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The Ultimate Guide for Decorating your home for the holidays

Decorating your home for the holidays can be fun and cheerful, while also incredibly stressful.

Basking in the dim glow of Christmas lights, Christmas music cheerily playing in the background, snow falling outside, and your husband mumbling complaints under his breath as he drags boxes and bins full of ornaments, garland, and other decor from the basement.

Not to mention your stress about all the presents you still need to buy, meals that need to be cooked, and your house that needs to be cleaned before your entire family arrives on December 25th. 

While this is no easy feat, we are here to help you survive the holidays. We have the 5 best holiday decorating and preparation tips to get you through the season without a hitch. Check out the list below! 

Table Of Contents

  • How To Decorate Like A Designer: Christmas Tree Edition

    • Pick Your Tree

    • Lights

    • Color Palette

    • Garland

    • Decorations

    • Tree Topper

  • New Years Eve Party Must-Haves

  • Classy Outdoor Decor

    • Garland Goals

    • Symmetry and Balance

    • Light Up The Night

  • Who Said Family Friendly And Functional Can't Make A Statement

  • Preparing Your Pets For The Holidays


 Christmas tree

1. How to Decorate Like a Designer: Christmas Tree Edition

The first step in designing an amazing Christmas Tree is, of course, picking the type of tree you are going to put in your home. 

Pick Your Tree

There are many different options when it comes to trees, and I don't just mean real or artificial. I'm talking, height, color, fragrance, branch strength, and more.

While the tree that you choose will be the building block for the overall look and feel of your Christmas tree, it will not make or break how fabulous the final result is.

In fact, no matter what type of tree you pick, our design tips will help you turn any style tree into a sight to behold. 

Below are the most common types of real Christmas trees people put in their homes:

  • Balsam Fir 

  • Fraser Fir

  • Canaan Fir

  • Douglas Fir

  • Grand Fir

  • Noble Fir

  • Concolor Fir

  • White Pine

  • Scotch Pine

  • Virginia Pine

  • Blue Spruce

  • Norway Spruce

  • White Spruce

  • Arizona Cypress

  • Leyland Cypress

No matter what kind of tree you pick, real or fake, these next steps will guide you to evergreen bliss.

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The type and color of lights you put on your Christmas tree could potentially be one of the biggest debates families have each Christmas. 

Classic white or fun colored? The debate lives on, and it honestly just depends on the theme you choose. 

So what style tree are you looking to design this year? A fun family flourish, or an elegant, sophisticated set-up?

With kids add color, but for a showy sophisticated tree, go with classic white. 

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Pick A Color Palette

This next decision is probably the most influential. The color palette you decide to go with will define the end result of your Christmas tree. Want to keep the crazy theme going? Then use colored lights, random ornaments, and no defined palette. 

For individuals looking for a more defined style, the color palettes listed below are some of the most beautiful and tasteful of the season. 

  • White and Silver

  • Gold, Champagne, Blush, and Rose Gold

  • Black, White, and Red

  • Blue, White and Silver

  • Red and Green

  • Brown and Green Earth Tones

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The garland you select should flow seamlessly with your color palette. Find a color traditional sparkly garland that compliments your color scheme, or use a cute ribbon for a unique variation. 

Some less common and diverse garland options include beaded and even popcorn! These are unique, merry, and fun ways to get the whole family involved! 

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The decorations on your Christmas tree come down to personal preference.

Some individuals have a large collection of cherished and sentimental ornaments that vary in every possible category. While these trees are eclectic and all-inclusive, some people prefer a more refined style.

For these individuals, a set of matching colored glass bulbs that matches your tree's style is probably your best bet. 

Now if you are feeling really adventurous, you can always decorate the tree with natural and live ornaments. These include pinecones, fruit, flowers, candy, and more.

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Tree Topper:  

Finally, your tree is almost finished. Now it is time for the finishing touch, the tree topper! You can go the traditional route with a star or pick an angel or ribbon to switch things up. 

A ribbon is a great choice if you can make intricate bows and have the extra ribbon cascade down the tree to create a cool effect that ties in the color of the rest of the tree's decorations. 

No matter what you choose, we are positive if you follow our guidance your tree will be so beautiful you will never want to take it down.  

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2. New Years Eve Party Must-Haves

Once Christmas is over, the holiday season still has one celebration left in store for you, New Years!

We know everyone loves to ring in the New Year with a fun New Year's Eve party, so let us make sure you have everything you need for the bash!

Bar carts, glitter, champagne and more, we have all of the party must-haves that will wow all of your guests. 

Most New Year's Eve parties have alcohol, so upgrade your liquor cabinet, invest in a trendy bar cart, decorate the credenza, or buy a new rustic wine rack to make pouring and sipping even easier. 

Everyone likes a good party, so make sure your confetti throwin', champagne poppin' celebration is one for the history books. 

Seating problem? Check out this post for bar stools that perfectly accommodate your guests.

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3. Classy Outdoor Decor

Everyone wants their house to be the best looking on the street, and we can help you achieve that goal with these simple and classic decorating tips.


Garland is easy, pretty, and super functional. Add lights and red ribbon for an extra touch and wrap outdoor columns, railings, and even the trim around your front door and windows. A touch of garland goes a long way. 

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Symmetry & Balance 

Wreaths and battery operated candles are great window accents. The street view of your home is sure to stand out with a wreath and candle in every window. 

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Light Up the Night

Nothing says "holiday season" like the warm glow of Christmas lights against the dark night sky. Dressing your home in Christmas lights is one the best ways to make your home stand out and make everyone who passes smile cheerfully. 

Now you don't have to go total Clark Griswold on the roof, but an elegant trim of white bulbs or icicle lights around your roof line will be sure to grab the attention of all those who pass by. 

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Outdoor Christmas decorations 

4. Who Said Family-Friendly and Functional Can't Make a Statement? 

Want to know one of the most festive items that can make your home the most welcoming holiday oasis? Throw pillows and fluffy cable-knit blankets!

You heard me, it's that easy. Who doesn't like a brand new holiday-themed blanket and pillow to snuggle up with while watching Christmas movies and sipping hot chocolate?

They even look great draped messily over the side of your couch. Your guests might just think they are stepping inside a magazine spread this holiday when you impress with your new festive throws and pillows.

Trust me, this is one functional and festive decoration the whole family will enjoy. 

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5. Preparing Your Pets for Holiday Happenings

If you have pets, it is important that you protect them and your guests. Holidays are stressful, loud, and sometimes even exhausting which means even the nicest most friendly pets can need a break from the excitement.

It is essential that you set aside a quiet place that your four-legged friend can escape to in case they need a nap or break from the holiday festivities.

Most family gatherings have many family members, rambunctious kids waiting for Santa Claus, and hands ready to hug and pet. While this is probably your furry friend's dream, it is important that it is their choice to be around the family all day.

Lastly, instruct guests of your house rules, this is not a time to sweep bad behavior under the rug, so keep up your normal routine.

Inform them not to feed your pets people food, keep them off the furniture, or any other rules you typically follow on a day to day basis. 

Finally, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! We hope this list has turned your home into one of the most beautiful homes decorated for Christmas. 

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