’ll need a steady supply of dry wood. Many communities require that pits be situated at least 10 feet from homes and neighbors. Propane or natural gas pits are safe options for open porches or tight spaces. First picks of neatniks, these avoid the potential mess of wood, ashes, and smoke.

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Patio Fireplace

Time to Talk

Conversation Sets are geared for backyard visits. All the details have been considered when designing these sets, which just leaves the talking to you. Need a place to set your drink? They’ve thought of that! Extra seating for the kids? Considered that, too. Time to settle in and catch up.

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There are countless styles available, but two main approaches: an all-in-one arrangement, or separate pieces that create a whole. The all-in-one is your outdoor sectional, a modular piece of seating that’s designed to stay linked up. Choose your shape : angular, with a corner seat, or circular seating, curved for conversation. Either option will have a coffee table designed to tuck in the center.

If you’d rather be unlinked, you’re looking at combinations of standalone separates. Though these aren’t joined at the hip, they’re still designed to coordinate. Choose a loveseat and two chairs to seat four- throw in two cushioned ottomans to seat 6. Both options should come with an accent table (extra points if the table doubles as storage.) Separate pieces are a great way to tailor your conversation set to your needs. Small family? Start with a few pieces, and add in coordinating items as your family grows.

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Patio Furniture

Well Grounded

Think you don’t need an outdoor rug? You’ll be surprised what this simple addition adds to your space. Visually, an area rug ties a space together, and turns your backyard into an extension of your cozy interior. Practically, outdoor rugs help to keep the outside where it belongs, keeping the dirt off your feet and out of the house.

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Medium size area rugs are great under a conversation or dining set, helping to set areas apart. For full coverage, go with an oversized outdoor rug, which can cover an entire deck. A bold pattern looks great peeking out from under a table, and can be coordinated with throw pillows and other accents. Want to stay neutral? Choose a solid shade that will quietly harmonize a space.

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You’ll want to stay away from traditional indoor fibers, like cotton and wool, which might mildew. Opt instead for hardier materials, like jute, sisal, and hemp. These are made to upstand the outside, and maintain the natural look. If you want something bright and easy, turn to synthetics. Polypropylene rugs are durable and hyper easy to clean-- just pull out the garden hose, and employ the kids.

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Al Fresco

If your outdoor plans include every meal under the sun, you’ll want to invest in an outdoor dining set. While side tables are great surfaces for a drink or snack, full meals call for space to spread. With the right set, you’ll have the seating and table space you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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If you have a small space or intimate plans, opt for a bistro set. These occupy a smaller footprint than a full table, but can still sit two to four. A bistro set is the perfect companion to Sunday brunch, and pairs well with coffee and croissants. If you have a large space and plans to entertain a crowd, go for a full dining set. These can seat anywhere from four to over twelve, and will provide ample space for full plates and long meals. The more comfortable the chairs you choose, the longer your guests will linger.

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Does the sun shine bright on your backyard? Hot spots are great for sunbathing, but can limit your dining pleasure. If you don’t have shade trees sheltering your backyard or a covered deck, consider a patio umbrella. Many outdoor tables are designed to hold an umbrella. Not yours? There are standalone options waiting in the wings. Add one to the roster, and keep the hot days at bay.

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Patio Tables

Well Done

Time to put those dining sets to good use, and fire up the grill! Nothing completes a backyard space like outdoor cooking. Clear everyone out of the hot kitchen, and turn dinner prep into a breezy affair.

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Gas Grills, which run on liquid propane or natural gas, make grilling a snap. Simply turn on the burners and you’re good to go. Gas grills come in a range of sizes, and feature bonuses like a warming tray and accessories. A typical 20 pound propane tank will keep you grilling for 9 hours.

Charcoal grills are the original backyard beacon, and still a classic option for Sunday BBQ. Use charcoal briquettes or wood to fuel your grilling session. Small versions are great camping trip tagalongs.

Smokers are the next step up, providing unparallelled flavor. Haven’t tried the Big Green Egg yet? Holy smokes, you’re in for a treat. This ceramic smoker is a modern version of the Japanese Kamado, an ancient earthenware grill that carried on for a reason. Once you go green, you’ll never go back…

Summer Barbeque 

We hope these tips have you longing for outdoor living, and inspired to outfit your outdoors. Add some seating, table space, fire pit, rug, and a grill, and you have the recipe for the ideal getaway, just steps from your very own bed. Spiff up your space, and let us know when the ribs are ready…


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10 Temporary ways to decorate your rental and not break your lease

You've finally moved in. You've unpacked all the boxes. The clothes are hung in the closet, silverware is put away in the kitchen, and the toiletries are all put away in the bathroom.

The move felt like it took forever. You didn't think you'd ever finish packing boxes, much less unpack them.

But your hard work has paid off, and you're finally in your new place.

Time to start decorating!

You get out your hammer and nails, ready the paintbrushes, and you're ready to get messy and make the place you're own.

But, right before you take the first swing of the hammer, you remember...

It's a rental.

Your landlord doesn't want you putting holes in the wall, let alone painting them. So what now?

Here are 10 ideas that will let you add your own flavor to your rental without violating your lease.

Table Of Contents

  • Tape Frames

  • Tape Accent Wall

  • Removable Chalkboard

  • Headboard Decal

  • Bi-Fold Screen

  • Frame Your Mirror

  • Clothespin and String For Pictures

  • Throws and Pillows

  • Rugs

  • Potted Plants

  • Furniture of Dalton


1. Tape Frames

If you haven't already, you're going to fall in love with washi tape.

Washi tape can be used for a variety of things, including DIY projects, arts and crafts, and home decor.

In this instance, we're going to use them to make frames for your pictures.

There's a good chance you have a lot of pictures and posters you want to hang up, but you can't nail or screw anything into the walls.

That's where the washi tape comes in.

You can hang your pictures without frames,  but it doesn't look finished.

Use the washi tape to frame your photos.

Get creative, the only limit to the frames you create is your imagination.

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2. Tape Accent Wall

We're going to use the washi tape again. If you liked framing your pictures with it, you're going to love this.

We'll use the tape to create an entire accent wall.

Since you can't put up wallpaper or paint, you can design your own accent wall with the washi tape. This works especially well for kids rooms.

It's best if you plan out your idea on a piece of paper first and then transfer it to your wall.

But if you're the type that likes to work on instinct, go crazy putting that tape on the wall.

If you don't like the design, want to change it, or when it's time to move out, the tape peels off easily without leaving any residue behind.

Again, the only limitations here are your imagination.

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3. Removable Chalkboard/Whiteboard Decals

Perfect for the home office or a children's room.

You won't be able to hang up that bulky chalkboard in your kid's room, and you definitely can't paint the walls with chalkboard paint.

But you can buy some simple chalkboard decals and put them on your walls. 

Your kids will love them, and you'll let their creativity flow as they draw and write to their heart's content.


Also, if you have a home office, there are whiteboard stickers you can get that work the same way.

Now that spare room in your rental can feel like an actual home office.

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4. Headboard Decal

Depending on the type of headboard you have, especially if you have to mount it to the wall, it might not make it with you to your new place.

Many headboards will require you to mount them to the wall, which won't be an option in your new rental.

However, there is a workaround.

Headboard decals.

It's not the same as having an actual headboard, but it's a great workaround that will give the same look and feel that an actual headboard would.

You can find an abundance of styles and colors of premade headboard decals online. Alternatively, if you're feeling extra crafty, you can get out your washi wall tape and design your own.

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5. Bi-Fold Screen

Bi and Tri-Fold screens can add a pop of style and color, as well as add a little privacy to a small space.

You've probably seen them in movies before; they're the screens people hide behind to change their clothes.

You can use them for that reason, or you can use them to add some style to your rental.

Use them to add a little bit of pop to a boring white wall.

If you don't want to use a headboard decal as we talked about above, you can use a bi-fold screen as a headboard as well.

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6. Frame Your Mirror

Do you wish you had a way to spruce up your boring bathroom mirror?

I've got good news for you. We can add a simple frame to make it really stand out.

It's a bit of a DIY project, but if done correctly it'll frame your mirror and change the entire feel of your bathroom.

All you'll need to do is head to your favorite hardware store to pick up some trim or molding and double-sided tape.

First, you'll need to get the frame put together. Then you apply the double-sided tape, and mount it to the mirror, and voila.

You've got yourself a temporary mirror frame that looks like a million bucks.

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7. Clothespin And String For Pictures

This is an easy way to hang up all of your pictures with little to no damage to the walls.

You'll need some string or ribbon and some good old-fashioned clothespins.

You'll stretch the string or ribbon out to your desired length, and then attach it to the wall with, you guessed it, your washi tape.

If you don't have any washi tape, there are plenty of other ways to attach the ribbon to the wall without damaging it.

Once your ribbon is attached, you'll grab your pictures and your clothespins and get to work.

Simply use the clothespin to attach the picture to the ribbon, and you're done.

This will also make packing up your pictures a lot easier if and when you decide to move.

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8. Throws And Pillows

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to add some color and style to your room is with throws and throw pillows.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of design and colors you can choose from, making it easy to fit them into your style.

With the right throw pillows and blankets, you'll forget all about that boring white wall in your living room.

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9. Rugs

You love your new rental home, but maybe you're not a fan of the flooring.

Perhaps the carpet looks like it's straight out of an Austin Powers movie, or maybe the hardwood floor is so scratched up you'd swear lions were living in it before you.

Unfortunately, you can't rip up the floors and start over, but you can throw down a rug.

Area Rugs

The perfect rug is probably the most underused and underappreciated way to decorate any room.

Just like the throw pillows, a rug can add some extra style and flare to the room without breaking the budget or upsetting your landlord.

-back to top

10. Potted Plants

This one is for the nature lovers and health nuts. 

Potted plants can add a kick of style to any room while making your rental a little healthier in the process.

There are several houseplants you can buy that will purify the air inside your home.

And for the nature lovers stuck in an apartment in the big city, you can bring nature to you with an assortment of houseplants.

When it's time to move out, you can take them all with you when you go.

Potted Plants

There you have it. These are 10 ways you can add your own style to your rental without voiding your lease and angering your landlord.

If you're serious about decorating, the experts at Furniture of Dalton would love to talk.

If you're ready to take your style to the next level, click the button below to schedule a free design consultation with our experts.


Request a Design Consultation

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