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Ring in Spring! Colors to inspire your living room

It’s that time of year again! Time to throw open your shutters and sing along to ‘The Sound of Music.’ If the hills are alive, but your living room still seems asleep, it may be time to bring in a new palette. Lucky for you, there are fresh shades at hand, begging for a place at your table. Follow along while we talk through the best colors to refresh your living space.

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Like the little black dress in your closet, neutrals are the mainstay for your living room. These classic shades provide the backbone to your decor and will hold up through shifting trends.This year, we’re seeing neutrals warm up. Classic beige, ecru, and buttermilk take on a toasty note, heading towards hazelnut. Warm grey joins the fray as another new neutral to watch. With these warm tones, there’s a simple approach : monochromatic walls. Forget the painter’s tape, and shade the walls, molding, and trim the same toasty tones. This all-for-one approach introduces a new level of calm, giving the eye a place to rest and the mind a bit of a break.

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Keeping company with your toasty neutrals is a class of darker tones. Navy is everywhere this spring, and the best shade is a dusky, dark blue. This blue has warm undertones, too, reminiscent of an early summer night sky. Bring the night air indoors by introducing this color into your space. Paint one wall navy to make neutral furniture pop, or snag a signature piece to celebrate a shade that never goes out of style. This Jones Long Sofa, a Century Signature, is twice on trend : navy and velvet. For a pop of navy pattern, we are loving this Brookhaven Chaise, also by Century. Navy has equal footing in yesterday, today and tomorrow, a rare shade that will see you through the seasons.This dusky version makes for a sophisticated, grounded space, conducive to grown up gatherings and great reads.

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Dark Sofa

Image Credit: Century®



Light shades soften your space with easy on the eyes comfort. The best version this year is buttery yellow. Dutch yellow is great for sunny kitchens, but also made for luxe living rooms. Yellow has a way of cheering up a space and acting as a breath of fresh air. This shade won’t harsh your mellow, and pairs well with navy and neutrals. Another soft shade in rotation is a pale, primrose blue. This is the softer side to the navy sophisticate, and works for large pieces just as well. For sidling up, we recommend Century’s Raf Corner Banquette in elegant eggshell blue.

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If you’re ready to add a little life to the party, turn to accent colors. Chili powder red ruled the runway, and is taking over interiors. Shades from cinnamon to maroon are fair game, as long as a rich, warm undertone is present. These shades of red run rampant in a wide variety of traditionally dyed area rugs. Pair a gorgeous flat weave rug with a navy, velvet sofa and voila : super chic space!

Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year, is as fresh as ever. Pantone describes this shade as a ‘tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent.’ Our favorite way to bring this color in is right on point : with living plants. Split leaf philodendrons will add a tropical touch to your home, while improving the air you breathe. How’s that for double duty? Both warm reds and bright greens serve to energize, and are super effective even in small doses.

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Pop Of Color

With this slate of new colors, your living room is ready to be reimagined. Use these shades on their own for specific effects.

Turn to warm neutrals for a clear mind, buttery yellow to cheer up, and pale blue for calm waters. Dark, dusky blue will keep your feet on the ground with your head in the stars, and chili powder red will fire you up. Spring green will freshen your step and provide new room to breathe.

Want all of the above? Combine these shades to create a dynamic palette and renewed state of mind. Your living room is about to come alive…


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