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5 ways to make the most of your tiny dining room

Faced with a tee-tiny dining area, but big dinner plans? Don’t fret! There’s a way to make the most of your space, without knocking down the nearest wall. We have a few simple design tips for making your petite dining room feel larger than life.

Table Of Contents

  • Anchor

  • Simplify

  • Fold

  • Light

  • Reflect

Tiny Dining Room Tips 



If your dining area is combined with another active room, make a point to define your eating space. If your room is L-shaped, place your dining set in the short arm of the L. If you have a wide window, center your table under the frame. Neither of these elements? Paint the wall behind your dining area a separate color, so your dining set feels anchored. Add hanging shelves above the table to serve dual duty as dish storage and focal point.

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Choosing a simple color palette works wonders for making a small space feel large and airy. Pale surfaces reflect natural light and make a tight area feel more open. Use this rule beyond your walls: opt for light colored furniture, fixtures, and tableware. White walls, pale oak furniture, and white dishes make for a modern, open feel — even in a thimble sized space.

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Small spaces are meant to be modular. Choose a table or bar that folds down from the wall, or slides out from under the cabinets. Choose stools that stack, or options that tuck under counters for safe keeping. A rolling cart is a great addition when your dining area is outside of your kitchen. Load the cart up with dishes, drinks, and settings, and roll to to the right spot. When done, load up dishes and leftovers for a single return trip.

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Light makes the most of a space. When possible, let the natural light in by keeping windows free of heavy drapes. Hang light curtains at mid-height to maintain privacy while taking advantage of sunny afternoons. For lighting, choose pendant lights or updraft lamps - keeping glares out of diner’s eyes. Dine-in kitchen? Opt for lights on a dimmer to move seamlessly from dinner prep to dinner time.

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Mirrors are the best trick for making a small space feel large. If possible, hang a mirror

across from a window to fill the room with natural light. Mirrors lend the illusion of ample space, making your dining area feel twice as large, and your dinners twice as nice.


With these simple approaches, your tiny dining room will be primed for full sized meals. Banish that sense of cramped conditions, and hold on to the perks of a close, intimate meal. Cheers!


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