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How To Turn Your Kids Room Into A Unique Sanctuary

How To Turn Your Kids Room Into A Unique Sanctuary

Posted on: October 1, 2019

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Remember when you were a kid? Your room was your oasis. It was whatever you wanted it to be.

The bedroom is a place where kids can dream big, play hard, envision their future however they want, and journey from the innocence of their childhood into their teenage years.

It's where they eventually turn into healthy, thriving adults.

Before they become adults, though, there is no shortage of ideas to transform a boring room into a dreamy fairytale land, or a superhero lair.

Or just turn it into a simple, creative ambiance for your kids to enjoy.

It's important to remember that just like your children are going to evolve, learn, and grow, their rooms will have to change as well.

Their room will change so it can nurture their imagination, foster their creativity, and accompany their unique flair as they grow up right in front of your eyes.

In the article below, we will discuss some easy to do decorative innovations that you can introduce into your child's room to turn it into an oasis.

Table Of Contents

  • Bring On The Fluff

  • Books, Books, And More Books

  • Get Crafty

  • Fill The Room With Color

  • Light It Up

  • It's Good For The Parents, Too


 Kids Room Design Ideas

Bring On The Fluff

The first thing every children's room needs, especially for the younger kids, is some fluff.

Fluffiness should be the cornerstone to every kid's room.

It's one of the most essential elements that will give your kids room it's unique, comfortable, and inviting feeling.

It will let your kids imagination run wild through the day, and sleep soundly at night.

You need a big, comfortable bed that invites them to the land of their dreams.

You need plush pillows scattered around the room so they can play safely and build forts and castles.

Without these simple things, imaginations run dry and energy is wasted.

Along with their pillows and deep, comfortable beds, be sure to include plenty of fluffy stuffed animals for your kids to snuggle with and use as playmates.

This will give you, and the dog, a much-needed break.

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Books, Books, And More Books

Nothing unlocks a child's imagination better than a good book.

Books are practically magic. They fill your kid's lives with positivity, focused energy, and purpose.

As soon as your kid opens the cover of a book, they enter into a world of imagination and endless possibilities.

They make friends with the characters of the books they read, and dream of visiting the faraway lands they read about.

A healthy reading habit will help your child grow, improve their cognitive functions, develop a critical and creative mind, and they can help shape their future.

Think back to your favorite book as a kid. How did it shape your life?

So, make sure there are always plenty of books on hand for your kids to read.

No matter how old they are, have a bookshelf full of picture books, comic books, graphic novels, chapter books, young adult novels, and beyond.

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Kids room ideas

Get Crafty

Next to books, there is nothing else that sparks creativity and imagination like giving your kids the chance to create something with their own two hands.

Whether it's a painting, a sculpture, or some simple macaroni art, they will treat it like the Mona Lisa when they're done.

Introduce a small easel into their room, or fill it with coloring books and crayons to nurture their artistic inclinations.

Playdough, colorful beads, lincoln logs, legos, marbles, and synthetic feathers are all great options to let your kids get creative, and use the power of their imagination to build something of their own.

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Fill The Room With Color

White and gray walls are not okay for your kid's room.

Imagine the stories and worlds your kids can come up with if they play in a room with enchanted settings portrayed by unique and creative colors on the walls and ceiling.

Turn a boring and tedious paint job into a family affair and paint a starry universe or a magical beach with the use of colorful paints and your kid's endless imagination.

Let them tell you their stories and ideas, and then make them come to life by painting them onto the walls of their bedroom, transforming a dull bedroom into a world of its own.

And if you aren't the most artistic parent around, don't worry. Just grab a few wall decals, and you will be good to go.

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Light It Up

Proper lighting will set the mood for a productive, enthusiastic day, and it can entice them to settle down and head to bed at night finally.

There's nothing better than natural sunlight, so if at all possible, invest in wide, floor-to-ceiling windows, or a skylight to let the sunshine penetrate the room as much as possible.

To wind down for the evening, use warm artificial lighting, and sprinkle a little creativity in by mounting lanterns and light bulbs that will cast a soft glow mimicking the setting sun.

Once was once a battleground during the day is now a soothing oasis before bed.

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It's Good For Mom And Dad Too

Your kids will surely benefit from their new indoor oasis, but it will be good for you, too.

Creating a sanctuary for your kids to enjoy can be an enriching task if you keep a big smile, enthusiasm, and a dash of creativity as you let your kids imagination run wild.

With your skills, the creativity of your children, and the unique ideas above, you will create a fantastic bedroom, as well as some lifelong memories.

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