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True Blue: Happy Hues for a better bedroom

Counting sheep again? Waking up in the wee hours? It may be time to introduce the color blue to your sleeping space. Blue is the hue most used in professionally designed bedrooms. This subliminal shade packs a powerful punch, shown to lower blood pressure and promote a sense of well being. This sense is here to stay- a recent study suggests that people sleep longer in a room painted blue. Add a touch of blue to your space, and make your way towards better rest.

In the color arena, not all blues play the same. Some shades promote tranquility, while others inspire energy. Whether you need to wind down in the evening or rev up in the morning, there’s a shade of blue just for you.

Table Of Contents

  • Light

  • Bright

  • Deep

  • How To Blue

    • Base Blue

    • Beyond Blue

    • True Blue

Blue Bedroom
Image Credit: Left, Jenny Kaplan; Upper right, Bedsite; Lower right, Magnussen


Less saturated colors are more relaxing, and soft, pale blues are the king of calm. Shades like cornflower and celadon bring a sense of peace to a bedroom, perfect for drifting off to dreamland. These light tones remind us of the sky, and have an expansive effect- pale blues make a room feel bigger.

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Saturated colors are energizing, and rich, bold blues add vibrancy to a bedroom. Hues like cobalt and sapphire feel alive in a space, and are shown to promote creativity.

Bright shades shape a great space to start the day, making mornings fresh and full of potential. Add bright blue to your bedroom, and wake up with energy. 

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Deep, dark blues make for an elegant, sophisticated space. Navy, the ‘it’ blue of the year, is said to promote focus, perfect if your bedroom doubles as a study. Inky shades mimic the night sky, and help you to fall asleep faster. Navy is a tried and true classic, chic and understated. Mixing well with most colors, deep tones give you the freedom to swap accessories at will.

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How to Blue

From the walls to the windows, there are countless ways to bring blue to your bedroom. Balance your space with one of the following approaches.

Blue Bedroom Color 
Image Credit: Left, BH&G; Upper right: Tessa Neusdadt; Lower right: Home Designing


If you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint, treat your walls to a new blue. The best blues this spring have a yellow undertone, keeping spaces warm and inviting. A single shade unites a room, while painting accent walls a lighter or darker version of the same color adds a modern twist. Keep your furniture and accessories neutral - white bedding adds a luxe touch.

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Are your walls decked out in a color you love? Bring in blue with accessories. A deep blue duvet holds up to heavy use, while cobalt pillows add a bright punch. Put a patterned rug underfoot, and hang pale blue curtains to billow in the breeze. Blue plays well with complementary yellows, bringing sun and sea inside.

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For a full approach, try blue all over. Add interest with high-contrast shades, mixing light, bright, and deep shades throughout the room. Mimic the fade found in nature: choose the darkest shades of blue for your carpet or rugs, mid-tones for the walls, and lightest blue hues for the ceiling. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns- on-trend rooms blend stripes and florals hand in hand with solids. Working within one color family keeps things coordinated while you let loose with the details.

We spend a whopping third of our lives asleep. Have your sleeping space meet the challenge, creating a sweet spot to drift off, and a perfect place to greet new days. Bring a bit of blue to your bedroom, and dream on...


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