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Summer of '19 Interior Design Trends To Give Your Home An Easy Makeover

Results Are In! These are the Top Styles for Summer 2019

Is the decor in your home starting to feel dated?

Can't remember the last time you decorated anything?

Well, with summer upon us, now is the perfect time to bring the trends of summer 2019 into your home for a few quick and easy design makeovers.

Celebrate summer with a few hand-picked summer home decor trends that are sure to brighten your horizons as we enjoy the warm summer months.

From playful patterns and fresh furnishings to a simple splash of color, it won't take much to get your home to feel brand new this summer.

Below are a few ideas you can consider when choosing between the top summer decorating trends of 2019.

Table Of Contents

  • Lighten Your Color Scheme

  • Add A Nautical Flair

  • Add Life To Your Door

  • New Wall Art

  • Summer Patterns

  • Energizing Splashes Of Color

  • Energize Your Home For The Summer Of 2019


Lighten Your Color Scheme

When you want to update your home decor for summer, a lighter color scheme will always make your home feel refreshing and soothing while also revitalizing the energy.

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to do this is with a fresh coat of paint.

Whether you opt for soothing neutrals or an accent wall with a mood-enhancing color, you can rarely go wrong with a fresh coat of paint.

We say almost because even though a unique accent wall can make your home feel fresh, sometimes you'll tire of it pretty quickly if you go too extreme.

While still being unique, try to opt for something with a timeless appeal that won't eventually annoy you or affect the potential sale of your home.

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Top living room colors

Add A Nautical Flair

Not everyone is a fan of having a theme for their home, but a nautical flair is about as summertime as you can get.

You don't have to go full blown nautical and have the maritime theme throughout. Instead, you can pick and choose where you add your nautical flair.

Instead of a heavy-handed approach, you can do something as simple as marine stripes, and navy blue and white colorways.

You can also channel your inner beach bum with mother of pearl accessories and naval flag prints.

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Add Life To Your Door

A summertime trend that has been slow to gain momentum are vividly painted doors.

Doors are often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but that definitely shouldn't be the case when it comes to adding life to your home over the summer.

This idea can bring new life to your home and your room as something new and unique that isn't utilized often enough.

A lively yellow or green, or even an orange or a pink could make all the difference.

Don't feel the need to go too bright here because it's not something you see every day.

Even pastel shades will do wonders for your summer home decor.

You can also repaint your front door with each season to create a defining statement piece that doesn't require a lot of time or financial investment.

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New Wall Art

Hanging new pieces of art is an easy way to brighten your home during the summer months.

Now is the time to invest in new refreshing artwork and sculptures.

Bring the summer outdoors into your home with floral prints.

The bright colors will sing and make an immediate difference in your home.

Or, find an abstract piece full of bright, vibrant colors.

A watercolor painting is also an excellent choice.

Art is very personal and subjective, but keep your eye out for art that feels playful and energetic.

Similar to painting your front door, you can also switch out framed prints each season for an instant room refresh each season that won't break the bank.

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Wall Art Ideas

Summer Patterns

It seems obvious. If you want summer decor, add summer patterns.

But a sunny and summery pattern is a simple way to hop on board with the summer home decor trends of 2019.

Bright colors, along with bold patterns and prints, will allow you to bring a splash of summer to your home.

From florals to citric yellow to bold and eclectic prints and graphic geometric patterns, your options are endless when it comes to summer home decor prints and patterns.

Switch out your curtains for something more spirited, or go for some fresh throw pillows and switch up your upholstery.

You can even head outside and amp up your summer outdoor decor with new lounge chairs.

If you're looking for more of a seasonless approach, opt for a more minimal approach with muted pastels, makeup colors, and soothing watercolor-inspired prints.

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Energizing Splashes Of Color

Vibrant splashes of color is a simple yet incredibly effective way of bringing the feel of summer into your home.

This season, summer home decor is all about bright, saturated colors, and you can achieve a summery decor look without having to spend serious amounts of time and money.

Maybe it's a new set of bold, patterned throw cushions that liven up your chairs and sofas.

Or maybe it's a brighter lampshade to make a change from the usual neutrals.

Maybe it's as simple as a new piece of colorful artwork for your wall.

No matter how you choose to add your splash of color, just be sure it's bright and cheerful.

If you're looking for something a bit more laid back, consider more sober pastels and matte finishes to keep the look laid back but energizing.

Sensible neutral shades peppered with hits of color also makes for a sound design direction without taking too much of a risk.

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Energize Your Home For The Summer of 2019

There are countless ways to get your home ready for the summer of 2019.

The new trends are fun, energetic, colorful, and best of all, they're simple and cost effective.

If your home decor s starting to feel, old, stale, and boring, using one of the ideas above, or a combination of the ideas above, can make your home feel brand new.

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