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Fall Front Porch: Simple Styles for the Season

Updated August 2019

As the weather cools and leaves shift from green to gold, find time to welcome a new season. We say farewell to backyard summer days, but it’s not quite time to huddle inside. 

Fall means stunning colors, cool nights, and crisp air- all perfect elements for porch sitting. Deck out your porch for autumn, and bask in the glow of the season.


Fall Forage
Images (Left to Right): Design Love Fest | Bisou Style | Dreamy Whites

Want to bring in a bit of autumn glory? Forgo the fake garlands and faux wreaths, and head out into the great outdoors to gather your own living greens. Toss on your favorite flannel, grab a set of garden clippers and a bucket, and forage for branches and vines. You won’t have to wander far to find something fitting: plants as common as privet make surprisingly fine fare. Lucky enough to have a magnolia tree nearby? Clip low branches-- the glossy green leaves are perfect for wreaths and garlands. Seek a variety of colors and textures. Keep an eye out for muscadine vines, crabapple branches, bittersweet, and acorns too! 

Bring the bounty home and deck out your porch. If you have long vines, wrap them into an asymmetrical wreath for the front door. Weave in branches with bright berries for a pop of color. If you have more branches than vines, grab a galvanized tin bucket, and fill with a flush of fall foliage. Twine together vines and leaves for a garland to drape above the entry. Floral tape and wire will help hold things together. Look a bit wild? Perfect! Having things a little unruly is the aim.  


Fall Decorations
Images (Left to Right): Martha Stewart | Life in Bloom

Now is the time for front porch pumpkins. Forget perfect orange orbs, and look for interesting shapes and colors. You can find heirloom varieties in a range of whites, greens and variegated golds. Choose an array of sizes, colors and off-kilter shapes. Short on time? Place these in small groups on your front steps. Eager for an activity? Turn these into luminaries. Clean the pumpkin as you would to carve a jack-o-lantern. Instead of carving a face, use a drill to make small holes, regularly spaced, over the full surface. Place a candle inside, or use LED pumpkin lights for a glow that lasts into the night. Painting the outside is an options as well. Your name, house number, or silhouette of your favorite state are all up to date. 


Fall Decorations for Front Porch
Images: Digs Digs | Pottery Barn

Now that your porch is decked out with fall foliage and bright luminaries, you’ll want to cozy up and settle in. Make your porch swing a soft spot for evening visits. Fold up a quilt to lay on the seat, and add throw pillows in warm, autumnal shades. Pick up a large basket to place near your seating, and fill with soft blankets- tartan plaid fits in for the season. Cold brick underfoot? Bring an indoor rug outside, and keep your toes cozy. When neighbors visit, lay out seasonal snacks: spiced pecans and citrus are fan favorites. Warm up with a steaming mug of apple cider or a hot toddy.

Cold brick underfoot? Bring an indoor rug outside, and keep your toes cozy.


With these simple, natural touches, your front porch will be your favorite seat to see the season shift. Gather friends and head outside for the best slow show of the year. Cheers!


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