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Small Porch? Perfect Place

Ten ways to make your tiny porch more inviting. 

Are you a city dweller, enthralled with your balcony view? Or a country kid, caught up in the tiny house movement? For a wide range of reasons, more and more people are forgoing a sprawling house and opting for smaller spaces. These compact homes can be just as cozy as their cousins, with outdoor spaces to suit. The right outdoor area can extend your living space, and quickly become your favorite room in the house. Here, we have tips on how to make your petite porch the place to be.

Table Of Contents

  • Area Rug

  • Oasis

  • Outskirts

  • Think Soft

  • Shoot The Breeze

  • Murphy Bed

  • Stackable Stools

  • Small Footprint

  • Slim Shelves

  • Brighten Up


A bright area rug adds a pop of pattern to a small space. Gorgeous rugs can serve double duty, protecting wooden floors or tucking away unsightly tiles. Outdoor rugs are designed to hold up to the elements : synthetic fibers are waterproof and lightweight, while natural fibers provide an eco friendly option. 

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Area Rug

Create an oasis
! A healthy collection of plants makes a small place feel vibrant and alive. Vertical planters take advantage of underused wall space, while rail planters lend more room for lounging. Missing that green thumb? Succulents thrive without regular care.

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Outsmart your outskirts
. Arrange furniture around the perimeter of your space to embrace an open floor plan. L shaped benches take advantage of a rectangular balcony or porch. Look for options that lift up for storage, and tuck away cozy throws for midnight stargazing.

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Think soft
! Cushions will transform any area into a lounge worthy nook. Keep a colorful stack in the corner for visitors - pull them out as extra seating, and delight in a tiny porch picnic.

Looking for more ideas to decorate your tiny porch? Check out some of our favorite pieces in Project Tiny Porch.

Shoot the breeze. Hanging seats are a great way to use vertical space. Install eye hooks onto opposite walls, and string up a hammock for a sunny Saturday swing. Stash away in a snap for Sunday brunch. For a stay-put option, try a hanging nest chair. These woven pieces aren’t just for the birds - kids and adults alike love to curl up inside.

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Do you secretly long for a
Murphy bed? Folding tables and bars are high impact in small spaces. These hinge directly onto a wall or banister, and prop up for meals or mixology. When not in use, they fold flat and out of the way.

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stackable stools to complement your folding bar. Pull these right up to your drink station, and stack in the corner come closing time.

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To maximize space,
select pieces with a smaller footprint. Three piece bistro sets are a great option, providing seating for two while maintaining a slim profile. Varied height options are available: taller tables and stools lend presence without sacrificing foot space. For added versatility, opt for a folding set.

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Folding Chairs

Slim shelves add function to a tiny space. Stash all the necessities here, from bug spray to votive candles. Reserve the top shelf for trailing ferns.

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Last but not least, brighten up! Lighting makes the space, and classic string lights are readily available in outdoor versions. Criss cross bright strands above your bistro set and you’ll have a tiny Paris, all your own.

Large space or small, you can have the outside oasis of your dreams. Try these tips to transform your petite porch into an inspiring space, larger than its parts.


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