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Top 5 Signs its time to update your kitchen

The best conversations seem to happen in the kitchen. It’s the place where gathering, cooking and discussion flow. But when your kitchen is outdated, it can clog up the works.

Between HGTV’s stunning before and after’s and your friend’s recent kitchen renovation, you might be considering a few updates to restore flow to your own kitchen.

These five signs will help you decide if it’s time for a whole kitchen remodel.

Table Of Contents

  • Your Decor Doesn't Bring You Joy

  • Your Appliances Are More Work Than They're Worth

  • Your Lighting Is All Wrong

  • Your Cabinets Are Too Much Or Too Meh

  • You Avoid The Kitchen


Sign #5 - Your Décor Doesn’t Bring You Joy

The roosters were cute at first. They were easy to collect, and a male chicken is a fine-looking bird.

But they’ve been around awhile now and are starting to become part of the backdrop.

In fact, you’re wondering if you even like roosters. You’re starting to ask yourself, “Did I just pick roosters because it’s what everyone else was doing?” “Am I a follower?

If your décor is dull, overcrowded or causing you to seriously consider therapy, give yourself permission to move on. Some décor was simply for a different time in your life.

The kitchen is already a busy place. Too much décor is a sure sign that it’s time for an update.

In fact, with so many attractive options for countertops, cabinets, appliances and lighting, your kitchen furnishings may be all the décor you need.

Painting a wall or two in a warm color will help create a space where you and your guests want to linger.

Rich yellow and earthy green are trending colors for the kitchen in 2019.

If you are partial to wall art, you might try a gallery wall. This can be a fun and whimsical way to make the kitchen feel more like a living space.

You can use anything that delights you – favorite photos, children’s art projects, postcards. Just be sure to use frames in the same color family and space them generously so busyness stays in the meal prep and off the walls. 

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Sign #4 - Your Appliances are More Work than They’re Worth

If the rails in your refrigerator are duct-taped, or the bottom shelves are permanently stained from a concoction you’d rather stay oblivious to, it may be time for an appliance upgrade.

The yellowed, faded look of old appliances can dinge up your space. Not to mention the frustration that comes with broken buttons and malfunctioning settings.

Shop around for something that looks great and is easily maintained. If you’re looking for something unique, you might enjoy the 50’s retro style refrigerator that is also gaining popularity.

Buying new appliances isn’t cheap, but the rebates on energy efficient models will help to offset expenses and save you from a case of buyer’s remorse.

Use this calculator from to determine how much newer models can save on monthly energy costs.

An appliance that is cheaper to update, but just as visible, is the over-the-range microwave. It used to be trendy to mount the microwave over the range to save on counter space and double as a vent fan.

However, cleaning and access are more difficult in this location, especially for younger members of the family. Find a more suitable and subtle home for your microwave to instantly improve your space.

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Sign #3 - Your Lighting is All Wrong

Lighting is essential, especially in the kitchen. If the lighting is too dark or too cold and harsh, it marks the space more than any other element.

If your kitchen feels more like a cave, or if your light fixtures are gaudy, mismatched or prolific, it’s time for an update.

Upgrading your windows is the most effective way to boost natural light in your kitchen and eliminates the need for numerous fixtures.

However, if renovations are out of the question, or out of the budget, try sheer curtains, dimmers, or softer grade lightbulbs to warm the space.

Tread carefully when shopping for new light fixtures. You don’t want your space to look like the lighting department at Home Depot.

Choose a few timeless styles for overhead lighting and one focal point for a little added drama.

Always lean toward personal preference and practicality over popularity. Edison chandeliers are distinctive, but do they fit your space?

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Sign #2 - Your Cabinets are Too Much or Too Meh

Cabinet doors dominate the kitchen. If your cabinets are too ornate, with multiple colors, curves and detailing, it may be time for an update.

This style collects dust quickly and creates busyness. A flat-paneled, contemporary kitchen has the opposite problem. The walls become featureless and bland. And when painted, the color can be overbearing.

A classic shaker door with bead molding is a timeless option. As trends fluctuate, a few coats of paint or replacement hardware will easily recharge this classic look.

If your current hardware is imposing, too heavy or no longer suitable, find wood or warm metallic hardware, such as copper, rose gold or brass.

This seemingly minor update can transform your space and may just be the update your kitchen was begging you for. 

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Sign 1 - You Avoid the Kitchen

The most obvious and important sign that it’s time to update your kitchen is that you don’t enjoy the space.

Maybe you never made the kitchen truly yours when you bought your house. Or perhaps you’ve updated in the past, but the trends you went with never quite fit you.

Updating your kitchen can be a fun opportunity to learn about yourself while creating a space for hosting that feels authentic.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. That’s how we end up with an absurd number of rooster-themed kitchens.

Do what reflects who you are and what you like. It might be classic or edgy; it might be cozy or rustic. There is room in your space to express yourself.

With a few simple updates, you can make your kitchen a place you love to be and keep the conversations flowing.

Who knows, you may even boost your cooking prowess in the process!

Soon you’ll be marching with a strut no rooster could rival. Not even that really cocky one hanging by the pantry.

If you are seriously considering a kitchen update, contact the experts at Furniture of Dalton to schedule your kitchen consultation!
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